Real meaning is in the mind of the person

In an earlier posting, I wrote_

  1. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
  2. Heroism and Nationalism is a thing purely depend on beholder’s eyes and perception.
  3. One man’s meat is another man’s poison.
  4. One nation’s hero is another’s criminal.
  5. One nation’s martyr or hero may be another’s murderer.

Look or rather read, Mr KJ John wrote in MKini, quoting the famous blogger RPK in, “A conversation with Hillary Clinton, Pt 3”:

About the interpretive nuances of meanings of words in people,

  1. “For example, when you say someone is a fundamentalist, you may actually mean that he or she is an extremist
  2. whereas to the person in question a fundamentalist is someone who follows the true and fundamental teachings of the religion.
  3. Therefore, to the first person, a fundamentalist is a negative thing (something not quite right with that person’s brain) whereas to the second it is positive (they are a purist).
  4. “Again, when you say someone is a liberal, to one person it is positive (this person is reasonable and modern thinking)
  5.  whereas to another person it would be considered as deviant beliefs (not following the teachings too strictly and straying from the correct path).
  6. “A non-Muslim would look at a Muslim who drinks wine as good (this means the person is a liberal Muslim)
  7. whereas a fellow Muslim would not share that view it would be considered bad.
  8. So liberal can be both good and bad depending on where you stand.”

That is precisely the issue of miscommunication in any communication model.

  1. The key or core issues are implicit meanings and nuances embedded within the worldview of the communicators;
  2. whether the sender of the message or the receiver of the message.
  3. Unless these nuanced meanings are fully understood within a moment of “aha” experience by the others, very often the communication is incomplete. That is exactly the point that RPK is making, and I fully agree.

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