Mutual trust and understanding could drive out the Religious Fanatism

Don’t let our-selves become religious fanatics. Extremism is always wrong. Acting extremely is always bad, especially in religious matters. So we could conclude that Religious Extremists are worse people on earth. All the religions including Islam teaches us to practice moderation. Buddha also advised the followers to choose the moderate, middle path.Siddhartha (563-483 BC) followed the extreme path for many years in meditating but could not get enlightenment until he changed to the moderate path. 

Ignorance, fear of losing out and hatred usually pushed us to the edge to become an extremist.  

Truth and knowledge are the tools to fight Ignorance but also essential. We must accept that we cannot achieve trust by deceiving others. If there is mistrust, the fear grows and leads to unwanted, undesirable preparations for the possible aggression. 

If we are truthful and reliable only, the others will trust us.Truth promotes confidence in both sides. Yes not only from the other side but our self-confidence also grows. Mutual confidence and mutual trust break down our unnecessary shields. And friendships will prevail. I strong believe that with the good will and strong friendship our Burmese Buddhists and Christian friends will even protect us or save us from the danger when we face the difficulties. We, Muslims are also duty bound to help them without any discrimination whenever we have a chance. No need to wait for the call for help from our non-Muslim friends.

Jealousy and hatred are interrelated. There follows the fear of losing out. Hatred is associated with fear. But definitely love usually drives out the fear which originated from hatred. Lack of trust, fear and insecurity by any side may lead to mutual suspicion on each other. The fear of losing and suspicion of the other side might strike a surprised attack may lead to the plan of the early strike by one of the opposing party. “The best defence is attack”, goes a very popular saying in football.

That mutual preparation for a possible fight, attack may lead to unnecessary tensions, misunderstanding or even an eruption of accidentally starting a fight leading to a fully fledged war.

Let our Burmese-Buddhist friends know that we love and trust them. We must prove to them that we are trustworthy and reliable.

Mutual trust is important. We must try to understand the other faiths. If we have no interest, we cannot know others’ feelings. Only if we know and understand the others, we will have a faith and trust. From that we could sow and grow tolerance.

Stop pointing fingers and finding faults regarding the past mistakes. Whether right or wrong before, try to forget and forgive the past, it should be thrown away into a frozen storage or dust bin or if possible delete it totally from our memory or history. Try to forgive others. Try to change our-selves to be more effective, efficient and faultless. Try to avoid committing the same mistakes repeatedly. 

Look for the future. We must be considerate. Think and feel from our opponents’ side. We must reduce the confrontations and increase the dialogues base on common good virtues and teachings. We must cooperate extensively on social and welfare works. We must be sensitive with the feelings of our Buddhist and Christian brothers. We must never insult their beliefs.

Our Myanmar friends are naturally kind-hearted. They have Loving-kindness or Myitta, which is the tender love and kindness for all the creatures even extended to the animals and to their enemies.

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