The Farewell Khutbah (Friday Prayers) of Ramadan

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My late grandmother Daw Daw Kyaw used to tell me about this ‘Jummat’al-Wida’ (Jummat Al-Beda) or The Farewell Khutbah(Friday Prayers) of Ramadan with the tears welling in her eyes. She told me about how the old people used to cry on these last Friday of Ramdam because they are not sure whether they would be still alive on next year t o get a chance to pray again on the auspicious day like this.

Ko Soe Min wrote>>>


ရမဇန်ရယ် နောက်ဆုးံဂျွမ်အာ
နောက်နှစ်တွေ ပြန်ဆုံရပါအုန်းမလါး


Aye Aye Nyunt


နောက်နှစ်ရမ်ဇန် ပြန်ဆုံတွေ့ကြရပါစေ ;

သားအမိ မောင်နှမတွေအားလုံးကိုလည်းအမြန်ဆုံးပြန်လည်ဆုံဆည်းခွင့်ပြုတော်မူပါစေ;
Islam တွေအားလုံးလည်း စိတ်အေးချမ်းသာယာစွာဖြင့် အမလ်အေဗာသဒ်ပြုနိုင်ကြပါစေ လို့ ဒိုအာပြုပါတယ်
Aye Aye Nyunt အပါကြီးကိုသတိရလိုက်တာ


Now only I know my late grandmother and other elder people’s feeling. Once we arrived the twilight years of age only we could felt the remorse and actually nearer to Allah/God. But according to the Islam, Allah prefer the youth’s ibadah  or prayers more than the aged and diseased persons.

While the Friday of any week is a source of blessings, mercy, forgiveness and salavation for the Believers, the Last Friday of Ramadan popularly known as ‘Jummat’al-Wida’, is light upon light and felicitation of the Noble Qur’an.

  1. It is the symbol of splendour, dignity and greatness for the Believers. It is a supreme expression of awe and majesty.
  2. On this day people walk towards the Central Mosque proclaiming the Glory and Praise of Almighty Allah aloud.
  3. On the way they are surrounded by the Angels and from the boundary of the Ka’abah pours in joyous torrents of mercy and forgiveness.
  4. Without any shadow of a doubt the Last Friday of Ramadan is the day for the acceptance of du’as. Thus it is absolutely important that on this great day sincere prayers should be offered for the success, well-being and victory of the Muslim Ummah.

Our Beloved Prophet, (pbuh) said that

  1. Friday is the Prince of all days and more blessed than all the days.
  2. He who spends this day in worship, and in devotional prayers, Allah Almighty will protect him from the calamites of the entire week.

In another Hadith Shareef it is stated :

  1. “Friday is the Day of Eid for the Believers. ” There are many similarities of deeds between Friday and Eid.
  2. On Friday it is Sunnat to take a Ghusal, wear clean clothes and apply perfume, all of which are Sunnat on the day of Eid as well.
  3. On both these days two Rakaats Namaaz are offered congregationally, on both these days congregation and Khutbahs are incumbent.
  4. There is no Qaza for Jum’ah Prayer nor for Eid Prayer.
  5. If a person misses Jama’at for the Friday Prayer he cannot read this on his own. If Jum’ah is missed the person has to offer Dho’har (Zohr) Namaaz instead.

The Noble Qur’an has mentioned the laws pertaining pertaining to Friday in Surah ‘Jumuah’.

The Beloved Prophet Salla Allahu Alayhi wa Sallam said_

  1. there comes a moment on Friday during which every du’a made is accepted.
  2.  the one who comes first to the Mosque for Friday Namaaz receives the reward of the charity of a camel, the second person will be rewarded with the charity of a cow, the third will receive the reward of a sheep, the fourth the charity of a chicken, the fifith charity of an egg.
  3. When the Khateeb (Imam) stands on the Mimbar to recite the Khutbah, Angels enter the Mosque to listen to him.
  4. The above reward is only for going early to the Mosque, while the reward for the Namaaz is different and in abundance.
  5. The Beloved Prophet Salla Allahu Alayhi wa Sallam said that Allah Almighty forgives the sins commited between two Fridays of the one who performs his Friday Namaaz regularly.

Source Ahlesunnat

Farewell Khutbah

for the Last Friday of Ramadan

In the Name of Almighty Allah,
Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Assalamualaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu

Al Hamdu Lillaahi Rabbil ‘Aalameen was Salaatu
was Salaamu ‘alaa Ashrafil Anbiyaa’e wal Mursaleen

  •  All Praise is due to Almighty Allah, the Bounteous King;
  • He is the Mighty, Omnipotent, Gracious and Obliging, Who reveals Himself everyday in a different state.
  • I always praise Him, and am thankful to Him secretly and openly.
  • I bear witness that no one is worthy of worship but Almighty Allah Subhanahu Wata’ala.
  • He is One and has no partner.
  • This is the testimony which I sincerely believe with my heart and tongue.
  • I also bear witness that our Spiritual Chief, our Apostle, and our Friend Nabee Muhammad Sallallahoo Alayhi Wasallam is the Servant and True Messenger, whom Almighty Allah sent with True Guidance and explanation (of Truth).

 O People who are present here!

The Month of Ramadan is coming to an end;

where are the eyes that will weep and where are the hearts that will humble themselves by the fear of Almighty Allah, the Bounteous King?

