Grandpa bicycles get re-cycled

Because of this news, I remember my old posting, “My Raleigh bicycle”.

Just read back two paragraphs_

My father bought a brand new Raleigh bicycle for me in Maldalay, when the rest of the family and I were in Kalaw. That was a reward for my achievement in 4th. Std. exam. My friend in Kalaw, Alfred Pu, taught me wihow to ride the bicycle, using his bicycle in Kalaw. I got the chance to practice riding my new bicycle when we visited Mandalay. It was locked for my single use since then up to after I married.

I used my bike daily to go to St. Peters’ High School later privatized and changed name to No 9 State High school, Mandalay. When I attend the Medical University, IMM, I used that daily. I continue to use that during my days as Houseman and General Practitioner. So for at least 15 years it needed one time overhaul only, always seem to be a brand new bicycle! Can you believe it or not? But it was a truth. Every body praise the new looking bicycle as those new imports of almost all the vehicles were virtually stopped during General Ne Win’s time.

Source of news below_The Star:Grandpa bicycles get re-cycled in Jerteh By R.S.N. MURALI

“Grandpa” bicycles, a popular mode of transport in the past, is making a comeback here after a group of cycling enthusiasts formed a club to relive the good old days.

Antique brands like Raleigh, New Hudson, British Soldier, Hercules and Robinhood were procured and refurbished by 30 members of the club, comprising mostly villagers from Kampung Pulau Panjang here.

They named their club “Antique Bicycle Club,” which was launched by Jerteh assemblyman Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh on Friday.

Club president Suhaimi Yatim said the 30 members would be cycling around the village and even to the nearby Jerteh town.

 Re-cycled: Idris (front row, centre) and other members of the Antique Bicycle Club riding the Grandpa bicycles

“Heart ailments and diseases like diabetes were something alien to our forefathers because they cycled so much in the old days, giving themselves a good workout,” he said.

“So we going to do the same thing and keep our ourselves healthy by cycling around using these bicycles that is known as grandpa bicycles, he said.

Suhaimi said the club members vowed to cycle several kilometres daily, adding that the move could also help to minimise the usage of cars and motorcycles which had contributed to traffic congestion in Jerteh.

“Furthermore, we could help reduce the emission of carbon monoxide,” he said.

Suhaimi said the antique bicycles were mostly sourced and bought from villagers in Kelantan and Terengganu.

“Most of them have been keeping these bicycles in their junkyard. We decided to restore them to their old glory,” he said.

Some of the spare parts, he said, had to be ordered from abroad as it was difficult to source them locally.

Idris praised the villagers for their initiative to establish the club.

He said bicycles were a good mode of transport for those who wanted to get around the town.

“We could preserve our environment and keep our body healthy,” he said.

Idris also handed over some funds to the club members to enable them to source for spare parts for their bicycles.


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