My Raleigh bicycle


My father bought a brand new Raleigh bicycle, made in England, for me in Mandalay, when the rest of the family and I were in Kalaw. That was a reward for my achievement in 4th. Std. exam.

My friend in Kalaw, Alfred Pu, taught me wihow to ride the bicycle, using his bicycle in Kalaw. I got the chance to practice riding my new bicycle when we visited Mandalay. It was locked for my single use since then up to after I married.

I used my bike daily to go to St. Peters’ High School later privatized and changed name to No 9 State High school, Mandalay. When I attend the Medical University, IMM, I used that daily. I continue to use that during my days as Houseman and General Practitioner.

So for at least 15 years it needed one time overhaul only, because it was made with good quality steel, and of course, made in England, it always seem to be like a brand new bicycle! Can you believe it or not? But it was a truth. Every body praise that new looking shining bicycle as the new imports of almost all the vehicles were virtually stopped during General Ne Win’s time. And cheap bicycles from China, India, Thailand and Malaysia were also not available in Burma at that time.

After we married, stay away from the parents home, my mother requested me to give back that very good conditioned Raleigh bicycle for my No. 6 brother Nyi Nyi who was attending MASU, Chemistry major. But he said it was stolen and we lost that precious bicycle.

I had no vehicle, so I had to borrow money to buy a Chinese made new bicle named, Pan Tdwe Nae Wai, or blosoomed with flowers.

Later I had to borrow money to buy a second hand lady red Honda motorbike K 1000 and after few years need to borrow money to buy a reconditioned second hand vintage VW car which was sold off in lots from army used vehicle depot. Note: There were no Hire Purchase car loan scheme in Burma. I was jeoulously attacked by my superior Anatomy lecturers, PhD Anatomy, (from UK and Australia universities) because they sold off their cars imported after comming back from abroad and using bicycles and I could afford to use a second hand motorbike! What a big joke for the people of the whole world!

Alhamdulillah, I could buy new cars for my wife and three children, of course with Hire Purchase. Shukur to Allah.

When compare to my condition of without a bicycle (no need to tell about motorbike nor cars) my daughter who is working in HKL, Hospital Kuala Lumpur is totally different.

At first I give her the second hand (from mother) Proton Satria, but her elder brother wanted that car and given his used car Proton Wira 1.5 Auto so later I decided to buy for her with brand new Fiat Punto. After finishing 2 and a half years’ study in University Malaya’s Pre-Clinical, when she had to continue to study in Ipoh, Royal College of Medicine, I bought her another Honda City. Once she got the MBBS degree and going to marry, I bought her or give her the almost brand new Hnda Civic. (I bought a new Honda Accord for her brother and she got her brother’s about five months’ used brand new car.) Her Honda City was given to her younger brother who is now sitting Form 6 exam at UCSI.

I am not bragging. I just to remind my children not forget my poor past. With that I need to work very hard up to now. Of course because of the MERCY OF ALLAH and because of all the family members’ Rozy or Ridzky.

After we married and started GP, even my 15 year old bicycle was repossed and we had no transport.

TQ Allah for all the blessings.

I never suffered from hard feelings except for a little bit sad but I was really happy to contribute back to my family, when I need to give back my old but still shining and good like a new bicycle, diamond ring (bought for me as the prize after I got first in the ? 6th. Std exam and my love of the life, Yashica camera. Because as my GP was just started, I have no much extra money and I was really happy to support my parents with those things.

I love you Nani, Pa Pa, Ah Ma, brothers, sister and of course my wife and children. Shukur Alhamdulillah, Allah had later rewarded all of us with numerous blessings and gifts that we even never dreamt. Please forgive me if I am wrong in writing this memoir. I just wish to record how we had struggled in our early lives.

I would like to write about the numerous defects of our Proton different models later only.

Now listen to the bicycle songs including the two composed by my friend, Dr Sai Kham Leik, vocal by Sai Htee Sai


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8 Responses to “My Raleigh bicycle”

  1. neo Says:

    My Way My Proton

  2. Naing Wai Win Says:

    သိပ္ေကာင္းတဲ့ ပို႔စ္ေလးတစ္ခုပါပဲ။ ေက်းဖူးတင္ပါတယ္ ဆရာ။
    I added his FB comment after sharing this posting_
    Naing Wai Win ‎
    ‎”A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch a manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly.
    Specialization is for insects.” Heinlein quote. Thus, i’m proud to be a jack of all trades. 🙂
    And I believe Sayar Dr. Ko Ko Gyi is a generalist too.
    He quit the specialist road after passing MRCOG part 1.
    Although the world needs specialists, generalists rule the world. Is that right? Ko Myo Min ?
    Yes Ko Naing. The world is the generals’ world. Not those Generals! The mother Earth is for jacks. Thus we have such elective diversities and never get bored in life. It’s enough one Ibrahim Lincoln, but not his dynasty to continuously have son Lincoln, grand son Lincoln and so on. Otherwise, Obama will now be just day dreaming on the bank of Mississippi.I mean, USA have such a jack of all political system and that is what it takes to be what USA is today about.
    TQ both of you, my friends cum brothers

  3. drkokogyi Says:

    Your words reminded me of a popular joke (old already) told by the emcee (or an MC Master of Ceremonies) during the wedding receptions.
    After married, husband will become the head the future family, must be respected by the wife and made a “GENERAL” of the family. The wife should be satisfied as the lower ranking “MAJOR” position in the family.
    After that if there is any “General problems” it will be the General husband’s duty to decide. But all the Majour decisions must be left for the Majour wife to decide.
    So I used to treat General patients as a General Practitioner and need to refer all the majour problems and majour diseases to relevant specialists.

