Happy Birthday Gandhigyi

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Gandhi Happy Birthday Celebrations: 

When the profound legacy of peace and equality, Mahatma Gandhi was one of the most influential figures in 20th century. In honor of the birthday of the spiritual leader, we examine his life, philosophy and lasting impact on the job. 

Gandhi Life Story
Born October 2, 1869, and Poorbandar, Kathiawar, western India, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was some early sign of genius, he would exhibit later in life. 

“I remember ever having attended school. ‘Was a bit’ hard, I got through telling the tables” Gandhi wrote in his 1927 autobiography, “Story of my experiments Truth.” 

Gandhi Happy Birthday Celebrations. 

Gandhi Happy Birthday Celebrations

“The fact that I do not remember anything about those days in what has been learned that the company of other boys to play the teacher all kinds of names, which strongly suggest that my intellect has been slow, and my first memory” .Much later, it would rarely be without companions, Gandhi said when he was young he was very shy and avoid most interactions with her classmates.

“My books and my lessons were my sole companions,” Gandhi wrote. “Being in school at the stroke of the hour and drive home when the school closed, it has been my daily habit. I literally ran because I could not bear to talk to anyone. I even fear that someone would laugh at me.

“Married to his wife and child, Kasturbai when he was 13, Gandhi became a father when he was 15. The child died after a short period, but Gandhi went on to have four son with his wife. In 1888, Gandhi went to England to study law and five years later, he traveled to South Africa to practice law. Over the next 15 years he would travel frequently between South Africa and his native India.

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