Malaysia failed to appreciate the value of the professional migrants and foreign workers

Malaysian citizens and government failed to appreciate the value of the professional migrants or high skilled and low-skilled foreign workers.

If we are welcome legally,  we all could positively contribute more to the Malaysian development.

But your policy is always FLIP-FLOP, changing many times not only according to the whims and fancy of the authorities but also on the politico-economic condition of the country. If government accepts, opposition would just attack. But nowadays, government favours the acceptance of unskilled workers and opposition used to attack on PR and Citizenship issue of Malaysian spouses and the selective acceptance of asylum seekers.

If the foreigners’ spouses are not allowed to bring in, you could not complaint about their money sending back home to their families. (I am not telling that you are wrong.) But then, bringing in one gender only would create the social problems.

If the foreign professionals other dependants are not allowed to get visa to accompany them, you must understand that we need to send some money to them. For example for our aged parents, brothers and sisters.

If you are jealous to give PR or citizenships to even the foreign professional migrants, we could not cut our umbilical cords_

  • We need to teach our children according to our educational system so that they could continue the studies if they have to go back home.
  • We could not sell our landed properties back home but need to even repatriate some money to buy properties for our safety.
  • We could not buy properties if we are not sure we could legally stay here for a long time.
  • If we get the job from other countries which pay more or where we could get the PR or citizenship easier we are tempted to leave.
  • And it is more relaxed in some of the countries to sponsor our parents, brothers and sisters.
  • We could not give a full 100% loyalty to your country if we are not accepted by you.
  • Asylum seekers and illegals could be able to trace if you registered them and allowed to work. Criminals, terrorists could be traced more easily and you could even earn some fees and get taxes. And there would be less expenses for detention centers enforcement problems and expenses.

Migration policy beneficial to all

KUALA LUMPUR: The Human Resources Ministry should take the lead in coming up with a national migrant policy that focuses on beneficial relationship for all parties.

UNDP resident co-ordinator for Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore Kamal Malhotra said more could be achieved if both high and low-skilled foreign workers could complement the local work force legally.

“(The migrant workers) have without a doubt been positive contributors to the Malaysian development story over the last couple of decades,” Malhotra told reporters after the launch of the United Nations Development Programme’s 2009 Global Human Development Report here yesterday.

The report highlights that migration has been a positive force for human development — improving opportunities for income, education and healthcare for the world’s one billion migrants, who are often times the poorest.

According to the report, migrants have much to contribute to receiving countries such as Malaysia if their basic rights and access to services are ensured through policies that promote regularisation and ease of entry in accordance with the country’s developmental needs.

UNDP: Have migrant policy that benefits all, The Star

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