Dr Than Win Rector of Mandalay Medical University


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Dr Than Win and I studied together in St.Peter’s or No. 9 SHS, Mandalay, IMM, both got the Out Standing Students for five times at the same years, went to same camps, posted together to the Anatomy Department as Demonstrators on the same day and both transferred to the clinical sides in MGH.

I got the Surgical demonstrator/ Assistant Surgeon post first and transferred to MGH, he was later selected to attend the MSc O & G and followed the clinical side.


He even come and stay in our house when he set the MRCOG Part 1 exam in KL. I decided to change my carrier from surgery to O&G at the night after I went and fetch them at the exam hall. I even told him that as we were always together before and he followed me to KL, I would rather follow him to UK. (He just finished the MRCOG Part 1 examination but I was 100% sure that he would pass the examination. At that time I had never even see an old MRCOG Part 1 examination papers, no text books, no notes but I just wish and told my desire only. But I do not want to give a lot of time for the preparation and asked them about the exam times and frequency. When they informed me that the next exam will be in another six months later in Singapore, I decided to sit for that exam.

Because I had a collection of the latest editions of basic / preclinical and Surgical books, I offered them for the exchange of my books with their MRCOG Part 1 preparation books. 

Dr U Win Pe who was one year senior to me and our old Peter rise like Dr Than Win and me, offered his book first. Then others followed and exchanged books. Although I passed the exam, I could not follow him because I was not a government sponsored scholar and GMC and MRCOG personal advised me that although they recognized my work experience as two slots of six months for the required MRCOG training, I need to finish at least another year training or experience in O & G  proper. After that only they are willing to give me the GMC registration, offer the training job for five years to prepare for the MRCOG Part 2 examination.






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