When Malasia is giving scholarships to train 800 medical specialists, Myanmar is reluctant to even give 8 scholarships for postgraduate training

When compare with Myanmar Gov. not even sending EIGHT doctors abroad for training, I am worried about future Myanmar. I meant above that it is Eight doctors only per year.
When I was in Burma’s Medical University working as the TEACHING Staff, STUPID Administrators, Minister, DG, DGME, Rectors, Head of Dpts etc were content with accepting about EIGHT posgr…aduate doctors even for INSIDE the country post graduate trainings. That was at the entrance exams. (It may be a little bit more in total count because they accepted about 2 or sometimes 3 for each subject for all three Med Universities, not for each university. Excuse was there were a glut or oversupply of specialists in Burma. How stupid and short sighted they all were !!!

Read this_The Star:Govt to give scholarships to train 800 medical specialists By MANJIT KAUR

The Health Ministry will be offering scholarships to train 800 specialists in various medical fields next year.

Health Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai said there were currently only 5,000 specialists in the country.

He said there were 30,000 doctors in the country of whom 20,000 were attached with the Government, and the rest in private hospitals or practices.

Liow said 400 scholarships were offered in 2008, and the ministry hopes to gradually increase the numbers over the years due to the acute shortage of specialists.

He said the ministry spent around RM200mil on training yearly.

“We are also looking at bringing back the specialists who are based overseas to provide the best services to not only the local populace but also to tourists who come to the country for treatment.

“We need as many specialists as possible, as there are a lot of vacancies available,” he said after presenting certificates to 195 students who graduated with diploma for various academic courses at the Han Chiang College here.

On Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak’s announcement of the “1Malaysia milk” programme that would be available for Year 1 to Year 6 pupils nationwide soon, Liow said it was a good initiative.

He said there were 11,000 children under the age of five who were malnourished.

“This milk will help them to build up their immune system,” he added.

Asked on the precautionary measures that would be taken to ensure there is no repeat of food poisoning or milk contamination, Liow said the ministry would work with the Education Ministry to ensure a proper storage and distribution system was set up.

Food poisoning occurred due to a faulty storage system, which caused the milk to turn bad, he said.

And most of them (not all) were relatives of the Military Generals and Medical Universities’ Professors. eg Former Health and Edu Minister Colonel Hla Han’s 2 sons, Cardiac Surgeons Son in law, Micro Prof Head of Dept.’s son … to name a few, beat me and got selected for (INTERNAL/inside the country) Surgery training. Two of them had even failed in the basic degree course and had set for repeat exams. One of them did not know to demonstrate Ascites and another could not answer the Ques about Phimosis in the final MSc exams. But they passed even with Distinctions !!!! Ha Ha Ha
I am really sad about the future of our country only. Myanmar actually needs alot of specialists for its people and it may be better to export specialists U, y…our husband or others. I just worry about our country’s future.
When they could send few hundreds to Russia, they should send more doctors abroad for training. Not all sent will run away. Even if only afew come back, it is good for the people.
Budgets/financial plans!
If there is a will_There is a way. It may depends on the true desire to serve the country and people and correct priorities.
For example, Singapore, Thai and Malay Hospital Universities are eager to train the Myanmar junior specialists on G to G arrangement. They are willing to pay salary on per with their doctors. e.g. Even IJN is very eager to train Myanmar car…diologists, cardiac surgeons, Anaesthetics, Perfussionists, other related technicians and nurses. (They are giving good salaries)
Once one VVIP just sent an unofficial message that they want to help Myanmar with USD 200 million and all the necessary equipments to build a Medical U in Myanmar. Myanmar gov need to give the land, build the building and run with the Myanmar doctors. Their only request was to allow about 100 Malaysian students to study there. I had given that message to our HE Ambassador and the wife of the Myanmar Education/Health Minister personally when she was here. The offer was immediately rejected. May be they don’t wish the foreign students to witness the possible future student uprising.

I heard that, one of Col Hla Han’s son even had failed in Anatomy (2 nd MB) when his father was still a Minister. But he was selected. I don’t mean that they should not be selected but at the same time just increase the number for others.

2 Responses to “When Malasia is giving scholarships to train 800 medical specialists, Myanmar is reluctant to even give 8 scholarships for postgraduate training”

  1. Icy Cucumber Says:

    Oh yes, it’s getting worse every year, every generation… of course if there had been more opportunities to study abroad and then given more salaries, I would probably decide to work for Myanmar people.
    We do love our country, but they don’t seem to or let’s say they’re brainless….
    It’s getting worse now, they let many students who are not eligible, pass every year and now the quality is descending rapidly…
    What a shame it is, because there’re still many whom if trained properly, would get the highest out of anything…
    yet they destroy the students’ minds, will, making them alike them…..
    There needs a lot of change, from exam systems to scholarships and staff training…. No wonder everybody leaves the country as soon as they can….

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