My dear grandchild should be proud to be a hybrid person with good genetic pools

To my dear grandchild Daryn,

Daryn, my dear grandchild, you should be proud that as the Ka Pyar or mixed blooded persons, MashaAllah, you may have got the best combinations of genes.

But I always remember the “words of Einstein” allegedly telling off Marilyn Monroe that instead of getting a beautiful features from her and brilliant brain from him, it may be a disaster if the child got the ugly beast physical features from him and “bodoh” (stupid) brain from her.

But I hope and pray that the general rule of genetics is true and correct which stated bad genes are usually recessive (if not they would be destroyed earlier in this survival of the fittest evolution). And the good genes are usually dominant genes.

Daryn, my dear grandchild, you must know that Malaysia’s all six PMs were mixed blooded people like you. My dear grandchild, you should be proud to be a hybrid person with, InsyaAllah, good genetic pools like them.

There is a saying in Burmese looking down on Ka Pyar or mixed blooded persons by, “Lu Ka Pyar – Myet Oke Kyar”, equating the value of the hybrid people with the wild grass growing between bricks.

Since prehistoric time, great powerful nations and majority races have an illusion of superiority and used to falsely claim that they are the pure blooded persons and the original owner of the land, e.g. Third Reich Hitler’s Aryan claim.

FYI, one of the great great grandpa migrated from Arabia to Turkey, Iraq and then from Afghanistan came to Burma as a mercenary soldier to work under Kongbaung  dynasty. He married to a pure Burmese and their descendents sometimes married to other Burmese or fellow mixed blooded Burmese Muslims or Burmese Indian Muslims. We still have Burmese Buddhist relatives at the present time.

My mother in law’s father is a descendent of Yunan Chinese Muslims. Her mother is a Shan-Myanmar Buddhist from the very famous Payadaga U Pho Yan(doner of the pagoda) in Mogoke. My father in law’s father was a Burmese Indian Muslim and his mother was a Burmese Buddhist converted to Islam.

My wife has a lot of relatives from other races and religions; Bama, Shan, Karen, Rakhine, Anglo Burmans, Gurkah, Indian Muslims, Chinese Buddhists, Chinese Christians, Chinese Muslims e.t.c.

And both of us have relatives who are monks.

Then, my son in law has ¼ Chinese bloods and may have some Indonesian blood in his ancestors. He is a Bumiputra Malay. So look at my grand child…

I am writing about the multiple mixed blooded status of my granddaughter and thank God, because of the possible assimilation, now her official status is Bumiputra (according to Malaysia Constitution). Now the glass ceiling above is removed and who knows, if God agree, she could even become the first Lady PM of Malaysia.

3 Responses to “My dear grandchild should be proud to be a hybrid person with good genetic pools”

  1. vincent ang Says:

    Your grandchild is a Malay by legal/social definition regardless of the spin you might like to put on it. Stop being so pathetic.

    • drkokogyi Says:

      I am not talking about my grandchild nor Malaysia.
      No need spinning nor sympathy.
      I am attacking the RACIST, BIGOTs and IDIOTS back in Burma, esp former General Ne Win.
      In Burma or Myanmar there is NO Muslim Minister, NO Indian Minister nor Chinese Ministers. So YOUR position is few thousand times better than your counter-parts.

  2. Aung Says:

    I think you are wrong to assert that Burma never has
    any Chinese or Muslim ministers. Those positions are
    not by rights, but one has to earn it. Current path for
    mobility is from military ranks and that is one reason.

    I think Burma has catholic or jewish (David Abel), or
    Chinese (Col. Tan Yu Sai – Tan is a Chinese name –
    who was member of revolutionary council, who was
    younger brother of colonial era student leader Ko Hla
    Shwe and U Mya Hlaing, editor of Pay Phoo Hlwar,
    Col. Tan Yu Sai had served U Ne Win and his rank
    was a minister). BG Myo Ny

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