Hare Vs Tortoise Race Version 4.3

Note: I got the following story in my e-mail. That was the translated version in Burmese done by one Burmese Lady. I liked it and while trying to translate back into English, I decided just to take the core basic storyline only and freely rewrite as the new version in my own words. So the original Version 4 was translated into Burmese as Version 4.2 and I named my story as Version 4.3. Although I took the idea from others, this Version 4.3 could be regarded as my own original improved version.

The version 1 or the original story

Once upon a time a tortoise and a hare decided to have a race.

As the race start, the hare runs very fast for awhile but once he knows that he is far ahead of the tortoise, he decided to rest for a while under a tree but he soon falls asleep. The tortoise keeps on slowly and steadily without any rest, overtakes him and finished the race to become the victor. The hare wakes up to just realize that he has lost.

The lesson deducted from this version of the story:

Slow and steady wins the race. 

The version 2 of the above story just follows naturally…

The loser hare is shy but understands that he lost because of his overconfidence, carelessness, looking down on his opponent and laziness. So he challenges the tortoise for another race and the tortoise agrees.

This time, the hare runs without stopping from start to finish. He wins with a very clear cut margin.

The lesson deducted from this version of the story:

Fast and consistent will always win over the slow and steady.

So it’s better to try and train ourselves to be the fast and reliable version 2 person than just slow and steady old version 1 type.  

But the better version 3 follows again…

The tortoise understands that he cannot beat the hare in a conventional race. He tries to strategize a new version of a race with a catch so that he could take advantage by using his exclusive special expertise to win over his opponent who lacks that skill. He challenges the hare for another race but suggested to take a different race track.

The hare agrees and even claims with a great overconfidence, pride and arrogance that he could win the tortoise in any type of competition anytime, anywhere and at any circumstance.

So they agree to start a new race on the new track proposed by the scheming smart Tortoise. The hare could take off and ran consistently fast accordingly to his short-sighted plan.

But when he reached the broad river, he does not know what to do as he has never think or a proper study of the track and plan in advance. Ironically when the tortoise shows the tall tree on the other side of the river as the finishing line he failed to notice that there was a river between the two points.

The hare is shocked because now only he realizes that he is trapped like a handicapped person because he is unable to swim.

Although the slow tortoise catch him up much later only, quickly dives into the river, swim swiftly to the opposite bank. And continues walking quite slowly but anyway finishes the race and win again.

The lesson deducted from this version of the story:

First identify your skill, especially your exclusive expertise or advantage that your opponent lacks.

Then change the playing field or ground rules or even try to shift the goal post.

All’s fair not only in love and war (John Lyly‘s ‘Euphues’ 1578, I. 236.) but also in other competitions like this race, as long as both sides agrees to set the particular rules and regulations. 

Our modern story still continues with the version 4…

The two famous competitors now become good friends appreciating each other’s talents and special expertise.

They know their historically famous fable and wish to achieve a new height in glamour as the celebrities or icons by teaching the best lesson not only for the children but for the adults also.

They do some brainstorming together not as the opponents but as co-partners or team players. Both of them aim to stage the best stage-show on the world theatre with their last race that could be remembered for ever as a model best lesson for the whole world. So they discuss and plan to work together as a team to achieve the best world record.

The race starts with the hare carrying the tortoise on its back up to the riverbank. Then the tortoise takes over the leading role by carrying the hare on his back and swims across the river.

Once landed on the opposite bank, the hare takes his turn by carrying his partner tortoise and rushes to their ultimate designated point.

They both felt the ultimate pleasure and success with their combined team work achievement than their earlier races.

The lessons deducted from this version of the story:

Individual expertise and skills are good.

But the communicating skills and ability to work in a team spirit could yield better results.

Good leadership skill will be the icing on the cake.

Further lessons from this version 4 are_

Both of them never gave up after failures.

They never just compete again without analyzing the cause of their failures and both of them plan out the new strategy for the repeat competition.

In the real life scenario, when we fails, we need more than just working harder and putting in more blind efforts but needs to change strategy and try something different.

And the most important lesson is to stop wasting our resources by just jealously competing against a rival, co-workers, classmates, siblings, family members and neighbours etc and think about a team work to perform against a PROBLEM, the situation or destination and achieve the best for all.


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5 Responses to “Hare Vs Tortoise Race Version 4.3”

  1. Naing Wai Win Says:

    Wow.. Sayar.. this is a really eye opening post.. Thank you so much! This gives me a lot more motivation and energy. 🙂

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  3. Frances Says:

    Hi Sayar,

    Thanks for sharing this fable of the tortoise and the hare. I really liked the last version where the tortoise and the hare team up together for the benefit of both of them.

    great read 🙂

  4. sai Says:

    Thanks Doc this is really nice one

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