Outstanding Student or Lu-Ye Chun လူရည္ခၽြန္

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Updated: I got some of the above pictures from the Dental Surgeon Nay Oo’s Face book. TQ Dr Ne Oo. Please may you allow me to share few of your လူရည္ခၽြန္ဓါတ္ပုံမ်ား in this blog . Most of my photos and pic books of လူရည္ခၽြန္ were burnt during the great fire of Mdy 1984.

Actually I got the လူရည္ခၽြန္ in earlier time. 1966,68,70,71 & 72, every year together (also in the same camps) with Dr Than Win (MMU). few times together with Dr May Mya Sein and Dr Aung Gyi (different camps). I requested Dr TW, he promised but he is very busy now.

I hereby posted the comments of Dr Than Naing Oo on my FB:

Dear Saya Ko Ko Gyi, thank you for the nostalgic photos. I was also a model outstanding student award winner for 3 times during my student years, 9th grade, first year regional college and 2nd MB. This program did served one purpose really… well, which was motivating the students to excel. Personally, I think that was a good enough outcome.

Some had questioned if these kids were similar to Red Youth of China or USSR. The answer is an astoundingly NO. We had comparable ones to them which were “Lanzin Youths”, but Lu-Ye-Chuns were not. Lu-Ye-Chuns were selected based on the academic and extracurricular merits and yes, being a member of the ” Lanzin Youth Organization” may add on a few minor points in the scoring system. But that can easily be overcome by a good perfomance at physical fitness, academic and general knowledge testing. Since this program was introduced by the then newly formed Revolutionary Council, many people who were trained in the pre-RC era education system thought it was rubbish, which was not! The other thing is, LYC selection didn’t involve assessing English fluency but only mathematics and general knowledge. Because of that, many old hand missionary school trained individuals sometimes looked down on the LYCs.

The selection was local but not national ( such as the matric exam) and such that the competition was always more fierce in the big cities like YGN or MDY. That’s why many more non Lu-Ye Chun kids from YGN got into MCs and RIT than Lu-Ye-Chuns after matriculation. But this program helped the rural kids to be able to travel to big cities, enjoy the 2-3 week residential camp and to be able to meet the city kids or kids from all strata. I can vouch for it since I was one of such small town kids who was offered the opportunity and really valued the award. Yes, it was a big deal for me to be able to travel to YGN or fly on an airplane! This program was propably the only program that the RC did right to our education system which was a total disaster.

But the funny thing though is, my feeling as a Lu-Ye Chun between a HS student and MC student became quite different. When I was in MC, I no longer cared much about the award though I was the winner. In MC, a LYC student was considered more like a propaganda mole than an average or a typical MC student. In MC those who excelled at atheletics or academics were more popular than the LYCs, at least in my era. In my 2nd MB, the final exams were coming up in May and the LYC camp was in April. To me it was more important to have enough study time and get a distinction in either Anatomy or Physiology than joining the LYC camp. I thought of not attending the camp and discussed that with the registrar. She warned me that I may be punished if I didn’t show up. Because of that I checked in but was studying through out the camp earning the mocks and the looks from the LYCs of other universities and colleges. Fortunately it paid off. I got a distinction in physiology in 2nd MB.

Well, those were the days!

My update: Professor Dr Maung Maung  Nyo commented and asked: Very nostalgic! Were Luyechuns similar to Boyscouts at Boyscout Jamboree? Or were they similar to Communist Young Pioneers?

My brother Alfred Balwin asked: Nyi Lay Ko, Among many SPDC Projects, Is Out  Standing Student Programme (Lu Yay Chun) a Success or a Failure? Nyi Lay Ko, I just need a simple answer Yes or No!

I replied:  Success for the country and the winners. Failure for the Ne Win‘s government because they failed to BRAIN WASH most of us.

Bro Alfred: The country create a brain drain. 2/3 of the Lu Yay Chun has already expatriated. No time to BRAIN WASH!!!

 I replied: At least just look at MOH Minister Dr PTK, Rector Dr TW and Med Head Prof Dr AG. Success for them and country.

Congratulations. A lot of Lu Yae Chuns were abroad. But at least PTK, TW and AG were not only in Myanmar and in Gov service but the leaders in the MOH and Medical Education field. U Sein Win , is also a former လူရည္ခၽြန္ that I know in KL. He is an Educationist, worked in RTM Radio Television Malaysia for a dozen of yr and is now in UM.

If think other way round, it is better for a country to export high income experts instead of cheap labour and maids. Expatriates also remit the FE back to the mother land in addition to tax.

Ahkogyi, List of overseas Chinese  and List of Non-resident Indians are impressive. Overseas Chinese and Indians abroad were migrated out for various reasons various reasons but no doubt they had contributed enormously for the progress in economy and technology of their countries of origin. I BELIEVE, hope and pray that even our children would help Myanmar or Burma later.

