PERKIM, Muslim Welfare Organization Malaysia

 scan0163I wrote to the Chairman of PERKIM, late first Prime Minister of Malaysia. I just analyzed the sentences and words written on Malaysia products, biscuits etc which were written in English and Malay language. With the help of small pocket Malay dictionary, I tried to write one paragraph in Bahasa Malaysia, at the end of my letter. I got the reply from his Secretary General Dato’ Ahmad Noordin. (He is one of the best kind-hearted Muslim I had ever met.)

When I arrived Malaysia, he got the news that the person who wrote to Tunku (Abdul Rahman) was here and wish to see me. I went to see him but there was no vacency at PERKIM at that time.

scan0164But three months later I went to his office but he was not around. I left a letter telling him that although I wish to stay in this Muslim country, after one month’s fasting, my visa is going to expire before the Hari Raya/Eidd. I wrote that I have given up after nearly 100 job application letters, I got about 35 reject letters. I attached the photocopies of those letters. I wished him goodbye. note: That year 1987  was during a severe recession in Malaysia. The cabinet ministers had the pays cut. There was a freeze in the recruitment of all the government posts, any one resign, pension or died, there were no replacement. The foreign doctors were stopped and government send Health Assistants with ambulances to the rural clinics and small hospitals. If they could, just treat the patients and if not just send to bigger hospitals.

scan0165To my surprise, on the Holy day of 27th. Ramdon, after the breaking of fast in the evening, he came to me, as he knew I was staying with Dr. Ebrahim. He told me that he decided to help me by accepting as an MO in PERKIM. He advised me not to go back but just to go to Singapore or Thailand and to enter back Malaysia.

What the greatest reward from Allah on this Holy month and day through this kind-hearted gentleman. My eldest son was also born on that same night.

Our whole family used to pray for his health and his family. He got a heart attack, angioplasty done, on anticoagulants and unfortunately got a stroke and could not recognized anyone, now staying in Alor Star with his son’s family.



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16 Responses to “PERKIM, Muslim Welfare Organization Malaysia”

  1. humairah Says:

    Assalamualaikum, i’m actually a student from ucsi university .. i don’t know , to whom i should ask this .. i have the ” invitation to Understanding Islam series ” , it’s a kind of brochure published by Muslim Welfare Organization of Malaysia .. i got it when i went to masjid negara and i would like to make copies of the brochure and distribute it to ucsi students . I’m sure dr. knows that ucsi , majority of the student are non-muslim . It’s okey if i do like that? so , i would like to hear your views and suggestions.

    I hope that as a Muslim, distributing Islamic publications should not posed any problem with the government but it may be safer for you to ask the opinion or permission of your university authorities first.

    TQ for asking and reading this blog.
    Khoda (Allah) Hafiz

  2. Fatima Says:

    The woman who about 40 years old ,novel writer from Malaysia in USA.Her name is Josephine Anthony ,5.4′ height ,120 pound.She is very against Muslim and She does tell bad things about Muslim people to world people.I just let you know.



    No. 177, Hajiyar Road, Meeravodai-04,

    Earnest request to obtain a scholarship to studymedicine

    Dear sir(brother)

    I have great pleasure about your education service and other activities Because your organization help poor and talented student and open them lighten future, Therefore You must want help to my education for my aim on this regard please.

    I who mentioned name Mohamed Iqbal Haseemdeen is living in meeravodai of Batticola Sri Lanka. I m writing my earnest request based on brotherhood for in order to gain a kind attention.

    When I was children (1988-2003)
    My area was war place and It has limited recourses and it had no any touch developed areas and my family hadn’t own house and was poor.

    Therefore, often my educational environment was changed and war situation also affected my mind. However, I was studying without losing strength since childhood

    When in my ordinary level period (2004)
    I had taken some business and work for family life and same time I was studying the O/L. we had been moving from a rent house to another rent house in the O/L exam period. I at for the O/L exam 2004 and I have got thorough for Advance Level with one Distinction passes(A) and Four very good passes(B) and Three credit passes(C)

    When in Advance Level period (2005-2009)
    I entered the A/L and step by step I met lot of problem. I liked to study science stream of A/L therefore I had to go for studying for the good educational area, but our family hadn’t economy. Yet I got a chance that is to say, new Advance Level science class was started in my school. But it hadn’t completed resources. Yet I studied in that class.

    When I was studying, I had big aim that is to say, I wanted to learn medicine deeply and be come a Pathologist and to start a medical service and social service organization and I would help all men without discrimination of cast class, colour, age religion thorough the organization this is my aim.

    So I was studying hardly for A/L exam (2007), I was getting ready for exam. But teachers couldn’t teach completely syllabus Although, I sat for the A/L exam in 2007 with strength and I got three credits passes and was selected for south Eastern University for Biological Science. After the A/L exam (2007), I worked in a shop and earned some money.

    After that, I went to another area (Kandy-good educational area) to make perfect my A/L syllabus with earned money.

    When the second sigh study my money finished, I couldn’t continue my study in Kandy. After that I came back to my house. Again I sat for A/L exam (2008) with worry and strength. I got two very good passes (chemistry, biology) and one credit passes (physics) and selected for Ruhunu University for Marine science. I have missed some points for medicine

    I was trying to study third sigh but I met many problems continuously such as my father was admitted for eye surgery n the third sigh start period and some thing was added in A/L syllabus. Therefore again I had need of good education .But I hadn’t money

    Therefore, I was studying thorough self help in my house and I met new problem in exam period that is to say my mother admitted for a major surgery (Gold stone).Although, I sat for the A/L (2009) of last chance and got three credit passes, I have no words to explain my ecstasy. In this situation I got for studying Nursing for Eastern University in waiting list for A/L (2008).

