Famous Chinese Muslims

Source_Wikipedia: Famous Muslims in China


  1. Zheng He, mariner and explorer
  2. Fei Xin, Zheng He’s translator
  3. Ma Huan, a companion of Zheng He


Bai Chongxi, general in the Republic of China army

  1. Founding generals of the Ming dynasty: Hu Dahai, Lan Yu, Mu Ying
  2. The leaders of the Panthay Rebellion in Yunnan and the Muslim Rebellion in Northwestern China: Du Wenxiu, Ma Hualong, Ma Zhan’ao
  3. Chang Yuchun Ming Dynasty General
  4. Dong Fuxiang Qing Dynasty General
  5. Liu Bin Di was a Hui Kuomintang officer who died while fighting against Uyghur rebels in the Ili Rebellion.
  6. Ma Julung Qing Dynasty General
  7. The Ma clique of warlords during the Republic of China era: Ma Bufang, Ma Chung-ying, Ma Fuxiang, Ma Hongkui, Ma Dunjing (1910-2003), Ma Hongbin, Ma Dunjing (1906-1972), Ma Lin, Ma Qi, Ma Hu-shan, Ma Zhan’ao, Ma Qianling, Ma Fushou, Ma Fulu, Ma Anliang, Ma Guoliang, Ma Buqing, Ma Bukang, Ma Jiyuan, Ma Chengxiang, Ma Haiyan
  8. Chang Yuchun was a Muslim Ming Dynasty general who greatly contributed to overthrowing Mongol rule.[67]
  9. Ma Zhancang, general in the Republic of China army
  10. Ma Zhanshan, guerilla warrior against the Japanese during the Second Sino-Japanese War
  11. Ma Fuyuan, general in the Republic of China army
  12. Ma Ju-lung Republic of China general
  13. Ma Sheng-kuei, a General of the 36th Division (National Revolutionary Army)
  14. Ma Xiao, Republic of China general in Liu Wenhui‘s army
  15. Ma Xinyi, official and a military general of the late Qing Dynasty in China.
  16. Ma Zhanhai Republic of China general
  17. Su Chin-shou,a General of the 36th Division (National Revolutionary Army)
  18. Bai Chongxi, general in the Republic of China army
  19. Pai Tzu-li, a General of the 36th Division (National Revolutionary Army)
  20. Ma Ching-chiang, Lt. General of the Republic of China Army
  21. Ma Shenglin, rebel during the Panthay Rebellion, great uncle of Ma Shaowu
  22. Zuo Baogui (左寶貴) (1837–1894), Qing Muslim General from Shandong province, was martyred in Pingyang in Korea by Japanese cannonfire in 1894 while defending the city. A memorial to him was built.[68]


  1. Liu Zhi (ca. 1660 – ca. 1739), Qing Dynasty Islamic author
  2. Qi Jingyi (1656–1719), a Sufi master who introduced the Qadiriyyah school into China
  3. Ma Laichi (1681?-1766?), a Sufi master, who brought the Khufiyya Naqshbandi movement to China
  4. Ma Mingxin (1719–1781), the founder of the Jahriyya Naqshbandi movement
  5. Ma Wanfu, founder of the Yihewani
  6. Ma Qixi(1857–1914), founder of the Xidaotang
  7. Ma Yuanzhang, Jahriyya Sufi leader
  8. Hu Songshan (1880–1956), Yihewani reformer, and Chinese nationalist

Scholars and writers

  1. Bai Shouyi, historian
  2. Tohti Tunyaz, historian
  3. Yusuf Ma Dexin, first translator of the Qur’an into Chinese
  4. Muhammad Ma Jian, author of the most popular Chinese translation of the Qur’an
  5. Wang Daiyu, Master Supervisor of the Imperial Observatory during the Ming Dynasty. He was called ‘Master of the Four Religions’ because of his complete knowledge of China’s four religions: Islam, Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism.[69]
  6. Zhang Chengzhi, contemporary author
  7. Ma Linyi Gansu Minister of Education
  8. Pai Hsien-yung, contemporary author, son of Bai Chongxi

Hui Liangyu, vice premier in charge of agriculture in the People’s Republic of China

Martial arts

  1. Ma Xianda, martial artist.
  2. Wang Zi-Ping, member of an underground revolutionary group known as “The Righteous and Harmonious Fists” during the Boxer Rebellion.
  3. Chang Tung Sheng, martial artist and Shuai jiao teacher.

In politics

Highest ranking Muslim official in the People’s Republic of China

  1. Hui Liangyu, vice premier in charge of agriculture in the People’s Republic of China


  1. Noor Deen Mi Guangjiang, calligrapher

Dong Fuxiang(Chinese: 董富祥; Pinyin: Dǒng Fùxiáng; 1839-1908), a Chinese, was born Gansu, China. He commanded an army of Chinese Muslim soldiers, which included the later Ma clique generals Ma Anliang and Ma Fuxiang. According to the Western calendar, his birth date is in 1839.

 The only thing that is clear about him is that he was familiar with the Muslim militia of Gansu, and commanded Muslim troops in battle.


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    As usual, great performances and services done by muslims to their own country – China.
    —Mohamed Ashik (Indian muslim).

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    Good information,,,, Jazak Allah

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