We (one of the Lu-Ye Chun လူရည္ခၽြန္) should start at least a FB page of Lu-Ye Chun လူရည္ခၽြန္ and if possible for Burmese expatriates. FB pages should not be like the Wikipedia, anyone could put their present position, address, family members, place of birth, relatives left in Myanmar etc……And may be on FB we could create expatriate Myanmar doctors according to their various professions, Dental Surgeons,  engineers, economists, educationists, lawyers, accountants, etc etc….

I BELIEVE, hope and pray that even our children, second or third generation migrants abroad could or would be able to help our motherland, Myanmar or Burma later.

 I believe that it was started with the very good intention. By this selecting, competition process and awarding of bright students was aimed to be useful and beneficial for the future of the country and of course for the ruling government and BSPP party.

Bright students had to compete at the school level, township and district level in General Knowledge, Burmese language, Maths and Physical fitness competition. General Knowledge covers the Burma/world history, geography, politics and of course also cover the BSPP and Government. Physical fitness competition was general PE, push-ups, sit-ups, Standing long jump competition , shot put  and (Track Running) Sprints.

Awarding, touring to get more general knowledge, dozens of dinner parties each year, marching, propagating of BSPP doctrines….I will continue to update again.

Please read by blog about the events in Lu-Yae Chun Campamp Burma’s Ne Win’s CEC members and I. 

Let me to continue the previous encounter with Burma’s Ne Win’s CEC members. That was one of the five times (Dr. Rector) Than Win and I were selected as an Out Standing Model Student and we were together at Nga Pali beach camp. 

General Ne Win’s Socialist Party Central Committee members were preparing for set up of the Youth wing called Lanzin Lu Nge. They were discussing, actually explaining the concepts, structure, rules and regulations and ideologies behind those things. One factor I don’t like was instead of democratically choosing the leaders, they clearly said that the leaders would be chosen from the above and appointed directly.

I was the only one who opposed that. I told them that if all the levels of leaders were appointed from above, they all would simply tried to get cables, just report the things that the leaders wish to hear, covered up the problems so that they could pretend that all were smooth and problem free. They would also able to suppress their lower ranks and there could be abuse of power, corruption and dissatisfactions amongst grass-root students and youths.

I had given them the following example, my true story.

The time was just few years after the nationalization of all the stores shops factories and business. I bought a bottle of vitamin syrup, Waterbury Compound, fro the Peoples drug store with my GP doctor’s prescription. Suddenly I suffered from stomach ache, vomiting and diarrhoea after the medication and I went and see my Dr Mazunda (he was our family doctor since we were young in Kalaw as he was working in Railways. He was an Indian national, worked few years as GP, his son was arrested for anti-Ne Win student demonstrations and he later went back to India.) checked me and the bottle. He found out that the medicine was expired and there were even black deposits at the bottom of the mixture.

I wrote a complaint letter to the editor of the only newspaper in Mandalay, Hantharwaddy. As my letter was not published up to one month later, I made a telephone call to the newspaper. All the lower ranking people refused to give explanation so at last I managed to get the Chief Editor Journalist U Win Tin.

General Ne Win’s Socialist Party Central Committee members in trouble with my discussions at the Outstanding Student Camp

It was 1966; I was just 16 years old, because Than Win (Now Dr Than Win, Rector of University of Medicine, Mandalay) and I were selected as the Lu Yae Chun or Outstanding Model Students from Mandalay. We both were from the St.Peter’s High School. He was 7th. std. and I was from 8th. std. As I already stated, we were selected 5 times each together and always at the same camp. He was plump and short and I was thin and tall always together like Star wars’ R2-D2 and C-3PO (but I was not gay he’he’), he was fair but I was a little big darker and starting to have a beard and mustache which I need to shave but because of multiple pimples, I was quite ugly.) But at them time some teased us as Pho Oo and Ingar Joh or Fatty boy and Mars Planet, the famous Burmese cartoon characters. But later, Than Win became tall and handsome. I wish to know his present features. 

General Ne Win’s Socialist Party Central Committee members who were in-charge of Youth Affairs/ Lan Sin Lu Nge were always there to mould or brains wash the young bright students. 

Their oratory skills were very good but landed into trouble when they invited us to discuss at the intervals between the lectures. Because they were encouraging us to dare to stand up and talk in-front of the public and were even telling us that they were going to give marks according to our ability, I used to discuss or dispute some of the facts they presented.

First of all, there was important news developing at that time. The announcement of nationalization of all the Mission schools was made while we were at the Nga Pali Shwe War Chaing camp.

