Thank God for allowing me to survive my worst Eid in my life

Thank You Allah for allowing me to survive my worst Eid in my life.

On the Eid day, at the Mosque, after the initial Takbir and preaches, I stand up to pray the Eid prayers together with others behind the Imam. Suddenly I felt uneasiness, somewhat giddy or atypical vertigo and I have to control myself not to fall down or fainted.  But I got an almost a total thought-block and need to concentrate a lot with some difficulty to remember that I have to say the definite “Niat” or my aim and objective of that prayers.

Actually, ironically on the way only I was telling or teaching about this prayer and explained to my nephew Kyaw Kyaw Win, in detail. Because these Eid prayers are performed once a year only(although there are 2 Eids in a year but there is a little bit difference even in this two prayers), so I used to explain the differences between Hanifi and Shafie prayers to my children on the way to Mosque for Eid prayers, every year.

But at that time of prayers, my mind was just blank even could not recall what prayers I was going to perform. But just after a few seconds, I managed to recall back all I need to know, slowly, just in time before Imam started the prayers.

After the prayers, my speech was slurred, I need to walk slowly with the two feet far apart each other with a wide stuttering gait or waddling gait.

I stopped over at my mother-in-laws’ house (my neighbor) and give Salaam, eat Kyar Zan Hin, but managed to talk slowly which was noticed by Dr Nay Aung Kyaw, a good observant doctor.

He accompanied me on the way back. Once get back home Dr Nay Aung Kyaw (Dr Ali) me to allow him to check as he suspected that my BP would be abnormal. I was the luckiest person at that time; got two brother-in-law doctors (later Dr Than Oo, Anesthetist came in and help with some advice), my 2 children doctors (Dr Shah SOL and daughter Dr Thazin) and my youngest son Md Azlan (Min Naing Ko), a Medical Student to help me out.

My BP was abnormally low at 80/40 mm Hg only. My usual pressure was 130/90. My pulse was said to be feeble and rapid.

They decided that it is most important to rule out the silent MI or very mild stroke (TIA, Transient Ischaemic Attack) because of my age, Hypertension, Hypercholesterolemia and previous Angina attacks few years ago, which disappeared for almost three years after my regular medication, diet and exercises.

Second Differential Diagnosis was Dengue fever or AGE.

Min Min and Dr Syah went to my closed clinic and brought all the necessary medications, and equipments. Thazin and Syah rushed twice to HKL to check my blood. All came back as normal.

I was given IV drips (run) of one pint of N/S followed by 2 pts of D/S and then slow drips of R/L 2 pts because BP goes up very slowly. (Although not advisable to continue the second R/L for the dangers of overload I insisted to be given very slowly. At 6 PM only BP was stabilized at 106/66 mmHg which was still much lower than my usual values.

Possible causes are_

  1. Fever
  2. AGE
  3. Fasting. (Continued in last few days although I was ill, weak and could not eat during Sahur in the early morning before start fasting and at the Breaking of Fast in the evening.)
  4. Bathing although it was raining that morning and I am a little bit sensitive because of my Bronchial Asthma and Allergic Rhinitis.
  5. Continued the Medications without regular check up of BP especially within this fasting month.

(a.)  I had a very good and stable BP control with Fortzaar (= Losartin K & HCT) 100/25 mg for last three years.

(b.)  About 6 months ago, as my BP was slowly going down to 110/70 or sometimes lower I downgraded my medication to Hyzaar (= Losartin K & HCT) 100/12.5 mg. but my BP maintained at almost the same level 110-12-/70-80. But it never goes down from that like last time.

(c.) So just one month before the Fasting month, I downgrade again to Cozaar 100 mg (Losartin K without diuretics.)

(d.) But I was scared about the oedema of lower limbs which I got before switching from Cozaar 100 mg to Fortzaar and occasionally added the Lasix (Frusemide 40 mg) one tablet and later changed to Moduretic (Amiloride HCT 5/50) half tablet once a week.

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