Our long nose is the source of discrimination in ‘Yae-Mee-Sha’ and Malaysia

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Just because of a longer (or rather sharp) nose and thicker body hairs, in Yae-Mee-Sha’ country, we were looked down, discriminated, called names; Kalas, Kaladane, mixed blooded people.

[NOTE: Yae-Mee-Sha’ = Myanmar’s new name given meaning sarcastically because of the scarcity of electricity and water which rhymes with its closed friends in ASEAN, Malaysia and Indonesia]

Once we arrives Malaysia, supposedly an Islam dominated country, we were still again treated like above because of our long nose and body hairs. We are surprised that most of the Malay political leaders from both side of the divide are mixed blooded persons with the Aryan blood from, India, Arab, Turkey and Portuguese etc. we are discriminated due to our race. Once I met a VIP (now deceased) former Chief Minister of a State at a function in PERKIM. He jokingly told me that they wish to accept back the minority Muslims from Thailand, Cambodia and Burma but Burmese Muslims like me are not accepted in their special arrangement because I have a LONG NOSE! He went on to explain that Bamas look like Malays and the Pashus or Burmese Malays are different from us we have some features from the Indian subcontinent.  

I started to write this in peacemeal as the multiple comments on the wall of one of my Face Book friends writtings as below. He just wittingly wrote that when compete with the Chinese girls and other colleges he always “win by a nose” because his nose is longer.

(Win by a nose = A term from horse racing where the winning horse is only ahead of the second place finisher by its nose. Therefore an extremely close race. Compare to similar terms such as win by a head; length; half a length; or some number of lengths – all references to the horse or part thereof. Wikianswers.)

Naing Tun အလုပ္ထဲက တရုပ္မေလးေတြနဲ႕ တျခားလုပ္ေဖၚကိုင္ဖက္ေတြနဲ႕ က်ေနာ္နဲ႕ တူတူယွဥ္လိုက္ရင္ က်ေနာ္အျမဲ ႏွာတစ္ဖ်ားသာပါတယ္။ ( အဟဲ.. အေနာ့ ႏွာေခါင္းက နဲနဲပိုရွည္တာကိုး 😛 )

As long as the nose is not like Pinocchio, no problem.
And as long as it is not BIG, OK. (in Burmese)
Don’t angry, be happy, just kidding.

Because we all have some genes from Arian in addition to Mongols. our long nose are the indirect proof of Arayan blood. Although a little bit exaggerated when compare to short flat nose rulers of Burma or Myanmar, we could claim that we have more Sakian blood than them.
The Sakians or Th…arki-win min myo (Royal blooded) high-caste Hindus are what they are in virtue of the Aryan blood they inherited.
The British divided the entire spectrum of Indian ethnic groups into two categories: a “martial race” and a “non-martial race”. The martial race was thought of as typically brave and well built for fighting. The non-martial races were those whom the British believed to be unfit for battle because of their sedentary lifestyle.
The Indian rebellion of 1857 may have played a role in British reinforcement of the martial races theory. During this rebellion, some Indian troops, particularly in Bengal, mutinied, but the “loyal”, Sikhs, Punjabis, Dogras, Gurkas, Garhwalis, Devars, and Pakhtuns (Pathans) did not join the mutiny and fought on the side of the British Army.
The term Aryan originates from the Sanskrit word ārya, in origin an ethnic self-designation, in Classical Sanskrit meaning “honourable, respectable, noble”.
The Aryan race is …a concept historically influential in Western culture, in the period of the late 19th century and early 20th century. It derives from the idea that the original speakers of the Indo-European languages and their descendants up to the present day constitute a distinctive race or subrace of the larger Caucasian race.
The word Aryan was adopted to refer to the Indo-European speakers as a whole, of these languages originated from a common root—now known as Proto-Indo-European—spoken by an ancient people who must have been the original ancestors of the European, Iranian, and Indo-Aryan peoples. The ethnic group composed of the Proto-Indo-Europeans and their modern descendants was termed the Aryans.

