1855 AD Amerapoora Mosque

Source: British Library, Online Gallery.Photograph by Linnaeus Tripe with a view looking towards the ornately embellished minaret of a mosque at Amarapura in Burma (Myanmar), from a portfolio of 120 prints. Tripe, an officer from the Madras Infantry, was the official photographer attached to a British diplomatic mission to King Mindon Min of Burma in 1855.

This followed the British annexation of Pegu after the Second Anglo-Burmese War in 1852. Aside from official duties, the mission was instructed to gather information regarding the country and its people. Tripe’s architectural and topographical views are of great documentary importance as they are among the earliest surviving photographs of Burma. Amarapura, on the Irrawaddy (Ayeyarwady) river, was twice the capital of the Burmese kings of the Konbaung dynasty: from 1782 (the year of its foundation by King Bodawpaya) to 1823 and again from 1837 to 1860, after which Mandalay, 11 km to the north, became capital. Amarapura was the site of the first British Embassy to Burma in 1795, and played host again to Tripe’s Mission. Tripe wrote of this mosque,’This is in China Street. There are some thousands of Mahomedans and numbers of Mosques in and about Amerapoora. The architecture of the latter partakes much of the Burmese element’.

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4 Responses to “1855 AD Amerapoora Mosque”

  1. Harry Hpone Thant Says:

    Sayar,Should it not be 1855 AD

  2. drkokogyi Says:

    Yes, TQ very much Mr Harry Hpone Thant. Sorry. I will rectify immediately.

  3. Prajna Says:

    Does this unique mosque still exist? If it does, could you please tell me its recent exact location?

    • drkokogyi Says:

      Dear Prajna TQ for the interest.
      My brother Maung Maung replied your question.
      Maung Maung Skw
      The Masjid in the picture is the Ko Yandaw Pali (Royal Bodyguards’ Mosque).
      It is at Taung Myo (Amarapura) just the side of Mandalay-Sagaing road.
      The wooden decorations like a Myanmar palace or pagoda style are no more there.
      Recent renovation is a simple.

      (I will ask my friends to take the pic of the new building.
      TQ again,

      အမရပူရ ကိုယ္ရံေတာ္ဗလီလို႔သိထားပါတယ္။ ေတာင္ၿမိဳ႕မွာ-မႏၲေလး စစ္ကိုင္း ကားလမ္းေဘးမွာတင္ရွိေနပါတယ္- သစ္သား စုလစ္မြန္းခ်ြန္ေတြေတာ့ မရွိေတာ့ ပါဘူး-ေနာက္ပိုင္းျပန္ျပင္ထားပါတယ္- အြန္လိုင္းမွာေရာ-စာအုပ္ေတြထဲမွာေရာ အမရပူရ ကိုယ္ရံေတာ္ဗလီလို႔သိထားပါတယ္ ဘိုင္ဘိုင္

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