Some Dirty Racist Bigot Buddhist blogers committing Hate Crimes

A poem for the "Mother of Mandalay" ...

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I refer to ေစတနာဆုိတာ ကြ်န္ကုလားနဲ႔ မတန္ပါ . . ဒန္.. ဒန္. .. ဒန္

Please kindly ignore this kind of DIRTY, HATE BLOGS. They stoop so low that they are like the maggots in the shit. We should not descend and fight with them. It may be the work of ex or present MIs trying to divide and continue enslaving the country. Or it may be the work of extremist opposition group trying to scare the “Pwe” or outdoor open concert so that they could get a place to put their mat.

If we hit back those Bigots, there may be a lot of collateral damage to our good Buddhists or Burmese on both side of political divide, e.g. Bogyoke Aung San, Ludu Daw Amar, Kay, Bo Bo, Dr MMNyo, Ko Myo Min, Mizzima, Burma Digest, and Irrawaddy, ex Yahanpyo Chairman of Mdy. etc.

Don’t worry, nowadays Myanmar Diaspora is exposed to the mature outside world and they have more understanding about TRUE Democracy, Human Rights, Rights of Religious Minorities and Minority Ethnic Groups. After all, they are facing not only the same fate that Indian and Chinese Migrants in Burma had suffered but extra as some of them need to overstay or illegally. Indian and Chinese Migrants could just come in during the Burmese Kings or under the British rule but they need the Visa, WP, EP, PR (like Green card) or refugee status or Citizenship to be able to work abroad.

Suci Buddhist group from Taiwan had renovated the Burmese Muslim Islamic School in Selayang, KL. They extended the building, given fans, computers and volunteer twice a week to teach the students. They regularly donate money and food also.

When I opened my clinic in Mandalay, because it was near many famous monasteries, a lot of monks and their relatives from rural area came to see me. If anything happened such as rumours, monks will voluntarily come to protect me.

So please consider this Burmese Proverb, “If you want to throw stone to a dog, you need to look first at the owner of that dog”.

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