  4. drkokogyi Says:

    Please read this and following posting.

  5. drkokogyi Says:

    Comments in my FB about bicycling_Beijing plans to have 1,000 points near subway stations where commuters can rent and return 50,000 bicycles for the initial or final 1km – 3km of their journey.

    BEIJING, once regarded as the capital of bicycles, is now full of cars. In the 1980s, about 60% of the population cycled to work. Today, only 18% do so, cycling dropping to the third most preferred mode of transport behind public transport and the car.

    However, during the Olympic Games in 2008, the city government initiated a campaign to bring back the cycling trend in its bid to make the Chinese capital a more livable place.

    Above is taken from _Re-cycling a past trend, Made In China,Chow How Ban in the Star Newspaper @

    Ko Myo Min commented_ Cycling has always been my fantasy.We all cycled when we are young. Having 2 or 3 bicycles home in not even necessity but pride too as we all were relatively equally poor then. Bicycles made our lives much easier and I believe that provided necessary safety precarious measures, guide lines and enforcements at hand as laws, future cities could be more vibrant and greener with larger amount of cycling commuters. No carbon emitting, easily manageable traffic and more healthy population.

  6. drkokogyi Says:

    I, Ko Ko Gyi replied as a comment: But this morning, my wife was sending us to the clinic, at the traffic light, we almost met an ugly accident. We were waiting at the red light but once the light was green, two boys on two bicycles suddenly crossed in front of the cars. Bec…ause of the other illegal U turn car, luckly my wife hasitated to start. If she start to roll, these boyers younger than 10 yr old could be knocked down. Whether right or wrong, car drivers would be faulted. It happened once at the MRR2 /Ampang Jaya traffic light just after sun set. A group of teenage boys with bicycle attire just crossed infront of our car while traffic light turns green. We may need to construct bicycle lanes.

    Ko Myo Min : Separate bicycle lane would be the best. That is why I wished there are safety cautious measures implemented and effectively enforced. After all, going out and driving on the public road is definitely more dangerous than staying home. So, better be always cautious all time.

    I, KKG replied:MRR2 /Ampang Jaya traffic light teanage boys look like students of US International school. The problem was although they were in full bicycle attire there were no bicycle lights or the lights were not switched on. In Mdy. we used bicycles. I even wrote about my bicycle @

  7. drkokogyi Says:

    Mr Harry Hpone Thant’s remarks: Raleigh brands were the envy of all serious cyclists in MM during the 1950s. but were replaced by Maung Bama, ugh!!!!!

    Ko Ko Gyi TQ. Bicycles in Malaysia usually last for a year, even when I bought an expensive ones for my kids. Difficult to get a repair shop and usually covered with rusts after a while and look very old. After 15 yrs my Raleigh bicycle was still shining like a brand new bike. I missed my Good old days.

    Ko Myo Min’s comment: Buying digital cameras, notebook or getting a trainer at gym, all theses are kind of exciting events and moments with a small budget and by far among them, getting my first Releigh bicycle( then was considered not a small budget for my fami…ly) last 33 years ago was the most and only exciting one and still very clear in my memory and I even felt touching thin gold liner paint along supporting bars and the sound of running dynamo.Riding it made me felt like riding a royal angelic horse in the sky. Cleaning and doing regular maintenance was worth equaling helping my only little son in a shower I suggest. Good to think that the one was so expensive and proud of it, good to think that my father was a big man and felt safe, good to think our town’s only Cinema theater was so big and nice that I believed it represented modern futuristic buildings. How wonderful the world is in the eyes of a small town Myanmar boy. I am not sure if there will be as much excitement as I felt before when I ever come across buying a Ferrari in future.

  8. drkokogyi Says:

    For me with a basic Medical degree without other business …could not compete with you friend. Now at 66 yr, I avoid driving. I still remember my father’s Jeep 9318 (I learnt driving with this Jeep) bought in late 50’s and the Dodge 8189 but forgot my fathers another 2 Chevrolet 5668 and 5412, GMC 4022 etc. (My memory with car numbers, telephone numbers are very bad. I just remember 2 of the above numbers Remaining numbers are given by my brother Mg Mg.) As my father was a contractor supplying fruits, vegetables beans etc to Burcan (Burma canning factory, Kalaw which later shifted to Mdy), army, hospital and prison. we used to follow my father from Kalaw to Mdy, May Myo and Myingyan, Pyaw Bwe etc central Burma to buy the goods…In the early 60’s I still rember my father buying car spareparts at big ?GEC shop in Meiktila. The salesmen used to show Japanese made spare parts but my father used to reject them as “bad quality” and insists to only buy the made in USA spare parts. Please read about my cars here @

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