Now you all can deduct from my postings that not only my nose is long, my tongue is also long. (Think in Burmese please)
A Hindu ruler was bound by the holy scriptures to govern as a Dharma-Raja (Just Rule), with the main duties being protection of his subjects and livestock. The Rig Veda states (RV, VII. 33.17):”People ruled by Aryans are led by the Divine l…ight.” If a person possessed the qualities of action, will, aggression, and energy, seek honor, power, status and have a martial and political temperament, they would be represented by the color Red (rajas = energetic; the color of blood, sacrifice). Those that belong to this color belong to the Kshatriya class.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kshatriya
Gautama Buddha and Mahavira are two Kshatriya sages who made a lasting impression on the world. Many of the ancient rulers such as Ashoka Maurya were ardent followers of this faith and promoted it throughout the Mauryan empire.
Those who believe the Mahabharata, Ramayana and Puranas were verbatim documents feel that modern Kshatriyas are descended from the Vedic Kshatriyas. Most of the Kshatriya communities descend from Surya, Chandra, or Agni. The Surya (Thuriya …in Burmese) descendants claim descent from the Sun Dynasty (Suryavanshi). Rama also belonged to this dynasty, and the Suryavanshis, who trace this lineage via Rama’s son, Luv) trace their linage back to him. Maharaja Agrasen also belonged from the same descent. The Chandra descendants claim descent from the Lunar Dynasty (Chandravansh). Krishna also was born in this dynasty. Chandravanshi Kshtriyas consider him as an ancestor. This is mentioned in the Rig Veda and other Puranas as well as in Great epics, the Ramayana, the Mahabharata and the Raghuvamsa.
In the past people looked upon Kshatriyans to protect them from all dangers. Kshatriyans were kings and warriors in the army, all soldiers knew basics of Kshatriyan martial arts. The Kshatriyans were held in respect by everybody. The Kshatr…iyans were always members of some Royal – Families or Raja-kudumba’s.The folklore talks of some great Kshatriyans and legends. The status of Kshatriyans was clearly exalted. Legends tell that Kshatriyan could be told by sight because of his tall, strong and muscular male look. They were supposedly able to fight blindfolded and archers could hit a target by just sound in the dead of the night. Stories of exemplary courage still circulate by word of mouth and are recorded as folk-tales. Some stories reveal a darker side. Non-Kshatriyans were rejected in the Kshatriyan society even if they did a Kshatriyan’s job better than a Kshatriyan.

“, were the governors, or “protectors”, of the Persian Empire’s provinces.kshatrapa”king”. In Persia, the satraps, or ” racha”to rule”, cognate to the Latin rex “king”, the German Reich “empire/realm”, and the Thai  rāj”ruler, king” from a root  rājawas an adjectival form of  Rājanya). kšatrīya(or  rājanyacar), are also derived from it. The term denotes aristocratic status. In the early Vedic civilization, the warrior caste was called  Satria(pity I sell of my  satriaor  kesatria” or “warrior”, knight, and the Malay word for “kasat”to rule, govern, possess”. The Thai word for “king”,  kṣī, meaning “roof, umbrella, dominion, power, gove…rnment” from a root kṣatraKshatriya (Sanskrit) traditionally constituted the military and ruling elite of the Vedic-Hindu social system outlined by the Vedas and the Laws of Manu. In Sanskrit, it is derived from

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3 Responses to “Our long nose is the source of discrimination in ‘Yae-Mee-Sha’ and Malaysia”

  1. drkokogyi Says:

    Our Anatomist, famous writer, Professor Dr. U Maung Maung Nyo comment in the FB under this posting_
    Dear Dr KKG, The Malaysian Constitution defines the “Bumiputra” as the son of an aboroginal Maly with the blood of Indian subcontinent and Arab.Why would not they accept the Burmese Muslim? In Burma Burmese muslims are mostly Indianised. Ch…inese Muslims are called Panthays. Each has its own community. If Burmese Muslims identify more with the Burmese like Chinese that discrimination might disappear.I stayed with Ko Ba Htay, the goalie of SHS 1 and Mandalay Division..We never thought he was a Muslim.But he was. He came from Amarapura and played for AMMA FC. I knew U Kar’ sons. They identify with the Burmese. No problem then.

  2. drkokogyi Says:

    My reply_
    Dear Professor, I am writing these not for my personal benefits but for all Myanmars i.e. not only Burmese Muslims but all races and religious groups from Burma esp. staying here in Malaysia and Myanmar to gain more Human Rights and Equal C…hances.
    If we want ANYTHING for ourselves, God willing, we could easily get anything here and back in Myanmar as we (our family) have, Alhamdulillah, a lot of friends in high places. For example, here, we could approach the PMs (old&new) ministers and even the leaders from the opposition and NGOs for any help.
    In Myanmar, our family have friends in almost all the top places in the present military leaders, local township and Mdy Div. and various Miniseries , Military, (BSPP), BSI, MI, to judiciary etc.
    Even in KL ALL the previous Myanmar Embassy/Military attaches’ offices’ staff & officers starting from Ambassadors are our family friends.
    We, esp., Myanmar Muslims from Mdy. are almost Burmanized except for the religion. You could see in Ludu Daw AMar’s writings.
    Our Burmese Buddhist friends, Mdy monks and Top Abbots, authorities, even the military leaders accepted us as friends and extended numerous helps to our families. We also have a lot of friends in NLD and even amongst the ceased fire groups esp Kachins.
    So it is clear that I am writing these not for our personal benefits but for all the Myanmars.

  3. drkokogyi Says:

    Dr. U Maung Maung Nyo comment again to my reply_
    Dear Dr KKG,TQ. I understand what and why you are writing. I was also suggesting that all Burmese Muslims shoud indetify with the majority like the Chinese Buddhists.But there is a tendency among the BM to differentiate itself from the rest and some even wanted a separate state like Mujahids in the Arakan in the 1949 and 1950s. Just say you are a Burmes e. Religion comes only later like U Pe Maung Tin (Christian), U Razak (Muslim), Thakhin Thakhin (Hindi) etc.

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