Wai Wai my aunt or sister is in KL

Wai Wai my aunt or sister is in KL

My mother’s cousin sister, my adopted sister came to KL and made a surprised meeting yesterday. She is the youngest daughter of late U Thein Maung, ex-Municipal councillor of U Nu. He was my later grandma’s younger brother. Her elder brother late Aung Thein or Maung Toke  or Pho Toke or Md Kassim was one month older than me and sadly passed away 5 years ago with Cancer of lung. As I remembered, he was a chain smoker since young. As I had mentioned I was even breast fed by their mother, Ah Mae Daw Jan. While I am writing this sentence, she called me that she is coming to see me at the clinic.


Wai Wai (centre) her cousin,

Soe Lwin (late U Harun and Daw Ah Shar’s son)

and his wife


Ah Mae (My grandma’s sis-in-law w/o late U Thein Mg)

Daw Jan the mother of Wai Wai

Ma Htay d/o Daw2

(Daw Jan’s niece/late U Harun and Daw Ah Shar’s daughter)

Note : U Harun and U thein Mg were brothers and Daw Jan and Daw Ah Shar were sisters


Soe Lwin’s daughter, daughter-in-law

and Aye Aye Sein (my youngest brother, Dr KMHtway’s wife)


 Soe Lwin’s son, daughter and Doe2

(son of my youngest brother, Dr KMHtway & Aye Aye Sein )


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