Eid Mubarak English Song and Malay songs


Sudirman-Dari Jauh Ku pohon Maaf    

Before I came to Malaysia, I started to learn Malay. So I could understand the meaning roughly. Since then, I want to cry when I heard this song. Every time my tears always flowed down, I could not hide this even in front of others.
I tried to translate but my English is bad and I don’t know the poetry.
I will be much grateful if someone could translate and write this song’s lyrics  in English for me……

Sudirman-Dari Jauh Ku pohon Maaf    

The cold dawn stirred my heart
Recalling my fate in a faraway land
Eid Takbir made me into tears
My heart miss the lovely village atmosphere
My beloved father and brother
But I have to earn for the living
We need to endure our fate together (Corus)
I convey my prayers and regards, asking for forgiveness
Do not be sad this morning because we cannot be together
Hoping eagerly of returning back to home
To get my father’s blessing during this noble Aidil Fitri,
Dalam dingin subuh hatiku terusikKenang nasib diri di rantauan
Bergema takbir raya menitis air mata
Terbayang suasana permai desa

Rindu hati ini inginku kembali
Pada ayah bonda dan saudara
Tetapi aku harus mencari rezeki
Membela nasib kita bersama

( korus )
Hanya ku sampaikan doa dan kiriman tulus ikhlas
Dari jauh kupohonkan ampun maaf
Jangan sedih pagi ini tak dapat kita bersama
Meraikan aidil fitri yang mulia

Restu ayah bonda kuharap selalu
Hingga aku pulang kepadamu

( ulang korus )

Restu ayah bonda kuharap selalu
Demi anakmu yang kini jauh

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