Sincere request of the Migrants to the Myanmar authorities

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According to the “Editorial — Overseas Filipino investors”. Philippines Today 15th October – 14th. November 2001. (Wikipedia) Former Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo applied the term “Overseas Filipino Investor” or “OFI” for Filipino expatriates who contribute to the economy through remittances, buying properties and creating businesses. She had also called her countrywomen working in foreign countries “heroines” for their remittances back home. But Myanmars abroad are looked down as traitors who left Myanmar for selfish greedy ambitions.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Tun Abdul Razak addressing the guests at a Hari Raya gathering in Brussels. – Bernama pic by Mazlan Samion

Malaysia has started “The Talent Corporation”  to persuade Malaysian professionals overseas to return home. Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said the Government was in the midst of hiring key personnel for the corporation, which will headhunt Malaysians who want to come back and work. “We are creating more exciting things to attract Malaysians and foreigners to come back and play a part in the next level of growth. “Our policy is to be more open because a society that is open will thrive in the 21st century. A society that is closed up will not attract the best brains, you will attract mediocre people and the good ones would have left the country and we will be a lot poorer as a result of that.”

List of overseas Chinese  and List of Non-resident Indians are impressive and even Communist China and Indian governments took pride of them. Overseas Chinese and Indians abroad were migrated out for various reasons various reasons but no doubt they had contributed enormously for the progress in economy and technology of their countries of origin.

I BELIEVE, hope and pray that even our children, second or third generation migrants abroad could or would be able to help our motherland, Myanmar or Burma later.

But why Myanmar authorities used to look us with the jaundice eye and suspension. Are we, Myanmars abroad very different from our neighbours; Philippine, China or India? Or is it just the sick xenophobic mentality of certain people left back in Myanmar that is in question?

We all are true blue Myanmar citizens, but domicile of another country temporarily or permanently. Some of us are expatriate professionals and some of us are just manual labourers. Some staying legally, some illegally but few of us are holding refugee status and some have even accepted the citizenship of other countries. But we all could not cut our umbilical cords. We all are still Myanmar in our heart.

We love Myanmar from the bottom of our heart as we missed various aspects of life in Myanmar. Yes, we made the choice to leave Myanmar on our own choice. But staying and working abroad is not simple; it demands a lot of time, planning, money and mental strength. But that choice was not because we no longer love Myanmar. 

We have to leave because of the hate we have for the Bigots.

  1. We hated the way some bigot authorities kept humiliating us. 
  2. We hated the way Myanmar authorities display their arrogance.
  3. We hated the way you treat our brilliant students, scholars, professionals, businessmen all the other minorities by their skin colour, race, creed and association with the military experience.
  4. We hated your dominance in all the government departments, politics and economy.
  5. We hated to see the racial cards being played on and on again.
  6. We hated you for taking our taxes which we contributed religiously but frequently demonetized to rob us again.
  7. We hate the cronyism, nepotism and all the dealings based on corruption.
  8. We hated seeing unqualified military men put in charge of educational institutes and all other departments.
  9. We hated to see the high-handedness of your agents, especially the MI in creating racial riots. Well, I can go on and on till kingdom come.

We are praying daily until the day this arrogant, insensitive, heartless, inhumane Myanmar Bigots get wiped out from my beloved Myanmar, so that all the Myanmar citizens can live life in dignity. We had to endure so much of sacrifices, not for me but for a better future our children. I never regretted that decision.

We and our children are entitled to freely dream the Globalization dream. No one authority or organization should be allowed to continue dancing with shadows, to their pied-piper song of unity and integration in single race and religion, to the beat of their war drums, changing Burma into a Myanmar world of so much bigotry and hatred. We decided not to allow our young children’s future to be under hammer blow, tempering or compromising their fantastic visions into listless and endless compromise under bigots and cohorts. Our people’s diversity makes us who we are and what we are today.

It would be the best for the people if:

  1. “Phaya Thar” or Monks or Priests or Maulavis just do their religious duties,
  2. “Kyaung Thars” or students just study hard
  3. And “Sit Thars” or Military men just defend the people against Internal and outside enemies.