    Z-score (Academic Year 2008/
    My Z-score Marine science Nursing Medicine
    ( 2BC) 1.3103
    (2BC) 1.4219
    (2BC) 1.6236
    Batticola District (Sri Lanka)
    My all chance finished for Medicine in Sri Lanka. But, no I am interested to continue my attendance towards the aim.

    Therefore sir, would you kindly consider my request and poor situation for studying Medicine in a good university and take actions to grand me or you must arrange for studying Medicine any way thorough a scholarship. It would to take steps towards my Ambition please

    Thank You

    Yours truly,

    • drkokogyi Says:


      Thank you for reading my blog. As a person who started with a letter to the Great first PM of Malaysia, I understand and sympathized with your high ambitions and hope. But I am no more with PERKIM for more than 15 years. Please contact to them or write directly to the present PERKIM Director General or to the Chairman, Former PM of Malaysia, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. He is also a great and kind-hearted leader.

      May be you can write to the PERDANA foundation which he is leading or Al Bukhari foundation which is headed by the Philanthropist Al Bukahari.

      IDB or Islamic Development Bank is also giving Scholarships to bright Muslim Students. You can GOOGLE search all these addresses. I have few patients waiting out-side; I will search and post later.

      Khoda Hafiz (May Allah protect you)

      Abd Rahman



  5. mukhtar Says:

    where can i get a copy quran in tamil

    • drkokogyi Says:

      Salaam Mr Mukhtar,
      I hope you could easily get fro PERKIM. Please contact them as I have cut ties with them.


  6. Zainab Naseem Says:

    . Dear sir/madam
    A. O. A
    I visited your website and was deeply inspired. I saw a beautiful material present on the site. I found that you are doing a great work for Islam and Muslims in the mean time. In fact I wanted to say that I am translator and I have been translating materials of various organizations in different languages. I have the command on English, Urdu, Punjabi, Sariaki and Arabic even. These are such languages which are commonly used in all over Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and many other parts of the world. So I desire that if that very material can be translated into various languages so that more and more people have this light of knowledge. . I wish that I can help you in this good work of the Allah which you are performing in the world. I can do a work of video typing, English typing, Urdu Typing in different ways for example I can type for you in CorelDraw, MS.Word, In page etc. I hope that you will not neglect me totally and you will grant me a chance to serve you in either ways.
    With best wishes and prayers
    Zainab Naseem

  7. social encouragement research organization Says:

    Request for the flood Relief work in AMPARA

    The entire country of srilanka is experiencing a bad weather these days. The flood situation in Ampara districts has worsened due to the prevailing adverse weather experienced in the areas. The flood situation has seen no improvement as continuous rains lashed the area over the last two weeks,
    More than 800,000 people have been affected and around twenty thousand families have displaced in the two districts according to the sources.
    1500 families are temporary displaced from their home and staying at schools and relation’s homes. They are facing basic needs problems and heath related problems too.

    Camps are Kalmunai (Mahmood Ladis College, Al- Azhar Vidyalaya, Al- Misbah Vidyalaya) Sainthamaruthu (Malharul Sams Vidyalaya, Al- Jalal Vidyalay, Al- Hilal Vidyalay, Al- Kamarun Vidyalaya) Malihaikkadu (Al- Hussain Vidyalay) Total of camps 8

    Immediately needs Some Items at the movement
    Item No Details Units Unit Price(Rs) Amount(Rs)
    1 Mosquito coils(Box) 500 43.00 21500.00
    2 Lux Soap 500 32.00 16000.00
    3 Anchor Milk Powder 500 240.00 120000.00
    4 wicks 500 45.00 22500.00
    5 Water Bottles 500 55.00 27500.00
    6 Biscuits(Tikiri Marie) 500 23.00 11500.00
    Total 219000.00

    SERO-SRI LANKA has ready to work with your organization,
    We are expecting for your reply Very soon.
    M.J.M Anas
    General Secretary
    SERO-Sri Lanka
    Contact No: +94713057134 or +94774732246

    Social Encouragement Research Organization (SERO)
    Amana Investment Limited
    Kalmunai Branch
    Acc.No: 6-62406-10-1

  8. 0sman abdullah Says:

    dear sir.i am asri lankan refeuge under unhcr malasia. so i convert to islam.but am living in malaysia with refeue pass. hence cannot take the islam card. but today perkim office convert letter to me. i canot go back to sri lanka.hence i like to enter the islam also i went to the class islam learning. this is my story about my try is take the islam iegal card.if any way have to take this please let me know main falt is i have no visa.if u have to aney idiya about this matter please let me know me sir.

  9. Dato’ Ahmad Nordin Bin Md. Zain « Dr Ko Ko Gyi’s Blog Says:

    […] PERKIM, Muslim Welfare Organization Malaysia […]

  10. Shabbir Ahmed Says:

    Dear brother Assa lamo alikum

    I am contating you from canada.

    I wants to travel malaysia within two months, with my wife.
    Espacially to stay in capital , or selangor area.

    This is new country for me and wife.
    I am looking muslim housing or apartment to stay there.
    I am looking good muslim family to provide me furnished independent house or apartment.

    Would you, please help me provide information, or email address to contact them

    Jazak Allah.

    plz, reply

    Shabbir Ahmed

  11. azam Says:

    Dear All,
    Assalamu alikum Iam Azam From Srilanka Iam sending this mail regarding one of my sister , my sisters name is Fatima begam she is married and having two children but she is not having a house to live wit her family bcz of poor situation
    so if your society can do help for this muslim lady to build a house on her land it will be very helpful to her .Alhamdulillah

  12. azam Says:

    If U wish To Help to above My sister contact Me Via my email (

  13. azam Says:

    Dear dr,
    Than how Can i contact them

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