Black Pots, Burmese-Chinese generals’ name calling ‘Kalar’ would not made Indians darker

Nay Aung Kyaw With Sayar Nay Win Myint

XXX Oo Hey. You look smart but Sayar Nay Win Myint looks like real Ka Lar Gyi ( Old Indian from southern India). P:

Ko Ko Gyi Because Dr NAK’s grandpa came from Turkey !
Although Sayar Nay Win Myint looks like real Ka Lar Gyi, he IS a Myanmar citizen and Buddhist. But I don’t see or care about his creed, skin colour, religion…He is a great writer, intelligent an…d good citizen of Myanmar. I respect him and love him.    It is a sad state in Myanmar that Chinese Buddhists could disguise as PURE Bama but Indian Buddhists R called Ka Lar.  

No wonder, there is a saying: once an Indian was angry because he was called Ka Lar, he eat pork infront of others and was called Wet Thar Sar Tet Ka Lar.  

So he decided to enter monkhood and was known as Ka Lar Phone Gyi.
 So nowadays Burmese Muslims wear Beards and Head scarfs because they know their status won’t change.
My uncle (U Aung Khin) was called a Ka Lar by his teacher and since then, he keep his beard, from teenage to now.
I was called Ka Lar by the BIGOT RACIST DGME (Paediatrician who is now in HELL) so I migrated. It was a blessing in disguise. I even need to thank him for pushing me out of Yae Mee Sharr country.
Nay Aung Kyaw This story was told to me by Dr AH Kamal, now he is in Australia, happy and healthy..:)

Ne Win (Hakka) Leader of Burma from 1960s to 1980s
Khin Nyunt (Hakka) [20] – Former Prime Minister (2003–2004) and Chief of Intelligence (1983–2004) of Myanmar
San Yu (Hakka) – President of Burma (1981–1988)
Aung Gyi[11] – Ne Win’s former depu…ty/co-conspirator in the 1962 coup
Major General Kat Sein – former Minister of Health
Dr. Kyaw Myint – (Minister of Health)
Myo Thant – Former Minister of Information under SLORC
Colonel Tan Yu Sai – Minister of Trade under Ne Win’s government
Colonel Kyi Maung– NLD member (1989–2004) and Army Commander of Rangoon in 1960s  See More Burmese-Chinese here

Ko Ko Gyi Name calling is a technique most frequently employed within political discourse. Name calling is a cognitive bias and a technique to promote propaganda. Propagandists use the name-calling technique to incite fears or prejudices with the int…ent that invoked fear (based on fearmongering tactics) will encourage those that read, see or hear propaganda to construct a negative opinion, about a person, group, or set of beliefs or ideas that the propagandist would wish the recipients to believe.
The method is intended to provoke conclusions and actions about a matter apart from an impartial examinations of the facts of the matter. When this tactic is used instead of an argument, name-calling is thus a substitute for rational, fact-based arguments against an idea or belief, based upon its own merits, and becomes an argumentum ad hominem.
  See More
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