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The Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) logo

The Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Chief Minister of Selangor, where UiTM is located, triggered an uproar when he suggested (WISELY from democratic and academic point of view from a foreigner like me) that the institution could offer 10 percent of its places to other races.

He had reportedly said the move to include other races and foreigners into the university would allow students there to gain more exposure and be friendlier to people of other races.

But his remarks triggered a protest by the narrow minded, extremist 3,000 students from the university who took to the streets and marched to the chief minister’s office, waving placards saying, “Do not seize our rights,” and “Save UiTM.” It seemed that may be instigated by some of the people in power who are from the opposite side of political divide from the present CM.

I think your country need more open minded leaders like this greatman, CM of Selangor. UiTM authorities, students and politicians from the other side of the political divide failed to understand that if the universities around the world refuse to accept enrollments based on creed, origin, race without merits . . . where are their brother and sister students from Malaysia going to study? 

All the athletes know that WE NEED GOOD SPARING PARTNERS to improve our skills!

Boxer practicing with sparring partner. Pixland Royalty Free Photograph

(These very good concepts were the frequent remarks of one great Professor, ex-VC of UPM who later became the Chairman of Bank Rakyat.) I had given the similar remarks at the MSc entrance interview to the interviewers, Professors of UM. I told them that if other countries refused to train them, they would not even become specialists. This Professor, ex-VC of UPM, used to lecture in the UPM Senate to accept more foreigners for the Post-graduate studies; MSc and PhDs. With the competition of the foreigners, locals would be pushed to work harder and after all the university got all their research, free of charge and just give them back a paper, means graduation certificate only.

See full size imageOne-eyed person could become the best or even the king in the village of blinds. If one-eyed person used to train or compete with two-good-eyed or even some persons wearing night goggles or using binoculars, his skilled could be improved.

I still remember meeting a not very intelligent and stubborn VC from that university, about two decades ago. That VC told me that the post I applied, a Medical Officer came with RM 2800 and was not meant for foreigners but their own race only.

Sabah namesThen, why his stupid officer called me, a foreigner for the interview? I had to take leave and travel up to there. And that bloody stupid VC mocked me for my Burmese name. He could not accept my explanation. He thought that my Islamic Arabic name is Malay Name. I argued that it is an Islamic Arabic name and not Malay name as I never put your BIN between my name and father’s name. Because he keeps on harping about my name, I told him that there are some Malaysians with Malay names but not Muslims. He IGNORANTLY refuted that there was no such thing and not allowed in Malaysia. I told him to just go to the Orang Asli village near his university where there are non-Muslims with Malay names. I continue that they told me that they just take the previous PMs, singers and movie stars although they were atheists.  And there are many non-Muslims who are left with Malay names when their fathers passed away or divorced and the left behind converted mothers who remarry with the persons from her old religion and renounced Islam. He shamelessly showed his ignorance by refusing to accept my explanation.

I am sure that, that not very intelligent VC would go and give salaam to the present MAS chief, just by looking at his name!

Idris Jala - World Economic Forum on East Asia 2012.jpg

Dato’ Sri Idris Jala is the current Minister without Portfolio in the Prime Minister’s Department and chief executive officer of the Performance Management and Delivery Unit (Pemandu). He is a Senator in the Dewan Negara, upper house of parliament.

Before that, Idris used to work for Shell. In 2005, the Malaysian government elected him as CEO of Malaysia Airlinesdue to massive losses of the company.

FYI Malcolm X was a MOST FAMOUS, well known and popular Muslim reader. I still remember his teaching, “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” 

Malcolm X in March 1964Malcolm X (/ˈmælkəm ˈɛks/; May 19, 1925 – February 21, 1965), born Malcolm Little and also known as el-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz[A] (Arabic: الحاجّ مالك الشباز‎), was an American Muslimminister and a human rights activist.

UiTM should not only focus on maintaining the admission quota system, Selangor Menteri Besar said, “it must also focus on improving the university’s quality and facilities”.

“The remark was made in the context of improving the quality of higher education in the era of globalization and to widen the employment opportunities for the Malays and Bumiputeras,” he said after chairing the weekly state exco meeting.

He regretted that his remark on implementing a 10% quota for foreign and non-Bumiputera students in the university was taken out of context and had been turned into a racial issue.

I migrated out of Myanmar because of the obvious and blatant discrimination on the Myanmar Muslims in choosing for the postgraduate studies during the Racist Ne Win’s time. (Thank God nowadays the present government is not continuing that rigid discrimination policy and accepted the Muslims for post graduate training in Medical field. At that time I could not accept that Apartheid Fourth World mentality. If any country carries on like this, they, their children and children’s children will suffer in the future. There is no wonder why many talented and brilliant Myanmars, especially non-Burmese have gone to seek greener pastures overseas.  

Sabah — land of unusual names

KOTA KINABALU: Those who are not from Sabah have often been confounded by the unusual names of some locals in the multi-ethnic state.

Curious names like Mogumbirak, Tigabelas, Ponyrace, Samalia Cuba and even Rothmans tend to bring chuckles as well as raise eyebrows among Sabah’s multi-ethnic society.

There are interesting stories behind how these names were given, as in the case of recently retired Sabah Archives director Datuk Datu Tigabelas Datu Zainal Abidin.

“It has been difficult carrying this name. In school, I was teased and it was hard for me to make friends but I’ve learned to live with it,” he said.

* Full report in The Star today…At the above link you could not get the facts about Non Muslims with Muslim names and vice versa, but in the print paper you could read all.

Dyana’s varsity insists UiTM must remain Malay-only institution

Please read this post also, “This news proved that the Bigot Admin officer of UITM (Shah Alam) (20 years ago) was wrong.”


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