Muslims warned against Qadian teachings

Source_Star: Muslims warned against Qadian teachings By MUGUNTAN VANAR

In Burma, we called them Kardiani or Qadiani. I had wrote about them earlier. At that time, they were strong in some parts of Mandalay, especially in the vacinity of Taung Balu Masjid. They were giving problems in our quarters with incommunicado orders. 

KOTA KINABALU: Sabah Islamic religious officials have cautioned Muslims against the Qadian movement which does not hold prayers in mosques.

Sabah Islamic Religious Affairs director Datuk Amri Suratman said Muslims must be aware that the Qadian movement had been classified as “non-Islamic” under an edict issued by the National Fatwa Council.

He said his department had identified Sunny Garden here and Sungai Kayu in Sandakan as centres of the Qadian movement in the state.

Qadianism is spreading rapidly in the world and as such, the department will continue to monitor their activities to ensure their teachings do not spread to the Muslim community,” he said in press statement yesterday after a briefing on crime and syariah law for civil servants and non-governmental organisations.

“To our knowledge there have been many locals who subscribed to this movement and their teachings. But we hope that Muslims are aware of the edict,” he said.

He said the teachings of the Qadian movement were similar to Islam in appearance but were totally different from the true meaning of Islam.

Amri said that Qadian followers read the Quran but they never attend or hold prayers in the mosque.

He said the department would hold a talk on the Qiadani movement on Dec 21 and Muslims were invited to attend it.

On the briefing on Islamic law, Amri disclosed that the new RM2.5mil State Islamic Moral Rehabilitation Centre building in Kimanis would be ready by January.

He said the rehabilitation centre, the first of its kind in Sabah, would meet the need to place offenders under counselling and attend proper classes.

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  1. facebook Says:

    it is true and they r not muslim also the law introduce at the time of Zulifqar ali bhutto the pakistani primminister

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