St. Peter’s High School or No 9 SHS, Mandalay, founded on 1st. May 1897

St. Peter’s High School or No 9 SHS, Mandalay,

founded on

1st. May 1897



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Later when I transferred to the St Peter’s High School, a Catholic school and our English teacher Mr M.A.Williams (he trained to become a priest in Penang, Malaysia but said to quit at the last stage when he was asked to confirm whether he wish to continue forever as a priest.

His English was very good but when he tried to teach us to, “think in English” before writing and English sentence or essay it was very awkward and strange for all students. Because we all were at that time under General Ne Win’s socialist rule, encouraged to learn, read and write in Burmese only and any one who try to speak in English was labeled as still having colonial spirit. Now only I understand that if we think in Burmese first and try to write down in English, we need to translate and it is more difficult and never smooth. I salute you late M.A.Williams. Before I left for Malaysia, I met him at ? his mother’s funeral.

His father was also our maths teacher and unofficial Assistant Principle or disciplinary in-charge-teacher. His name was B.A.Williams. See the father was BA and son was MA. Actually son’s name was Mauris Allan Williams. Some naughty students joked with him when he signed his name in short on the black-board, BAW.  BAW could mean balls or testicles in Burmese and when other students laughed, he called out  that student and angrily hit with the cane, shouting SAW, meaning striking or assaulting in Burmese.



I will writ later about the fate to meet his daughter, anesthetist, Daw Shiela and son-in-law, Surgeon UThan Aung, as my lecturers and superiors in IMM, MGH, Mandalay.

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And I get a chance to meet his grandson, Aung Naing as a Medical student when I was working as a Demonstrator in Anatomy and Surgery. He was later involved in politics and became the ABSDF Upper Burma chief. My youngest brother was his classmate, my student but now became the Consultant Cardiac Surgeon.  Another brother Nyi Nyi struggled together with him in 8888 movement, saved him, hid him in a safe home, run to the Kachin rebel held area at Chinese border, arrested by him but spare from executing because of his teacher, me! I will write all these strange intermingled reciprocal relations later in an appropriate chapter. How small our world is indeed!

And incidentally Naing Aung was my another special student and the son of our lecturer, Pathologist who transferred to Mandalay  and MY Anatomy Professor U Khin Maung Sein requested my favour to teach/assist him in the Lower Limb Anatomy dissection, which was finished in Mandalay and that student missed. In Institute of Medicine Rangoon, I thought they started from Head and Neck section for the benefit of Dental students. That Dr Naing Aung was also the chief of ABSDF whole Burma, who investigated the MASSACRE OF MANDALAY ABSDF STUDENTS after the Kachin students’ coup allegedly to coverup the some Kachin rebel leaders involvement in opium trade.

Ceremony to pay homage to the St. Peter’s / No 9 SHS teachers







I will leave  the above detail for the appropriate chapters.

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  1. Sandra Stott Says:

    I wonder if St Stevens was used in the WW2 to hold Brish prisoners of war by the Japanese. if you have any information about that could you let me know?

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