Minor Milestones of Daryn Mishka from 115-125 days

At about 115 days Thida started trying to give very soft solid food, scraped avocado pear or alligator pear and smashed soft rice. She likes a lot, and show her anger if Thida and Ma Khin are slow to feed her.

When her mother came back from duty at HKL, the first thing she do was smile and move her lips against each other as if girls do to even the newly applied lipsticks. I immediately understand that because I showed her and teased her when her grandma was feeding her. She was actually telling her mother about her first experience of eating solid foods.

Below her update photos at 100 days about her kissing. Now if we ask her to touch us, she stretched her hand to touch our mouth or cheek.

Last night she hold the napkin, smell it, touch her mouth repeatedly and was happy holding that. Just like her mum and uncles.

Last night I was carrying her and walking, because of the TV3 midnight news, I stopped for a while in front of TV. We know that she used to look at the TV on and off but when the newscaster was alone talking, Daryn lookup, smile, nod her chin forwards and try to talk with her own words. She repeated three times like that because she thought the newscaster was talking to her.

Today (04-10-10) my wife told me that Daryn look at her mother in the morning (Fari is on leave today) and keep on telling Ah Poo, Ah Poo. Fari could not understand at first, later only Daryn’s usual features when she want to defecate appear; sad anxious face in pain and usual noise came out, Fari understands that Daryn want to Poo Poo. It is typical for her because she used to pass motion once day only.

Daryn’s favourite person when she is sleepy is Ma Khin (when her mother is on duty). Once Daryn appeared to have fallen asleep, Ma Khin sit down slowly and closed her eyes. (May be Ma Khin was really tired and dosed off or may be just pretending esp. when demonstrating to us). Daryn will shout to wake her up. Once Ma Khin opened her eyes as alarmed, Daryn will laugh at her. That was already not a new trick as Daryn had started this even as early as the age of two months. But today when Thida (grandma) tried to play that trick, Daryn not only play along but tried pretending by closing her eyes and even made a snoring noise. (From who she imitate the snoring is difficult:) When Thida try to wake her up, she laughs happily. Note: If Daryn is really sleepy, if wake her up, she used to be angry or cry or just show her sleepy eyes with no response to any stimulus, esp. if we unknowingly continue talking to her. 

Update on 06-10-10 night. Because I have minor fever, cough, sore throat and cold, I stayed away from her about 3 days. I talked to her from 3-4 feet away. She was standing facing to me leaning on Ma Khin’s shoulder (who was sitting on sofa in front of TV) and suddenly JUMPED and TURNED 90 degree when I go to sit in front of TV. She was almost jumping and asking me to carry her.

07-10-10. Morning. May be groggy or suffering from morning blues or still feels sleepy or because she is angry with me not carrying / embracing her in spite of her frequent requests, she just dazed at me without any respond and after few minutes of my smiling and talking to her, she just smiles slightly at me without any enthusiasm.

07-10-10. Night. I am happy when I know that Daryn is upstairs with her mother because she is too young and tender and could not understand that I am avoiding contact with her and even never go near her because I am ill and dangerous for her health. But I am sad when I hear that she is not well, having mild fever and some loose motion. When I went up stairs later to sleep at about midnight, she heard my voice while she is dozing on Ma Khin near Fari, she wakes up, tries to look up through the closed door and struggles to force Ma Khin to come out. They called me and when I entered the room Daryn smiles, greeted me and tries to come to me. We all have to calm down her and try to talk nicely to her that I cannot carry her now but later only. She is so young to understand up to that level and I sadly left her room while she is still smiling and trying to reach at me.

08-10-10. Morning. When Dr Fari came down to prepare to go to HKL, Daryn is still sleeping, so she called Sofia (new maid) to wait and watch Daryn.

At about 11.30 AM, Thida calls me with the urgent voice. I am worried because her voice is trembling and looks like an emergency. But I was relieved when I I understand what she is trying to tell me. She told me that just now she and Ma Khin are surprised by Daryn with a new trick or play. Because Fari as a mother could spend more time with Daryn and have a special bond, she has successfully managed to teach Daryn many things. Uncle Zin (my son Jimmy) managed to teach Daryn to take out the tongue. (May be because he managed to persuade TDM to include the picture on page 170 of “Through my lenses’ book) (But he requested me to delete his photo took during Shyah-Fari’s wedding reception. He even asked me to delete from my profile, feeds and share. Then only I understand that it is quite difficult to even erase something from FB. Sometimes Blog postings could be deleted in our blogs but remain to stay in achieves of Internet as Catches and in other places such as Google.

Oh! Oh! talking so much, almost miss the point!

I tried first and Thida follow up and sometimes we two tries to teach Daryn to play, “Hide and Seek” in English and also in Burmese, “Too—Too—Buah!” but no much respond from Daryn. But this morning, Daryn starts to play her version by hiding on the chest of Ma Khin and later raised up the face in Ryme with Ma Khin’s “Too—Too—Buah!” in Burmese version of “Hide and Seek”.

08.10.10. Night. I am happy because I feel normal, no more ill and I could hold Daryn when I go back. Once I go inside, she noticed me and greeted me. Because she wants to come to me, I have to wash my upper part of the body and decided to postpone my dinner although it is nearly 11 PM. She was making noise because she wanted to sleep but she smile, kiss me and quietly fall asleep. After waiting for about 10 minutes I put her on the bed and she continues to sleep. After 12.00 Midnight, before I sleep, she wakes up and cries. Thida changed her diaper and Ma Khin mixed the milk powder. After drinking 7 oz, she continues to cry. But once I called her, she became quiet and slept.

At about 3 AM she woke up because she could not sleep with her mother because she was sneezing and have URTI. Daryn was sleeping with Thida and Thida decided to go downstairs to prevent me from waking up. Later because of Daryn’s cries, Ma Khin and Fari woke up. Once see Fari, Daryn struggle to go to her mother, embraced and kiss many times. But because Fari dare not stay near her, she became irritated and cried loudly. Thida and Ma Khin could not make her to stop crying. When I wake up and went downstairs, I call Daryn and talk to her nicely. She embraced me and stops the crying immediately. Because she just keeps quite without any emotion, Fari even thought that her daughter was scared of me. But Daryn smiles to me and immediately fall asleep. Actually, before tonight, if she cries, I cannot made her to stop. Fari, Thida or most of the time Ma Khin was the champion. Tonight only I have successfully pleased her, persuade her to stop instantly and made her sleep. All three ladies, mother grandma and Ma Khin became jealous of me.

Even on the next day, i.e. today, Thida called me and talk about that. We just decided that because of the illness I never carry her for four days had made her missed me and was pleased when I go near her. Alhamdulillah, she is quite intelligent for her age.



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