My religious belief on Islam, the other religions, politics and humanitarian views

I wish to write here some of my religious belief on Islam’s various group, the other religions, politics and humanitarian views later here.

Now just look at the views opposite to my concept. I could not accept any kind of poking fun on any religion. Religion depends on ones faith and as long as it do not harm others different to that person’s belief, it is OK. But should not attack or hate others just because of difference in faiths or beliefs.

Religion is the personal belief in our hearts and minds and should not need the proof. We need to practice according to our practice without insulting others.

For me, even in Islam, there are various Mazahabs and gangs. I am a moderate Muslim born in the Hanafi sect and now staying in Shaffi sect. Anyway my grandparents, parents, my brothers, sister, my wife, her parents, sisters and their families, my children and I, all of us are practicing Muslims, religious but moderate. We think we don’t deviate from the main stream Islam, usually followed the Ulama or Mulavis or Religious leaders who are orthodox. Most of us do not accept the deviated branches but never accepted the extremists.

(orthodox = of a person or their views, esp. religious or political ones, or other beliefs or practices. Conforming to what is generally or traditionally accepted as right or true; established and approved.)

I know that some of my ancestors are converted from Buddhism and some in India subcontinent may have the remnants of Hinduism. One from Kardiani but changed to the mainstream Islam.

Even if we  would not shave but if someone denounced a religious person or any one with the beard we would rebut and defense. Most of us do not cover our head, hair nor face with scarf or purda but if anyone attack the person with a scarf we would be quick to defend her right to practice. If we could not pray five times, at least we would try to pray few times and try to improve or increase the time of prayers with the peer pressure amongst our family but if some one say that no need to pray five times, we would denounce him as deviant. If one cannot pray no problem, it is between Allah and him but if he proclaimed that it is wrong to pray five times, we could not accept at all.

Our late father would usually lead us to go and pray at different mosques for tariwee night prayers during the holy month of Ramzam (Ramdum). He always chose the mosques that pray Qoran Khatam i.e. those mosques that recite the whole Quoran in one month. Our late father was the Muslim Youth chief when we were in Kalaw and was active to bring the Sunnis and Shia Muslims to work together. When we transferred to Mandalay our late father was elected as the chairman of the trustee committee of the Taung Sin Kyone Mosque.

Our late father was pragmatic, strict with religion but forced us to at least 3 shortest prayers that were convenient and did not disturb our studies. Dawn, sunset and evening prayers. He encouraged us to follow Tabalique at least on Thursday evening or sunset prayers till night prayers and to follow 1-3 days during summer holidays. We had the Arabic and religious teaching by a visiting teacher every morning except on Fridays. We used to fast the whole month since we were young. While preparing and trying to perform Haj our dear father passed away but my brothers had perform Haj for him. My mother, parents-in-laws and five of my brothers and my sister had successfully performed their Haj duties. One of my younger brother, my wife and I are waiting for our chance. Insyallah 2011 is our target. But my third brother was the one who sponsored for our mother and hiss elder brother so he had at least perform part of his duty but if Allah willing, I am praying that I may be able to sponsor for him, indirectly to compensate for my failure to be able to sponsor my parents.

Because of that the group of Muslims deviated a little bit were once in control of our regular Mosque. Personally we had no problems, some were friends, childhood friends of my parents, some even best childhood friend of my mother, one was a respected pensioner ex-Head master, one was a Homeopathic medical practitioner even I was treating (he even refused to charge me so we need to send presents before or after our visit to his house). But once affected our faith, we could not accept. Actually I was still young and my late father decided this. The whole family agree with his decision and I still believed that he was absolutely right.

So when that traditional medical-man started to preach that our prophet was wrong in accepting the five time prayers, not to accept the Koran or its translations and Hadiths because of  the alleged insertions of wrong paragraphs by the enemies of Islam, it is too much. Once the Mandalay Ulama Council announced with the Fatwah not to go or pray to that mosque, “Taun Baloo”, we stopped going there and pray at other nearby mosques.

“Taun Baloo” Mosque authorities were rich and got cable. Colonel Tin Soe, one and only member of the General Ne Win’s revolutionary council, was their relative. They announced the expulsion of the ? Seven families from their mosque and effectively practiced the non-communication policy by their whole community.

But we were supported and encouraged by the almost unending weekly newspaper advertisements by the Mosque authorities, youth associations, Welfare organizations from almost the whole Mandalay.

Now I am reading about other religions, Buddhism, Hindu, Christianity, Judaism etc and started to believe that God/Allah never wish to create humans as angels praying all the time, nor one religion but given the various religions depend on the race and time in history. The essence of All the religions are same. We are fighting unnecessarily on the minor physical differences.

