Sayagyi U Nu’s teachings for moral values

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At the age of seven yrs he studied together with young Bodaw Payah at the Royal Ava, Monastry (Sae Daw Phongyi Kyaung). Bodaw Paya appointed him as the head of a mission to India to retrieve books and scriptures. Actually he was sent as… the spy, disguising as the persons searching for the books and scriptures. He also got the contact with few city state kings in India, some of them sent some presents and requested the Burmese Army’s help to fight back the British.U Nu was later sent again as a spy to India by Bagyidaw who succeeded Bodawpaya. King Bodawpaya (1782–1819), with the help of U Nu’s Bengal team’s information and maps managed to capture the western kingdom of Rakhine, which had been largely independent since the fall of Bagan, in 1784. Bodawpaya also managed to formally annex Manipur, a rebellion-prone protectorate, in 1813.

Badon Min sent him to go to Bengal on 12 February 1807 to search and bring back religious, medical and other books.[45] King Mindon and King Thibaw’s Minister Naymyo Min Htin Kyaw Khaung’s grandfather Shwe Taung Thiri Sithu U Myae accompani…ed U Nu on that India trip.[46] The diplomatic group brought back various books, scriptures and presents from King Thargara and King Bayanathi. After the trip Shwe Taung Thargathu U Nu was rewarded by appointing as the Mayor ofYammar Waddy.[47] Buddha is believed to have achieved enlightenment in Bodhgaya in India while meditating under a banyan tree of the species Sacred Fig. The tree is known as Bodhi Tree. King Bodawpaya sent U Nu to India again to draw the map of the surrounding area and to bring back Buddhist Scriptures on 12 October 1808. In that expedition team, the Indians who came to Ava, Brahmans, Zayya Kyaw Thu, Zayya Kyaw Htin and Zayya Kyaw Swar accompanied U Nu.[48] The left Ava by taking Salin Pha Aing Dalet route to Danyawaddy and continued to Chittagong, Longipura Dacca , Muthu, Yaza Mayan, Ganges river and confluence with Asirawaty river, Damma Nagarat, Monkarit and Pathana town. Then they divided into two groups, one going to Bodhi Tree in Bodhgaya another to search and brought back books, scriptures and various memorabilia and presents for King Bodawpaya. They all arrived back Sagaing on 18 May 1810.
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U Nu had written 60 books but only 9 books were published.[21] King Bodawpaya or Badon Min recognized him as a poet and also appointed him as the Royal Custom Officer and Royal Purchasing Officer.[22] He became an Iman or an Islamic religio…us leader.[23]

1.At the age of 29 he finished translation into Burmese from Arabic, the “Islamic book in Eleven Chapters”,[24] where 150 Farḍ (فرض), plural Fara’id (فرأض) furud : a religious duty, or an obligatory action. He wrote about the list to do and to avoid in Islam.[25] Fard (Arabic: الفرض) also farida (Arabic: الفريضة) is an Islamic term which denotes a religious duty. The word is also used in Persian, Turkish, and Urdu (spelled farz) in the same meaning.
2.At 32 he finished the “Islamic book in Three Chapters” where he emphasized on Islamic Belief” or Basic concepts that Muslims must accept.[26]
3.“Diary on Bengal trip written as a poem.” [27][28][29][30][31][32][33]
4.At the age of 50 yr, he finished the “Islamic book in Six Chapters” [34]
5.At the age of 51 yr, he finished the, “Analysis of Philosophy (Panyat Khwetan) in 16 paragraph poem”. (1814) [35]
6.In 1176 A.D. He finished the “Saerajay Sharaei in 35 Chapters” This is famous in Burma amongst Muslims as “35 Chapters book” and wrote about various topics in Islam. Published in 1929 A.D. and named as the “Sirajay Shuraei or 35 Chapters book”. Second publish was in 1931 A.D. and renamed as the “Guardian of the Burmese-Muslim Race Oopanisha scripture.” [36] Saerajay Sharaei means the Light of Islam.[37] The slogan, “If the wrongs prevail, the Rightful path will disappear” was published in Burmese and Arabic.[38]
7.”Disciplinary teachings in Seven Paragraph Poems”. This book was printed and published as the appendix to the “35 Chapters book” 1st edition. We could see these poems in the Khone Min U Yit’s hand-written book. In the “Diary on Bengal trip written as a poem.” the poem number 39th paragraph 45 was actually referring these Seven Paragraph Poems.[39]
8.”Royal Report Book” was written in response or reply to Bodawpaya query about the various religions. U Nu’s book explained His Majesty about Islam.[40][41]
9.Golden book on Miraj (المعراج) (the Ascension to the Seven Heavens during the Night Journey).[42] Published based on three slightly different versions hand written books.
10.Other poems [43]
Early Summer Days
Southern Island Eugene in Six Chapters
Sacred Southern Island in Thirty Five Chapters
Southern Island Depa in Thirty Five Chapters
Let me report to the Royal Highness in Eleven Chapters
Poems Praising the Royal Highness

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