Of course, due to the real politics, we need to let the Military Generals lead with their own present new set up of what you call, “The Presidential council” + President post and even 3 Deputy presidents.

But need to put Daw Suu as PM and let her and the opposition including the Minorities to form the Cabinet and allow running the day to day affairs without any disturbance.

Military could give advice but let the Cabinet to freely run the show. They could watch and guard their interest, integrity and security of the nation, and stay as Check and Balance. The “Presidential council “must take appropriate legal action on the wrongdoers if anyone from the opposition or the government or government servants or military practice corruption,.

With the help of FRIENDS (Countries, NGOs, donors, individuals) from both side of the political divide, we all could not only rebuilt our motherland but leap forwards and overtake other ASEAN countries, if God willing, I hope, pray and DREAM.

This is my day dream only but if the people in power REALLY love Myanmar, they should think this as an option or should start a dialogue without any preconditions.

If anyone who had suffered torture, jailing or death or loss of property, there should be no investigation for prosecution but set up “The Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) ” like South Africa and compensate from the Country’s treasury.

I respect and love the present leaders of Myanmar, esp. Myanmar Generals. They are my Heroes. Sometimes they treated the Myanmar Muslims better than Myanmar Opposition’s treatment on us.

General Ne Win started Racial Profiling us. Khin Nyunt followed up with anti-Muslim riots. Once Khin Nyunt was out the present leaders are quite good on us. For example General Mg Aye studied together with one of our family friend, who is like an uncle to me. Although he is a Muslim, General Mg Aye would see him and always treat as a childhood friend. General Shwe Man’s wife was a teacher in my mother in law’s school. My son was in her class.

The wife of the late General Tin Oo (helicopter accident) was a teacher in St Peter’s. She would send the car to my mother-in-law, if she go to Rangoon. She recognized me and even ORDERED her son, the famous First Secretary at Myanmar Embassy to come and say hello. He also came to us to see the former Myanmar Ambassador’s wife who was staying at our house. I even love and thank General Ne Win government’s secretary, Former Ambassador U Ko, who always signed (Pone Mg Ko) on Revolutionary Council orders/laws, was an Ambassador in KL. Because he personally made appointment and see the Saudi Ambassador, my mother could get the visa to perform Haj. Even I got my Passport easily because of the help of Home Minister General Min Khaung.

So I love our military leaders. We Muslims are a minority, so we must love our leaders and loyal to THE GOVERNMENT OF THE DAY. I have no personal hatred on any one. Asking Equal rights, Our Rights is not fighting them or against any one, I hope so.

My friend Ko Myo Min said in my FB: I couldn’t resist supporting your so called “DAY DREAM” Dr. Put me as your first and foremost supporter of that dream. Once I voiced an idea like this and got stern opposition right away (you know that) and I think that now I am bold enough to persist on what I believe. Let’s do what it takes to be our goal of pure democratic prosperous united peaceful Myanmar and I will be up in arms with likeminded real patriots.

I replied to him: TQ Ko Myo Min,

Although we are far away from the country and both of us know very well that we have no hidden agenda or any selfish personal political ambitions but just have a love wishing to see our motherland became peaceful, progressive and prosperous.

We all need to stop infighting on the politics as well as arms against each other wasting all our resources. I believe that most of Myanmars wish to see:”Thar Shwe Oh Htan Lar Dar”. Our love for Daw Suu never meant to hate others and likewise our Myanmar Military leaders’ love for the country should not made them enemy of NLD, Daw Suu or Minorities. We all need to annihilate our mutual mistrust and hatred to be united and work together for our beloved country.

There is a saying in Myanmar that the ocean is wide enough to quench the needs of each and every person. I believe that ingredients and raw material for the Myanmar CAKE is big enough to feed all Myanmars. No need to snatch other one’s share but if we all are united, we could even bake a bigger cake so that each of us could get a bigger share.

We like to guarantee our leaders and all of our citizens residing in Myanmar that we all staying and working abroad in faraway land are all Myanmars in our heart and we also love our motherland, Myanmar. Please kindly allow me to repeat my words. We have no personal hatred on any one. I hope that asking for the true and meaningful Democracy, Equal rights, Minorities’ Rights is actually Our Rights and is not fighting the authorities or against any one.




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