University of Medicine, Mandalay

University of Medicine, Mandalay


Institute of Medicine, Mandalay

Faculty of Medicine under

Mandalay Arts and Science University

The above photograph was taken by my youngest brother, Dr Khin Maung Htway, who is now the Consultant Cardiac Surgeon in Mandalay General Hospital at the  50th. Anniversary Golden Jubilee cerebration show.

At the Outstanding Students section shown in the over all bird eye view, the above photograph of four Outstanding Students or Lu Yae Chuns in Burmese was displayed. I was the left most person, at 2nd. MB Sr, to my right is Dr Than Win 2nd. MB Jr, now the Rector of our university and Gynarcologist, right to him was Dr Aung Gyi,1st. MB Sr., Professor Head of Department of Medicine in the same university.

I wish to write about Dr Than Win and me, how we studied together in St.Peter’s or No. 9 SHS, Mandalay, IMM, both got the Out Standing Students for five times at the same years, went to same camps, posted together to the Anatomy Department as Demonstrators on the same day and both transferred to the clinical sides in MGH etc  in another chapter. He even come and stay in our house when he set the MRCOG Part 1 exam in KL. I decided to change my carrier from surgery to O&G at the night after I went and fetch them at the exam hall.


University of Medicine, Mandalay

Source: Wikipedia_The University of Medicine, Mandalay (Burmese: ဆေး တက္ကသိုလ် (မန္တလေး); formerly Institute of Medicine, Mandalay), located in Mandalay is one of four medical universities in Myanmar. The university offers M.B.,B.S. degrees and graduate studies(diplomamaster’s and doctoral) degrees in medical science.[2] The university is one of the most selective in the country, and accepts approximately 600 students annually based solely on theirmatriculation (college entrance exam) scores.


The University of Medicine, Mandalay began as a Branch Medical Faculty (BMF) of Yangon University in 1954, which in 1958 became the Faculty of Medicine, Mandalay. In 1964, it became an independent Institute of Medicine, Mandalay, offering an undergraduate M.B.,B.S. program to a class of 36 students. Graduate programs began in 1968 with a master’s degree program in physiology. Today university now offers a number of graduate diploma, master’s, and doctoral programs.

The departments were established in phases:


The university has been at its present site in Chan Aye Tharzan since 1955. The current building complex was completed in 1991. TheMandalay General Hospital (MGH) and the Mandalay Workers’ Hospital have been the university’s main teaching hospitals since the beginning. Today, the university also uses a 300-bed Teaching Hospital and five specialist hospitals in the city of Mandalay, and five regional general hospitals around the city – 13 hospitals in total.


The University of Medicine, Mandalay is one of the most selective schools in the nation as the medical schools continue to be the top choice amongst prospective college students in Myanmar. The school admits about 600 students per year based solely on their Basic Education High School (college entrance) exam scores.


The university is one of three universities in Myanmar that offers undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degrees.[2]

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15 Responses to “University of Medicine, Mandalay”

  1. Aung Myo Thant Says:

    (I am) a first year Medical Student. Intended to ask for advise later.


    TQ for the interest in my blog.
    I am willing to help any one.
    I wish to advise you to try hard and to never give up although there is a saying in Burmese that,
    “The Royal drum never made a sound without striking.
    Likewise, the wiseman never answer without a question post to them “,

    But as I am nt a wiseman, I am always eager to give answers even if there were no questions posted to me. May be the sign of old age.

    TQ again.
    Wishing you a good luck

  2. aung zaw hein Says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have recently passed SAMA at which you gave some lectures.By now,I am wanting to pursue further studies at some Western countries.However,there is a deterrent in my application process.This is mark sheet.Since my target degree is a masters’ degree,I need to show my undergrad performance in specific subject.

    In the previous class,we have heard that educational clearance has been permitted offering mark sheet as well.So,is this possible for this batch?

    • drkokogyi Says:

      Yes you are right Dr. Aung Zaw Hein, the university should issue the mark sheet or undergrad performance in specific subject once you got the education clearence. (You could look at my marks posted earlier). But nothing comes automatically, you need to go back to the university and approach the office with the proof of education clearence. I hope it is easier now, but last 25 yrs ago we have to approach up to the minister.

