University of Malaya and Universiti Hospital Kuala Lumpur

University of Malaya and

Universiti Hospital Kuala Lumpur

While waiting for the long process of RED TAPES, I was staying with my wife’s cousin,  late Daw Pyone Ma Ma, wife of late Captain U Khin Maung Latt. As she was working in UM as the only Burmese Teacher/Lecturer, I frequently followed them to UM.

I applied to the Anatomy Department and also applied for my two brother-in-laws there in UHKL. After 1988 there was an exodus of Burmese Lecturers and Professors. I sent many of them personally to see the Head of Departments and obtained the application forms for them and helped to fill up the forms and sent by hand and by posts. But before they got their replies they got the jobs in Saudi Arabia, UK, US, Brunei and Singapore etc.

Later when I read the news about more than 250 MO posts vacencies and problem of lack of specialists there in UHKL and UM, I wrote an historical letter to the VC, the late Professor Husain Alatas.

As I had noticed about the controversies about his appointment as an outsider from NSU, Singapore and most of the local UM Department Heads were against him and attacking him I wrote something like this_

Although he would not know me, I knew his almost entire history. Ancestors were from Indonesia, his books, his job in Singapore, his political life as a founder of Garakan etc.

I continued with the list of Burmese specialists who applied in UM/UHKL who got the jobs in other countries and the inefficiency of UM/UHKL admin authorities and departments’ head who even failed to give the acknowledged receipts. I sent the copy of the acknowledged receipt from my letter to UK which arrived within seven days.

I asked why UM/UHKL failed to engaged with Burmese doctors and specialists when even Malaysian government is employing Burmese doctors as gov to gov contract and many Burmese doctors and specialists are working in other universities eg UKM, USM, UIA etc.

I questioned him about the few hundreds of vacancies could be filled up with the US or UK or Australian doctors as the salary his university could afford to pay is so low like the salary of ambulance drivers.

I commented his abilities as an academician in Singapore and the old lecturer of the present education minister and the inefficiency of the jealous officers of UM who are attacking him.

I advised him to tap the Brain Drain of Burma, to get a Brain Gain for Malaysia.

The rest is history, his PA called me to report and see the Anatomy Head of Department, he ordered to photostat my letter and to distribute to all the Heads of the Departments of UM/UHKL.  At last they decided to go to Burma to recruit the specialists, although they resist my appointment and delayed for a log time, I was the first Medical Office and the first MSc student in UM/UHKL in the recent history. After they got the taste of the hard work of Burmese doctors they continue to engage the service of Burmese doctors and specialists and accepted many Burmese doctors (many of them are non Muslims as they are not Xenophobic or Racial like many doctors/specialists under General Ne Win’s government. Nowadays Myanmar Government is graciously allowing back the Myanmar Muslims to attend the post graduate courses and even my no. 8 and youngest brother, who was my student in Anatomy and Surgery is allowed to attend MSc and he is a consultant Cardiac Surgeon back there in Myanmar.

This great man later continue to work in UKM and became the patient and godfather of my brother-in-law, who was working as an MO in UKM clinic for students and staff. He introduce my brother to the Deputy PM and Home Minister to get the PR here.

Later my daughter studied in UM affiliated Royal Parak College of Medicine, studied 21/2 years of pre-clinical in UM campus and another 21/2 year of clinical studies in Ipoh. My favourite teacher/lecturer in Anatomy Dr U Soe Lwin became the lecturer of my daughter. Her another Anatomy lecturer Daw San san Thwin had worked together with me in Institute of Medicine Mandalay, when I was a demonstrator.

University of Malaya
Universiti Malaya

Seal of the University of Malaya

Seal of the University of Malaya   

Motto: Ilmu Punca Kemajuan
Motto inEnglish: Knowledge is the Key to Progress
Established: 1905, 1949
Type: Public
Chancellor: HRH Sultan Azlan Shah
Vice-Chancellor: Professor Datuk Dr Ghauth Jasmon
Pro-Chancellors: HRH Raja Nazrin Shah
Toh Puan Dr Aishah Ong
Tan Sri Siti Norma Yaakob
Undergraduates: 18,051 (AY 2008)
Postgraduates: 8,912 (AY 2008)
Location: Kuala LumpurMalaysia
Colours: RedGold and Blue
Corporate logo of the University of Malaya
Evolution of the University of Malaya

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Rimba Ilmu building, University of Malaya

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University Malaya Medical Centre

University Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC) or Pusat Perubatan Universiti Malaya (PPUM) (formerly known as University Hospital or Hospital Universiti) is the first university hospital in Malaysia.


