Other various trainings we had given to our children

The training I started while my wife had her first pregnancy, so that I could later teach my future child

Picture source



Picture source

Later I tried to teach English Grammer from


High School English Grammar & CompositionFinal A Final Course of Grammar & Composition

By Wren (Author), Martin (Author)

 Speak Malay

a course in simple Malay for English-speaking Malaysians.
bSpk My Edward S. King
Published in 1960, University of London Press (London)

 The edition of book was in blue. I read and learned byheart while I was in Burma. Once in Malaysia, I tried to teach my son and my wife using this book. My eldest son is GIFTED in language. Within a very short period, he could translate the English sentences into EXACT Malay sentences and vice versa. Although he studied in the Malay school for a very short period and transferred to International school, his Malay language is better than his younger sister and brother. Of course his spoken English is the best in our family.




And we used to send our children to the British Council to brush up their English, especially spoken language, during the school holidays.

British Council Malaysia  

We do not send the children to the Malay Islamic schools because they need to learn Burmese. My wife and I taught my eldest son all he Burmese curriculum up to 9th. std. or Form 4. Actually my wife take over the 1005 of teachings later because I was not free. Our daughter studied to 7th. std. or Form 2. Once we got the PR, as we are sure of continued staying here, my youngest son just studied for 1st. std. They had to go to Myanmar Embassy to sit the yearly final exams conducted by Myanmar Education Authorities.

So my daughter could give more time for the Malay school than her brother. So her marks are better. Youngest could concentrate solely on Malay school and his academic records are naturally best. I hope the Malaysian government could consider from the side of the migrants future. But Alhamdulillah all three of my children’s education is on par with others.

The last two things we need to just introduced or bought the necessay equipments only. They learned very fast and even could teach us if we needs help. These two things are…………

Computer games and computer

Pic source See full size image



Pic source




child playing computer games

Pic source

Handphones, Cameras and video cameras

I think, no need to put in the pictures.

Cars, drivings skills and knowledge of roads

When we arrived here I was the only driver and start learning the roads all over KL and Malaysia. Now I could take a pension from driving except between the house and clinic. My wife and children took over he job and with the tremendous improvement of infrastructure, I lost the way even when I was just in the passanger seat.

Various tuitions

My children prefer to read and learn themselves but need some tuition. TQ Thida for all the driving duties for our children before they could drive and even at the present time if there is some problems to take care.




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