  •  You have heard this so many times from the Holy Qur’an: “All the creatures will certainly die.”
  • Now the time of the departure of the month of Ramadan is very near
  • and with you it will stay just like a night-guest,
  • or like a departing beloved.
  • Never forget that the separation of good friends is a very bitter thing;

so where are those who will perform as many good deeds in this month?

Undoubtedly those who have fasted, have collected great benefits and the transgressors are the losers.

Bid farewell to this month with sighs, cries and constant weeping when you say:

  • “Salaam to you, O month of Revelation:
  • Salaam to you O Month of Forgiveness (of Allah) and release from Jahannum!
  • Salaam to you O Month of the Illumination of Hearts!
  • Salaam to you, O Month of compensation of past sins!
  • Salaam to you, O Sacred month, wherein lies a night which is better than a thousand months!
  • Salaam, Salaam, O Month of Ramadan!
  • Salaam to you, O Month of Ramadan!
  • Salaam to you, O Sacred month, whose nights are blessed by Almighty Allah, and are a means of one’s past sins!
  • Salaam to you, O Month of Virtue and Blessings of Almighty Allah:
  • Salaam to you, O Month of Charity and of fasting!
  • Salaam to you, O Month of Ibadah, Tarawee and remembrance of Allah!
  • Salaam to you, O Month of Takbir and glorification of Allah!
  • Salaam to you, O Honourable Visitor, whom we have welcomed (enthusiastically).
  • O Traveller, we bid you an honourable farewell.
  • Salaam, Salaam, O Month of Ramadan! Blessed are you O Month of Ramadan. O Month of Ramadan!
  • We do not know whether you will be a witness for us, or against us (on the Day of Judgement).
  • This is your last interview with us; we do not know whether you will return to us (in our lifetime) or whether death will overpower us.

O Month of Ramadan!

  1.  How fortunate is the person, to whom you will return with blessings of Almighty Allah,
  2. and how unfortunate is the one, against whose misdeeds you will be a witness (on the Day of Judgement!).

May Almighty Allah bless_

  •  our Masaajids’ with your presence for a long time,
  • and may He light our lamps with your divine light.
  • The performance of Tarawee is coming to an end, and our lamps are going to be put off (by your departure).
  • No one will wait for Iftaar, and no one will see the stars for his or her Suhuur.
  • For a time our bellies were under your command, and our eyes were kept awake in constant Ibadah.
  • Undoubtedly, we are for Almighty Allah, and to Him we will all return!
  • Oh! How sad will be your departure and separation from us.
  • The day of your departure will be sorrowful for all of us.

May Almighty Allah take mercy on the person who bid farewell to Ramadan with repentance and devotion.

All of you should say:

“O Almighty Allah!

  •  Let us be among those who have attained salvation during the Holy month of Ramadan.
  • Deliver us from the fire of Jahannum, by the honour of Ramadan.
  • Pardon us with Your Mercy, O Most Merciful of those who show Mercy. And all praise is due to Almighty Allah, the Lord of all the worlds.
  • I seek refuge in Almighty Allah, from Shaytaan the rejected one.

(Says Almighty Allah in the Holy Qur’an)!

“The pious will reside in an abode of Peace, in Jannah (with) fountains; they will be dressed in brocade and silk, as they sit before each other.

“Subahana Rabieka Rabiel Iezzatie Amma Yaseefoon Wasalamoon Alal Moersaleem
Wal Hamdoelillahi Rabbiel Ala’meen Bierahmatika Ya Arahammar Raheemeen.”

Ameen Ya Rabbal Ala’meen.

Baarak Allaahu Feekum wa-sal Allaahu wa-Sallam ‘alaa
Nabiyyina Muhammad Sallallahoo Alayhi Wasallam.

Was Salamualaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu

SubhanAllah this is beautiful, may Allah accept our Siyam, Qiyam, Ruku’, Sujud and Dua. Ameen

“Khutbat Dawazdah Mahi” by Maulana Abdur-Rahman Tariq 

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  1. Dr Ko Ko Gyi Says:

    Ah Htun

  2. Dr Ko Ko Gyi Says:

    Myat See Zar
    သူက လက်ပြပြီ သူက နုတ်ဆက် ပြီ အလ်ဘေဒါ ခွဲခွာနေပြီး နောက်နှစ် ဆုံတွေ့မယ် မဆုံတွေ့ဘူးဆိုတာ မောသ့်ကို ဂရံတီ ယူမထားဘူး ။သူနုတ်ဆက် လက်ပြနေပြီ နောက်နှစ် အသက်ခန္ဓာ အရှင်မြတ်က ထားမယ် မထားဘူး မသေချာပါဘူး သူနဲ့ဆုံတွေ့ခွင့်ရဦးမလားဆိူတာလဲ မသိနိုင်ဘူး။ ဒါကြောင့် အနည်းငယ် လေးလောက်တောင် အတိမ်းအစောင်းမခံကြပါနဲ့ဗျာ။
    ချစ်သူ လာတုန်းက သူ့ခြေသံတိုဖွဖွ သူ့သင်းရနံ့ မွှေးလွှလွှ
    ကြောင့် မြတ်နိုးစွဲမက်ဖွယ် အလ်ဘေဒါရက်ကပ်လာချိန်တိုင်း ရူးလောက်အောင် လွမ်းမောတယ်။

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