Forensic (Police) Surgeon Dr Ko Ko Gyi (10) sent e- mail and photos

Final Part 1 field trip, picnic photo. I was at the centre with specticle. To my right is our team leader Dr U Soe Naung, Assistant Lecturer from Public Health Dpt. To his right is Dr Khin Maung Win (he left Burma earlier than me. I heard he was working in American Army Hospital in West Germany.) At the back of KMW , slightly hidden is Ko Ko Lay (he went to work in UK with his brother, came back and opened a GP clinic in Maymyo. Later came back to Mandalay, married, bought a big house on the 26 B road infront of the moat but found drowned and dead one morning.) To his right is Dr Min Nyan. Sitting at the front is Nyan Tun. To the left of me is Tin Tin Aye, holding a casset tape recorder (now Prof . Head of Dpt of Physiology) . To her left is Thein Han. (Passed away with MI. I heard his son is a doctor now.) At his left is the local HA or Health Assistant. Far right is the village Midwife. Left to her is Than Than.

Far left is Min Nyan, to his right is my best friend Aung Min. He is now doing GP and married to Khin Su Mar (I was the cupid)  (Gynaecologist) When their daughter was in 2nd. MBBS he rang up to me because he remembered our time studying together. I tried to get their phone number but failed.

Far left of the picture is Ko Ko Gyi (10) , to his right standing at the back is me, (KKG 9). To my right is Khin Maung Win and centre rigt is Aung Min. To his right is Than Than and Tin Tin Aye. Far right is Min Nyan. We all were on the Kingdar dam, Kyauksae. (My wife use to tell about this dam because she had enjoyed her Mandalay University, Chinese Muslim students’ picnic there.)

Final Part 1 trip. In front of our house at “Let Nyo Hto” Myit Thar Township Rural Health Centre.

After convocation in 1976. We finished our exam in December 1975, started our Housemanship in Jan 1976. Front row far right of the picture is me. To y left is Dr Min Nyan.

One Response to “Forensic (Police) Surgeon Dr Ko Ko Gyi (10) sent e- mail and photos”

  1. ko ko Says:

    this is zin ko
    we r in canada now
    we r stay in a motel in montreal
    but it too cold.
    its -22 around there
    n its not good here
    the people n the weather are horrible
    so we have already decide to move to vancover
    cos we have friends in there.
    please tell uncle n aunty also.
    thank u

    Dear Zin Ko Ko Aung,
    Now you have to take care of your mother and very young brother.
    Wish all of you good luck and happy new life.
    Tell your mother that we all missed her.

    Dr KKG

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