Buddha rescued by rat

Sakka Min in mouse form rescued Buddha from adultary accusation of Cincamanavika. she wrapped up her stomach with a round piece of thin wooden plank; pretending to be a woman in an advanced stage of pregnancy. She went to the Jetavana monastery to confront the Buddha. The Buddha was then expounding the Dhamma to a congregation of bhikkhus and laymen. She accused the Buddha with adultary and responsible for her pregnancy.

Sakka, king of the devas, assume the form of a mouse, got under the clothes of Cincamanavika and bit off the strings that fastened the wooden plank round her stomach. As the strings broke, the wooden plank dropped, cutting off the front part of her feet. Thus, the deception of Cincamanavika was uncovered, and many from the crowd cried out in anger, “Oh you wicked woman! A liar and a cheat! How dare you accuse our noble Teacher!” Some of them spat on her and drove her out. She ran as fast as she could, and when she had gone some distance the earth cracked and fissured and she was swallowed up.

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One Response to “Buddha rescued by rat”

  1. Peter Vredeveld Says:

    It’s first time I have read this story about Buddha being rescued by rat.
    thanks for the articles.

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