Haemorrhoid or Piles, Professor Dr U Khin Maung Gyi and Prof Dr U Aung Nyunt

Before talking about Haemorrhoids  or Piles allow me relate the teachings of of my two great Professors and Head of the Department of Surgery.

First was the late Prof Dr U Aung Nyunt. I was his student but never worked under him. He is a notable Burmese Indian, who came and worked with ?LMP, ? Licenceate of Medical Practice. (According to my senior doctor/friend Dr U Than Nyunt. (He was one of the senior veteran group of Myanmar doctors who came to work in Malaysia. One of his sons is married to the very popular, successful Malay Muslim Lady Dental Doctor.) According to him, Prof Dr U Aung Nyunt got the FRCS while working in Burma. He followed the withdrawing English Army to India and came back to Burma after WW2 with the British army as a Majour rank. According to Prof Dr U Aung Nyunt’s own words to us during the lectures, he made himself 10 years younger after the war. He told us that as all the records were lost during the WW2, most the civil servants done that to delay the retirement.

He used to teach us not to shy or scared or thinks nasty to do the proper PR or Per Rectal Digital examination. He quoted the small print written in the Surgical Text book Bailey and Love, “If you don’t put your finger, you have to put your foot in it.”

But the former Professor Dr U Khin Maung Gyi was my favourite boss , Head of Surgical Department. He likes teaching and his ward rounds will take hours. Other lectures transferred from Rangoon told me his nick name, Maung Thin. ( Actual Maung Thin was a very famous Medical Doctor, actor and novalist. But Thin in Burmese means teach. Because he was famous for his hobby to teach, his friends give him that nick name.)

When I worked in UHKL/UM, ward rounds were very fast and no teaching or discussions with Medical Students and various levels of MOs. I had seen this in Anatomy Department, Dissection Hall where we dissected the cadavers or formalinized dead bodies. Each ten of the students had a chance to dissect on cadaver. Nowadays we could not see this scenario in most of the Medical Universities. And we had small group teachings, so each small group of ten got a Demonstrator/Assistant Lecturer to supervise, guide and practical teaching. During our time as Medical student and when I was a Demonstrator, Medical Student to teacher ratio was 2:1. (Quite impressive. ) And all of them got the basic MBBS degree and we had three Ph.D. Anatomy Lecturers/Professors (UK and Australia graduates) and few got MSc post graduate degrees. When I teach in UM Anatomy Department as a volunteer while waiting for the appointment, after I wrote to the former VC whose letter I had scanned and posted earlier. There was only one Anatomy Ph D professor, who was a Dentist. Most of the preclinical Professors and Lecturers were not Medical Doctors but Scientists who had done Masters and Ph Ds. Never mind, that is your system and as far as I know, in our Medical University, after the premedical (A level or 1 st. MBBS course) all other lecturers/Professors had basic Medical Degree except two Bio-chemistry lecturers, U Mya Maung and U Chit Maung, the father of Dr Zaw Myint Maung (recently released NLD MP).

Now let us look at Professor Dr U Khin Maung Gyi’s joke about Piles.

He told us that to be qualified to be a Royal Surgeon, the doctor must possess  three criteria.

He must have a—

  1. ball head
  2. Big tummy and
  3. Piles

People regarded the ball headedness as a sign of wisdom.

And the big tummy as prosperous and that prove that his practice is successful.

And if the doctor is suffering from piles, because of pain, he may be conscious in sitting and people would think that the doctor is careful and thorough.

That was just one of his jokes.

I love and respect that Professor Dr U Khin Maung Gyi and frequently remembered him and his teachings. Of course his jokes came into my mind. I heard that he went to work in Bhutan for few years and when he return to Myanmar, he used to come back to Mandalay as the external examiner. I heard that he frequently asked about me.





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4 Responses to “Haemorrhoid or Piles, Professor Dr U Khin Maung Gyi and Prof Dr U Aung Nyunt”

  1. smarnyiinyii Says:

    I know nothing about Medicine. But, your page remind me of Dr U Khin Mg Gyi. When you were at SU 2 , I was attended there and Dr U Khin Mg Gyi took me as a patient. I believe that his house was in 26th. B road and I went there to get the treatment for FIA.
    Yes, I went to see a Professor to get the treatment at Anus, he only accepted because of you.
    He dealt me well and that minor operation was successful. I just get the good treatment for being a brother of his student.

    Good job. TQ Dr U Khin Mg Gyi

  2. smarnyiinyii Says:

    No His house was in 73rd street.

  3. Sukumar rag Says:

    Dear sir,
    Good day!
    I am Sukumar ray.i want of your appointment today.but I don’t know your chamber.please

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