      But I think the lecturer you are referring is Dr. KKG from Forensic Dept. Actually he is one of my best friend and classmate. I left the university in about 1985 after working together with the present Rector Prof. Than Win who was one year junior to me.

      Wish you a success in the chisen field.
      With Regards
      Dr. KKG

  3. Abdullah Ahmad Says:

    Hi Dr KKG,

    I operate a student placement agency in Malaysia specialising in sending
    Malaysian students to pursue medicine, dentistry and farmacy degrees at
    overseas universities.

    I am interested to explore the possibility of sending Malaysian students
    to University of Medicine, Mandalay. Can you assist us on how to go
    about getting the university’s approval for this purpose ?

    Your prompt response is highly appreciated.

    Thank you,


    • drkokogyi Says:

      Dear Encik ABDULLAH AHMAD,
      I had tried this before but failed. One of your senior minister’s wife, previous Myanmar Edu/Health minister’s wife and previous Myanmar Ambassador’s wife had tried at that time but failed. We even floated the idea of financing (aiding) infrastructure and all the necessary equipments for a new Medical U and to accept 100 Malaysian students.
      About 30 yrs ago, some Malaysian doctors were trained for post-graduate degrees in Rgn. But because of the repeated student led political uprisings it may be difficult to accept foreigners.
      But, you could try your luck with U Tayza of Bumi– airways operating KL-Yangon. He may be the best person if you wish to do business in Myanmar.

  4. Sabin Susewind Says:

    Dear Madame or Sir,

    We would like to apply for a thirty-day elective period at Institute of Medicine

    Sabine got educated as dental technician and gathered working experience for five years before she started her dental studies at the University of Regensburg. At the moment she is in her 8th semester and would like to apply for an elective period at your department of dentistry. Johannes started his studies at medical school of the University of Regensburg after his community service as paramedic and has recently finished his 8th semester. He would like to apply for a place at the department of obstetrics and gynecology.

    We would love to deploy, improve and broaden the practical knowledge we have gathered in the course of our studies. It constitutes a special incentive for us to get an insight into a different medical system of a country far away from home. Moreover we are intrigued by your country and its people.

    We would be very pleased and overly grateful if you saw any possibility for us to work in your hospital, we are eager to improve our dental and medical skills.

    Thank you for considering our application. We are looking forward to hearing from you. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email or write us, we will be pleased to send you more information, necessary certificates or whatever it is you do require.

    Please find our curriculum vitaes and letters of recommendation attached.

    Kind regards from Germany,

    Sabine Susewind and Johannes Leister

  5. Socket Set · Says:

    i am taking my masters degree on a local school and i love it *

  6. Isopropyl Alcohol Says:

    getting a masters degree is of course necessary if you want a wage increase and improvement in your career “,*

  7. chit yape may Says:

    hello မဂၤလာပါ

  8. Hlaing Min Htwe Says:

    Dear sir!
    I am from 1MB and I get tired. Please, how you try hard and what things encourage you.

  9. drkokogyi Says:

    If you psyched yourself into loving the subjects (even if it is dull or boring) and have an interest, before you notice, you would be happily learning those subjects.
    Just imagine that you would be in your own clinic, Accident & Emergency Unit or OPD, or alone in a village or small town….you could not choose, any patient with any problem, any disease, with any condition could be looking up at you for help.
    And basic subjects, pure science, or Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Micro, Pathology etc could help you understand in the management or treatment of Med, Surgical, OG Paed or any field.
    And change of work is rest.
    Don’t look up, how far, how many steps, classes to get the degree. Day by day, you R approaching the MBBS degree.

  10. Dr.Kyaw Han Thar Myint Says:

    our University of Medicine won’t offer Clearkship and Dean’s letter while our brother universities from Ygn and Magway does so.So, you, UMM medical students will lose some chances internationally.

  11. Dr. Win Khaing Says:

    Dear saya, could you please add the official website link of our UMM. Link is Thanks.

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