The hospital is a teaching and public hospital which comes under the Ministry of Higher Education. Other university hospitals in Malaysia are Hospital Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) and Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia (Kubang Kerian, Kelantan).

The main objectives of UMMC are to provide health services, learning and research in the fields of medicine. UMMC is the place to get modern medical facilities for the Klang Valley area and was the first learning centre that provided medical and paramedic staffs in the health industry.

UMMC also have a private wing which is the UMSC – University Malaya Specialist Centre.

The first born of University Malaya Medical Centre

UMMC also have a private wing which is the UMSC –

University Malaya Specialist Centre.







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14 Responses to “University of Malaya and Universiti Hospital Kuala Lumpur”

  1. thetthetsoe Says:

    Dear Dr Ko Ko Gyi, I’d like to know whether there are any postings for clinical. I’ve passed mrcp part 1 and want to get on-job-training there. Pl advice me how shall i preceed?

    Dear Dr Thet Thet Soe,

    Sorry for my delayed but long winding answer. If I tell you just yes or no, it is not fair for you. I hope you could prepare yourself and have enough courage and financial backing before searching a post. But if you have good connections, it is easy. If there is a will, there is a way. You should not give up without trying. Read all my experience here_

    Xenophobia, Racial and Religious Discriminations blocking the private doctors’ Postings for the training everywhere

  2. Dr.M.V.Ravishankar Says:

    Anatomists job in any medical or para medical colleges, for the qualification MSc in medical anatomy with 5 years of teaching experiance in medical college.
    Thanking you with regards.
    Belgaum district,Karnataka state,India-590010

  3. Dr.M.V.Ravishankar Says:

    Anatomists job in any medical or para medical colleges, for the qualification MSc in medical anatomy with 5 years of teaching experiance in medical college.
    Thanking you with regards.
    Belgaum district,Karnataka state,India-590010

  4. mrs wong Says:

    To whom it may concern, I(Mrs Wong) enquirin about the national service medical check up for my .child,can my child do the medical check up in UMMC.If can, what should I(my child) do or need to do,or where should I (my child) go to in UMMC.Is it the luka .Hope U can help me,Thanks

  5. Dr. Narges Says:

    To whom it may concern,hello, I am Dr.Narges From Iran. I want to continue my education in master of pathology or rehabilitation or Radiology or other courses according to my C.V I have relevant job experience with document and my IELTS score is 7.I do not know how to find the Head of Departments in Medical university of Malaya.If there is any one who can help me, please reply me.

  6. Dr. Narges Says:

    Hello. I am dr. Narges.I am a general practitioner. MyIELTS Score is 7 and I want to continue my education under your supervision.
    Please lead me.

  7. mustafa Says:


  8. Mrs Lim Says:

    I think UMMC has some of the best medical officers.
    I was treated by Prof Chin KF and his team when I was
    diagnosed with osophageal cancer.
    He was courteous and knowledgable.His medical officers Dr Tee Chi Sian and Dr Khoo Lee Seng were very accomodating and made me felt at ease after the operation.Dr Tee took time to explain all the jargon to my family members.Dr Khoo was even nice enough to bring me magazines to read and even helped push for getting a better bed facing the window.
    To that,I rate UMMC as having a very solid doctor teaching program based on having a human touch.

  9. mohammad tahir Says:

    i am dr.tahir from pakistan,basicaly i am a pathologist,running a private lab in a district of punjab,.
    i want to improve my qualifications from malaya university in pathology as a distant scholar,plz guide me i have done mbbs & diploma in clinical pathology.

  10. khaled ahmed qassem khalaf Says:

    Iam Khalid
    Postgrad Bachelor of laboratories and I want to get a master’s degree and doctorate from the University of Malaya

  11. parimala mala Says:

    ummc are doing good job

  12. university of miami Says:

    university of miami…

    […]University of Malaya and Universiti Hospital Kuala Lumpur « Dr Ko Ko Gyi’s Blog[…]…

  13. medical Says:


    […]University of Malaya and Universiti Hospital Kuala Lumpur « Dr Ko Ko Gyi’s Blog[…]…

  14. agnes chong Says:

    may i have ur general line number?

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