My old Professors

I don’t know what happened. The pictures of my BELOVED lecturers and Professors were gone. Maybe some reported wrongly. I was praising my teachers. Nothing wrong with my writings. I am so sorry for the deleting of my pictures by WordPress.

Sayagyi U Tun Thin

Sayagyi U Tun Thin was the best of the bosses I ever had.

Since I was working under him, he advised me on numerous occations to go abroad for further studies. He even encouraged me that he believed that I would easily pass the MRCP Part 1 at that time. I foolishly thought that I could easily enter local post. grd. studies. How stupid I was!
When I … See Morewas not chosen at vivas, he even raised this issue at the Parliament, Science Committee meeting, he told me that he mentioned Dr Than Win (now Rector) and my names as the example.

Prof. U Khin Maung Gyi,

Head of Surgery, IMM

In this photo: Prof. U Aung Chein, Prof. U Ye Myint, Prof. U Khin Maung Gyi, Prof. Daw Mya Mya, Prof. U Kyaw Myint Tun

Prof. U Khin Maung Gyi, (front centre) Head of Surgery, IMM, was my fanourite boss. I still dream about him and asking about him whenever I met doctors from Myanmar esp. Mdy..
I was so happy and tears came down when I heard that when he came to Mandalay as an external examiner, he was searching me and asking the news about me.
I LOVE YOU and always remember you Prof.

Daw Myint Myint Khin

She was my idol, icon, I respected, loved her and always looked up at her.

But because of her very obvious anti-Muslim stands I hate her and I abandoned my beloved Internal Medicine ambitions.

But once I met her again in KL, I understand her feelings and could forgive and forget all. Anyway thank her for giving Medical knowledge. My love and respect overtook my hatred.

By the way, Mummy Lay or Daw Myint Myint Aye was my favourite teacher. She is the BEST lecturer I have ever met!!!!!

I met Dr Maung Maung Wint at MU 1 during my Final Part 2. He just came back from UK, still fresh and a bachelor. He and Prof Daw Myint Myint Aye taught us very well, theory and clinical, that ext. examiners got a lot of trouble to search for the questions we could not answer.
For example, Dr DMM Aye’s clinical teaching was so perfect that R Ba Pe could not find fault on my Paraplegic pt’s physical exam. and answers, so he decided to change the patient.
Prof U Aung Khin was bigot boni’s brother-in-law. I just met him in GHKL and later in KL.

Prof. U Khin Maung Sein, Prof. of Anatomy, IMM and IM1

Prof. U Khin Maung Sein, Prof. of Anatomy, IMM and IM1 was our Prof./Head of Department when we were in 2nd. M.B.,B.S. and later when I started work in Anatomy he was still the boss.
We had to scared him because he is tough and kept strict discipline.
But I love and respect, may be mutual chemistry.
I tried my best as a student, he rewarded me with Drade 5 (without D) = A
And I tried very hard as a Demonstrator under him. He rewarded Dr Than Win and me by giving staff grading 90+++ marks .
Prof. U Kyaw Hla, Rector IMM

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