U Than Oo, U Kyaw San etc were there. U Than Oo rationalized the nationalization that mission schools were the remnants of colonialization  and Christian propaganda. He bluffed as if all the mission school students need to convert into Christianity and need to change to Christian names. At the discussion time I stood up and rebutted his false claims or accusations. I pointed (Dr) Than Win and told him that he and I were from St. Peter’s but his name was Than Win and he was still remained as Buddhist, I, KKG and remained Muslim. The speaker tried to twist the facts and we all knew that he was not sincere.

At another lecture he was lecturing us about the world history. At the discussion time, I told him that after the pre-historical communities’ common possession period there was progress to the slavery period then progressed into a better monarchy system, later better Capitalism replaced. Now it evolves into a better Socialism. According to Buddhism and Burma’s Socialist ideology, there is always ‘the change’ where the old decayed into oblivion and the new developed. So I suggested all of us to be proactive and think about a better new system than the present Socialism, which would rather became old and decay later and would definitely replaced by a new better system. He was so angry and rubbished my idea. I was 16 year only then. He was the Socialist Cadre from the Party’s central executive committee. Few of his fellow comrades watching also could not rebut me.

And at the last year or the 5th. year of my meeting with that group …. to be continued later.

Please read the description footnotes of some photos written by Dental Surgeon Dr Nay Oo :   Nay Oo   Nay Oo ဓါတ္ပုံ ..ထိပ္ထားဆိုတာကေတာ့ အရင္က ျမန္မာ့အသံမွာ လူငယ္က႑ အစီအစဥ္တင္ဆက္တဲ့ ျမန္မာ့အသံကိုလွဦး (လူငယ့္ေရးရာဌာန) ေပါ့။ ဦးလွဦး တေယာက္ ဒီႏွစ္ထဲမွာပဲ ဆုံးပါးသြားရွာၿပီလုိ႔ သိရတယ္။ ရဲထြဋ္နီ(ဦးစိုးျမင့္-လူငယ့္ေရးရာ) ေျပာတာ။

ေရွ႕တန္းက မွတ္မိသေလာက္.. ေဌးေဌးရင္၊ဝင္းဝင္းရီ၊မို႔မို႔စိမ္း၊စံစံသိန္း၊ မယူလြမ္၊ေအမီေအာင္၊တင္ျမင့္ေမာ္၊သူဇာဟန္၊ တခ်ဳိ႔လည္း နံမည္မမွတ္မိေတာ့ဘူး။


ေနာက္တန္း ဦးလႈိင္ျမင့္၊ ကိုေဖသက္ခင္ေဘးက ရွမ္းေလးဆို နံမည္ ေဖၚမရဘူး။ မွတ္မိသေလာက္ သန္းေဇာ္ျမင့္ အခ…ု DG, DGME, စိန္ျမေအး၊ေအာင္စိုးဦး၊ ေအာင္ခိုင္၊ ခင္ေမာင္ေၿကြ၊ ခင္ေမာင္လြင္၊သိန္းဝင္း၊ဦးေက်ာ္ေက်ာ္၊ ဦးစိုးသိန္း၊ ဝင္းေက်ာ္၊ မိုဟာမက္အီလီယစ္၊ေမာင္ေမာင္လြင္၊တင္ေမာင္ေအး၊ျမင့္ခ်ဳိ၊ ၾကင္ရွိန္၊ ထိန္ဝင္းေဇာ္က အစြန္ဆုံးမွာ။
လူရည္ခၽြန္ေဟာင္းေတြ ေဖ့စ္ဘြတ္ခ္ ဂရု ရွိတယ္။ ဖိတ္လိုက္မယ္။ Luyechun ဆိုၿပီး ရွာလိုက္ရင္လည္းရတယ္။ ေနာက္ထပ္ လူရည္ခၽြန္ဓါတ္ပုံေတြရွိရင္ သြားတင္ေပးပါဦး။




Luyechun photos ၁၉၇၆ ရန္ကုန္စုေပါင္းစခန္း အတာသႀကၤန္ ေဆးတကၠသိုလ္-၁ လိပ္ခုံး။ ေဖသက္ခင္၊သန္းေဇာ္ျမင့္၊စိန္ျမေအး၊ေနဦး၊ၾကင္ရွိန္၊ထိန္ဝင္းေဇာ္။

Luyechun photos ဝါးခယ္မၿမိဳ႕ဆိပ္ကမ္း၊ ေတာ္ဝင္ သေဘၤာ ေနာက္ခံထား၍ ေဖသက္ခင္၊သန္းေဇာ္ျမင့္၊ၾကင္ရွိန္၊စိန္ျမေအး၊ေနဦး။

Luyechun photos ၁၉၇၇ မန္းဒဂုံ နယ္လွည့္ အဖြဲ႕စု-မွဴး ၾကင္ရွိန္၊ခြဲ-မွဴး ေနဦး၊ ဒု-ခြဲမွဴး သန္းေဇာ္ျမင့္ ရန္ကုန္စုေပါင္းစခန္းဖြင့္ပြဲေန႕။

