My birth place Mandalay

Mandalay is my birth place.

Started the Kinder Garden School education for a while in  29 st. Mandalay.

Left Mandalay for few years to stay in Meiktila, still in Mandalay division and went to stay in Kalaw, SSS or Southern Shan State. But still went to visit Mandalay many times and stayed few months in Mandalay to treat my Left Supra Condylar fracture with the post POP syndrome. Curiously cured by the help of famous Burmese traditional Medicine Men in Malon qrts., Mandalay.

Got the High School education in No. 9 SHS Mandalay/ St. Peter’s High School.

Became a doctor in the Institute of Medicine Mandalay.

Trained as a House Surgeon in Mandalay General Hospital. 

Worked as a General Practitioner in and around Mandalay.

Married in Mandalay.

Got two elder kinds in Mandalay.

Started work as a Government Servant in the Institute of Medicine Mandalay as a Demonstrator in the Anatomy Department.

Later transferred to the Surgery Department of the Institute of Medicine Mandalay and at the same time took duty as an Assistant Surgeon / Medical Officer.

NOTE: Nowadays Medical Doctors started as Assistant Lecturers or ALs.

Left Mandalay but always missed the relatives, friends and the life in Mandalay.

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  1. Dear Daryn and Keydin…these are my grand-parents and are your Great-great-grand-parents | Dr. Abdul Rahman Zafrudin @ Ko Ko Gyi Says:

    […] My birth place Mandalay […]

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