TQ Tun Dr M, Tun Dr Siti Hasma and other dignitaries

Thank you Tun Dr Mahathir, Tun Dr Siti Hasma Mohamad Ali and family members and other dignitaries who attended my daughter’s wedding on 18th. April 2009 at the Palace of the Golden Horses Hotel.

Datuk Seri Aziz Shamsudin with his wife, DYMM Tunku Maziah and husband Datuk Abang Abu Bakar, Datuk Zainal Abidin Zin and wife Datin Asimah and many Datuks, Datins, Tan Seris, Doctors, specialists and professors, lecturers attended the wedding.

I will post the photographs once I got them.

We had a Nikkah ceremony in our house one day in advance i.e. on 17th. April 2009.

For me the presence of my mother, three brothers, nephews and nieces are also very important. They just came to KL for the wedding.

They arrived KLon 12 & 13 of April 2009 with MAS and MAI airlines. We arranged a three story town house at the condominium. We need to pay RM2500.00 for fifteen days rental. And I arranged a car, Toyota, Avenza with a driver for their stat here as a 24 hour standby. That will cost RM 2250.00 for the car and driver. Petrol, parking, toll fees and food for the car and driver is not included. Ko Zar Nie just helped to drive them around.

My son used his car to accompany and guide them to all the places, KL tower, KLCC, aquarium, Islamic arts museum, Putra Jaya, Cyber Jaya etc.

We got the bad news about my number 5 brother, Mg Mg’s wife’s illness with, SLE. She is in the hospital in Mandalay with renal, liver and heart failure.

We got the good news that my youngest brother, Khin Maung Htway, the Cardiac Surgeon is accepted by IJN for hands-on-training and they would issue a fellowship certificate later. Now he is waiting for the MMC and Immigration approval.

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