Luyechun photos မန္းဒဂုံ နယ္လွည့္လူရည္ခၽြန္အဖြဲ႕ ရန္ကုန္စုေပါင္းစခန္းဖြင့္ပြဲ – ပညာေရးတကၠသိုလ္ တေကာင္းေဆာင္ ၾကင္ရွိန္၊ေနဦး၊တင္ေမာင္ေအး၊သန္းေဇာ္ျမင့္

၁၉၇၆- ျမစ္မင္းဧရာ နယ္လွည့္လူရည္ခၽြန္အဖြဲ.. ရန္ကုန္စုေပါင္းစခန္း ပညာေရးတကၠသိုလ္ တေကာင္းေက်ာင္းေဆာင္။
အဖြဲ႕ခြဲမွဴး ေဖသက္ခင္၊ ဒု-အဖြဲ႕ခြဲမွဴး ေဌးေဌးရင္၊အဖြဲ႕စုမွဴး ေနဦး၊ အဖြဲ႕စုမွဴး သန္းေဇာ္ျမင့္

လူရည္ခၽြန္အသိအမွတ္ျပဳကဒ္ျပားက ၁၉၇၃ အထိပဲထုတ္ေပးတယ္ ယာဥ္စီးခ တဝက္ႏႈံး သက္သာခြင့္က ဘာမွ မသုံးျဖစ္လိုက္ခဲ့ပါဘူး။

Dr Tin Tun Oo posted by Prof. Maung Maung Nyo on May 29, 2006 in Burmese Physician-Writers: Now, I like to tell you about Dr Tin Tun Oo, the prolific writer, editor and publisher of knowledge magazines and periodicals in Burma. He is a clever fellow and  he has been a good student
having won the “Lu-ye-chun Award” six times during his school and university years. he was a collegiate (Lu-ye-chun) scholarship holder and his academic records were good. He passed his final part 2 examination with distinction in medicine, but he got a master of science in public health and was a junior colleague of Dr Aung Khin Sint. He has resigned from the government service during the SLORC regime. He is a devoted health educationist, a sincere writer and a budding journalist in a doctor’s gown for the benefit of the people. He has been awarded the national literary
prize twice in the science knowledge category.

 Source: A tribute to Sai Kham Lake on his 60th Birthday

As my friend Dr. Sai Kham Lake, the most well known songwriter and composer in Burma, celebrates his 60th Birthday in Mandalay with friends and relatives on 27 April, 2009, I would like to take this opportunity to wish him good health, peace, joy and a long life.

I want to tell our friends about Sai Kham Lake the story that has never been told.

He is a brilliant and bright student

            His love of music started to get him into big troubles. He slept late and could not wake up in time to go to school. His school attendance was not good enough for him to sit for examination. He had to extend his study for one more year. Actually, Sai Kham Lake was a very bright student. He was selected “Outstanding Student of the Year” (Lu Ye Chun) during his high school years. When he was able to sit for examinations again at Mandalay Medical Institute, he passed with flying colors, and later got his post grad degree in Masters of Anatomy.  He served as a lecturer at Mandalay Medical Institute for many years until his retirement.

I am glad to know and proud to be a friend of Sai Kham Lake’s, who has brought our Shan culture to the top of the musical world in Burma.

Dr. Sai Kham Lake & Dr. Nwe Nwe Tin,
May God bless you and your family beyond human measurement.

Dr. Sai Htwe Maung (Mandalay Medical Institute, Class of 1966)
United States of America

Note: Dr. Nwe Nwe Tin is also 4 times Lu-Yae Chun winner. I had worked together in Anatomy Dpt. and Dr. Sai Kham Lake took my post when I transferred to Surgery Dpt in MGH. Dr. Nwe Nwe Tin, Dr TW and I got these awards together from Mdy. She was from No 4 BEHS, we were from No 9 BEHS. Present Health Minister PTK was from 16 BEHS, Mdy..Dr. Sai Kham Lake and I were together as Housemen in MGH.


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  1. nyiwin Says:

    thanks Sayar KKG for your informative blog
    however, it is of my opinion that it could have been better presented
    one point: how is my Phaunggyi photo related to the Luyechun topic?

    • drkokogyi Says:

      Dear Dr Nyi Win,
      TQ for the advice and the correct information. I hereby removed the pics. Sorry, uniforms and the information in your posts about LYC Camp duties made me wrongly thought it was taken in LYC camp.
      TQ brother

  2. Hsu Says:

    I’m looking for some data concerning with medical tourism. That is for my term paper. I’ve known, that Myanmar is booming in liver transparent . But i can’t find any data . So Could you help me, Dr?

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