I do not have this gift of high IQ or photographic memory like this boy

I do not have this gift of high IQ or photographic memory. My secret of success or getting high scores or marks is work hard, persistent, start early, perseverance, use all the time without waste, read again and again to understand the meaning, try to associate with the other things I already learnt by compare and contrast method and search for the cause and effects because of the facts I read inside that paragraph or sentence. I hate procrastination and want to read or learn as early as possible instead of postponing to a later date or time. I try to search for the most important points and meanings of the paragraph.

Give enough time for revision, prepare the old questions, think about the possible unexpected new questions and try to answer from the point of view different from others. I used to have good enough sleep before the exams. The most important thing is to pray regularly, ask the divine help, believe in God and go to the exam hall with confidence as if I have to show off the examiners with my skills. Of course I would always be nervous or scared a little bit but keep on praying, revising and hope for the best results with full of self confidence. 


A lot of my classmates have better memory than me. If we need to learn by heart, they could recite the whole page after reading few times but a few of them could wonderfully done that by reading once only. For me, it is very hard to recite anything by heart. I would need to repeat reading or revising few hundreds of time. For example some of them even wrote down the notes or tunes rhymes and the words in a song by listening once. I would fail if I have to that but after reading or listening the song I could score better marks if we were to write an essay on that song. I could definitely score more marks than those of my friend who learnt by heart .

Since young, I would always finished all the homework and all the lessons I need to learn on the evening of Fridays and it would give me total freedom from worries of not finishing them later. Saturdays and Sundays would be free for me. Sometimes my father called us to follow him to go down to Mandalay or other towns on Friday-nights and used to come back to Kalaw late on Sunday-nights. During the long holidays also, I used to try and finish my lessons in early days of holidays.

In the Medical school, I used to rest on the first day after examination. Usually results were out within one or two days. The next day I will search for the books for the next year and try to read in advance.

I used to help my parents in the house works or in business which I wish to write later but I used to keep my books open at the side of me and try to read or lean something. Although I finished the business related work even faster than the salaried workers, my parents and esp. my mother thought I was showing off with the book.

If the family members came and have a chat amongst them near me, I used to go out to the front portion or the kitchen away from them. Other family members thought I was showing off but I could not concentrate on my studies. I try to use most of time; while jogging I carried short notes, I used to read short notes while waiting at the queue for movie tickets although


   Boy with 176 IQ is 1 in a million in The Malaysian Insider

LOVELAND, Ohio, March 19 – Pranav Veera can recite the names of the US presidents in the order they served in office. He can say the alphabet backward.

Give him a date back to 2000, and he’ll tell you the day of the week. He’s only 6 years old.

At first glance, Pranav is a typical young boy who is highly competitive at playing Wii video games and likes to play outside. A closer look reveals he’s anything but typical.

Pranav has an IQ of 176. One person in 1 million has an IQ of 176 or above. Albert Einstein’s IQ was believed to be about 160. The average IQ is 100.

When Pranav was 4-and-a-half, his parents noticed he seemed unusually intelligent while playing with alphabet sets. He could even recall which letters were certain colours.

“That kind of puzzled us,” said his father, Prasad Veera. “You have to

have not a normal memorization, but some other means of recall.”

Now, he loves all kinds of alphabets.

“He loves to collect them, like different colours, different sizes, different materials,” said his mother, Suchitra Veera.

The Veeras decided to have Pranav tested three months ago at Powers Educational Services in Hyde Park, Ohio.

“I said, ‘Let’s try it out, because he seems to do a lot of stuff kind of not quite normal for his age,’ ” his father said. “He tested 176.”

He seems to have a photographic memory, so keeping Pranav engaged and learning is a big challenge for his family.

His mother and grandmother, Shanta Sastri, work with him at home.

They’re guided by his focus and interests.

“The way to get him interested is to associate something with numbers, like presidents’ birthdays … and when they came into office,” his mother said.

“Once we introduced him to the idea, he was asking more and more questions, so we created a spreadsheet for him in Excel, and he keeps on asking us to add more types of information to it, like sort them in the order that they came into office, sort them in the order when they were born,” she said.

In pre-kindergarten, his teacher had him do more challenging work, such as division and telling time. In kindergarten, his classmates are learning the alphabet and numbers up to 100. He’s counting over 1 million.

“He’s an amazing child,” said Marci Taylor, his teacher at McCormick Elementary in the Milford School District.

“He knows so much, yet he’s probably more excited about learning than any child I’ve ever seen. He

shakes with excitement.”

Pranav knows so many incredible things, she said, but what’s also impressive is that he’s still a 6-year-old boy.

“He loves to go play at recess and climb on the monkey bars,” Taylor said.

It’s possible that Pranav might eventually have his learning accelerated, even by skipping grades, but his father said they would have to consider that with his social needs. “We want him to be as normal as possible,” his father said.

“Right now, it’s kind of early, and we can do a lot at home,” his mother added. “We have to figure out what works best, because I think it’s different for each child.”Pranav draws his intelligence from both sides of the family.

His father has a Ph.D. and his mother has two master’s degrees.

What does Pranav want to be when he grows up?

“An astronaut,” he said without hesitation.

Truly, for Pranav, the sky’s the limit. – USA Today

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