But we could not accept the radical Islam asking all the women to cover up, stay in the houses without allowing to go out for work or studies etc. We also could not accept killing the innocent people in the name of Islam. Although we need to obey the Islamic laws, we don’t like stoning people to death or cutting off the hands of thieves. I hope Allah will definitely forgive us for this even if that is the sin not to accept this kind of severe punishments.

But I once stop praying for about a year. I mean asking doa’ only. I prayed the namaz or ebidat but stop asking what I want because_

  • Arabs lost of six day war.
  • Md. Ali @ Caseas Calay lost the heavy weight world championship.
  • And because I failed to get the Luyae Chun or Outstanding Student award.

But I later realized that there is sometimes blessings in disguised from Allah.

My third brother Ko Ko Htay’s doa’ was typical, when he  was young he used to pray loudly asking Allah to give, 5-7 aircraft carrier ships, same amounts of cars, brick houses etc. His idea was to get enough for all the brothers and sisters so that we would not need to fight amongst each other.

I hate the following article. Just presented to highlight that our concept of religion is different from these people.

If any one pray for me I am satisfied and grateful. But I could not accept when someone advised me to pray to a late saint so that he or she would plead to Allah on-behalf of us. So I think praying at the Dargahs or burial site of St. asking for the divine help is not right. If our intention is to help or pray to Allah to forgive or give a better status to the soul of the saint may be OK. Allah had already clearly ordered us not to worship anything or anyone, whether alive or dead. That is the biggest sin. Why should we pray to the saints, Walli, Auliah etc or at their shrine whether to ask them to help us or indirectly to stay as our lawyer or pleader on be half of us to pray to Allah. No one is allowed to plead in-front of Allah on behalf of any one  even on the judgement day except by our Prophet (pbuh). Even now , we need to pray for our  Prophet (pbuh) we could not ask him now to pray for us or we could not pray directly to our Prophet (pbuh). I think it is a very clear logic and truth.

   Religulous: Borat-style satire on faith causes outrage 

LONDON, March 23 — A Borat-style documentary lampooning the world’s religions through interviews with their leaders is to open in Britain next week — and, if the US experience is anything to go, it is certain to spark controversy.

Religulous — the title is a provocative combination of “religion” and “ridiculous” — caused outrage across the Atlantic, with Catholics complaining they were the main target of the film, directed by Larry Charles. He also directed Borat, the satire on US mores starring Sacha Baron Cohen as the Kazakhstan reporter. The American comedian and satirist Bill Maher takes the Cohen role.

Maher has said that while the film was meant to be funny, it wasn’t just meant to poke fun at religion, but demolish it. “I was raised a Catholic,” he said, “but by the time I became an adult, scientific thought and rational evidence led me to believe otherwise. You know, when I was a kid and got a cavity, I had mercury drilled into my teeth. Then, when I got older, they drilled it out — and you can do the same with religion.”

The film opens shortly after the Pope was condemned for suggesting condoms “aggravate the problem” of Aids, causing a frantic Vatican damage-limitation exercise.

Emboldened atheists have run slogans on the side of buses proclaiming “There is probably no God” — and a campaign by Christians to undermine that attracted record numbers of complaints last week to the Advertising Standards Authority.

Catholics are also under attack from peers and MPs, who are attempting to block plans to elevate Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor, the leader of the Roman Catholic Church in England and Wales, to the House of Lords. The move comes after reports that the cardinal may be offered a place in the Lords when he retires from his post as Archbishop of Westminster this year.

Opponents said the proposal to give the cardinal a peerage should be scrapped because of allegations that he “turned a blind eye” to paedophile priests when he was a bishop.

The philosopher AC Grayling, a professor at Birkbeck College in London, says the attacks on religion, especially Christianity, are a secular response to the increased religious “noise” since 9/11.

“There has been an amplification of noise from different religions since 9/11,” he said. “And we are seeing a reaction from atheists. They are standing up and being counted because they don’t like it. Throughout the world religious observation is diminishing. But after 9/11 the Muslim world had a higher profile and the other religions felt they needed to be as loud. The atheists are saying ‘shut up’. What we are seeing is religion under pressure and being defeated.

“I’m tremendously looking forward to seeing Religulous. It comes in the same week that the Organisation of the Islamic Conference, made up of 57 Islamic countries, is trying to include a resolution into the United Nations Human Rights Committee to outlaw the defamation of religion.”

Jonny Baker, who works for the Church Mission Society, which has been bringing missionaries from Africa to Britain for 20 years, said the film was just as intolerant as the religions it lampoons. “I saw it in America, and ironically it ended up being very fundamentalist,” he said.

“Bill Maher was just ranting to the camera, and that undermined the whole point of the film. There is a feeling in Africa that we are godless in the West and they’ll come here and help us… Faith is important and transformative. People are interested in more in life than just shopping.” — Independent

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