Mixed blooded Myanmar political and military leaders

Mixed blooded Myanmar political and military leaders:

  1. General Ne Win (Hakka) – Leader of Burma from 1960s to 1980s From Prof. Maung Nyo U Ne Win‘s true (biological) father was a Chinese. The one who showed the tattoo was his foster father U Hti ? (or maybe he was called U Pho Kha or something like that, but only one word.)  Having a tatto does not prove to be a Burman as it was commonly done in Yunnan, Shan State, Burma and Upper Thailand. O Way U Nyo Mya first printed that photo of U Hti on the instigation of Thakhin Hla Tun, younger brother of General Ne Win. U Nyo Mya rgreted it later as he found U Ne Win’s ancestors in Paung-Da-Le, Pauk-Khaung) all pure Chinese.
  2. Sr.General Saw Maung. He was a Karen. He was a telephone or electrical linesman in Mandalay before joining the Burma Army as a private. He rose through the ranks per favor of General Ne Win.
  3. Former PM U Nu was half Mon.
  4. General San Yu (Hakka) – President of Burma (1981–1988)
  5. Khin Nyunt (Hakka) – Former Prime Minister (2003–2004) and Chief of Intelligence (1983–2004) of Myanmar
  6. Aung Gyi– leading army dissident and Ne Win’s former deputy/co-conspirator in the 1962 coup   ……… …. ………. ………….. ……. …….    ….. …….. …. . .. .
  7. U Shwe, Chairman of Shwe Thazin Syndicate, War War Win Bean Factory, Shwe Nan Daw, Sein Nan Daw, Yadanar Nan Daw, War War Win Gold Shop – The Notorious Liaison between SPDC & Chinese Communist Gov to support the Longevity of Junta & its murder of monks.
  8. Khun Sa (Kokang) – Major Southeast Asian drug lord
  9. Lo Hsing Han (Kokang) – Major Southeast Asian drug lord
  10. Steven Law (also known as Tun Myint Naing; Kokang) – Managing director of Asia World Company, a major Burmese conglomerate and son of Lo Hsing Han
  11. Pheung Kya-shin – leader of Kokang Special Region and Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army
  12. Thakin Ba Thein Tin[ – Communist leader from the 1970s to the 1990s
  13. Major General Kat Sein – former Minister of Health
  14. Dr. Kyaw Myint – (Minister of Health)
  15. Myo Thant – Former Minister of Information under SLORC
  16. Colonel Tan Yu Sai – Minister of Trade under Ne Win’s government
  17. Colonel Kyi Maung– NLD member (1989–2004) and Army Commander of Rangoon in 1960s
  18. General Thura Shwe Man Karen
  19. Sr.General Maung Aye half Cinese
  20. King or Adipati Dr Maw had Portuguese blood and a Mon-Burman. Ba Maw was asked by the Japanese to head a provisional civilian administration to manage day-to-day administrative activities subordinate to the Japanese military administration. This Burmese Executive Administration was established on August 1, 1942. After a period as education minister, he served as the first Prime Minister (or perhaps more appropriately Premier of Burma (during the British colonial period) from 1937 to February 1939, after first being elected as a member of hsin-yè-tha, the Poor Man’s Party, to the Legislative Assembly.
  21. Prof Maung Maung Nyo wrote in FB. : Yes. Nanmadaw Menu was Portuguese and her granddaughter was Suu Pha Ya Latt. King Thibaw’s mother was Shan. So their their children were fair. I was a friend of Tawphayalay or U Aung Ze. He was fair too. You know we Burmans are simple, hospitable and generous. We look upon and welcome anybody to be our king or boss so long as he rules us fairly.
  22. Look these leaders: U Nu, PM Half Mon, Gneral Ne Win Chinese, General San Yu Chinese, General Khin Nyunt Chines, General Thein Sein Chinese, General Thura Shwe Man Karen, Sr.General Maung Aye half Chinese, Sr-General Than Shwe Danu; but don’t worry. They all are corrupted by the Burmese! We have only Thakhin Kodaw Hmaing and Bogyoke Aung San as true Burmans.
  23. Daw ASSK has Burmese and Karen bloods.
  24. Yes, (Sr General Than Shwe) he looks like an Anyartha, but Danu, Intha, Kachin naga and Chin look alike as we all are Tibeto-Burman. Kyaukse Boss has a teacher in Kyaukse who was my friend’s father-in-law. He had no parents or relatives in Kyaukse. He worked as a postal clerk there in 1948 and 49. He then joined the Burma Army in Rangoon as a private before going to OTS.Lt-Gnereral Phone Myint nd Htilar Sitthu were his class mates. He was slow-witted, but dogged in study.
  25. Ko Ko Gyi asked: Dear Prof., how about Ba Than Haq, Mg Di and General Sein Win? All were ex-Muslim so most of them are also mixed blooded.
  26. U Razak aka Abdul Razak‎ – was a minister and was assassinated, along with his cabinet, on 19 July 1947. July 19 is celebrated in Myanmar today as Martyrs’ Day. U Razak was Minister of Education and National Planning, and was chairman of the Burma Muslim Congress.
  27. M. A. Rashid – Government Minister in the 1950s. an Indian Myanmar Muslim, was active in Thakin Movement (The Burmese National movement against ruling British). He was the secretary general of Rangoon University Students’ Association in 1931 together with prominent Myanmar political leaders: Aung San, U Nu, U Kyaw Nyein, U Ba Swe etc. U Raschid was the first president of the All Burma Students’ Union. In 1952 U Nu appointed him as Minister for Housing and Labour, later in 1954, Minister for Trade and Development, in 1956, Minister of Mines, in 1960 Minister of Commerce and Industry. In 1958 he was the Vice President of the Trade Union Council of Burma. U Nu requested him to change his name to U Yanshin to make him more acceptable to other Buddhist but he declined. General Ne Win arrested him in 1962, during the coup.
  28. U Khin Maung Latt was one of the Myanmar-Muslim Cabinet Ministers in U Nu’s Government held the Social Services and Health portfolio. He was the secretary of U Razak before his (U Razak) assassination. He had been active in the Students’ organizations of Yangon University and had taken part in the very famous students’ strike of 1936. He successfully organized the Muslims in whole Burma to stand united under the AFPFL flag during the struggle for the independence.He worked together assisting U Razak. When AFPFL split in to two, U Khin Maung Lat was with the Stable Fiction.U Raschid remained with U Nu.
  29. H. N. Goshal aka Thakin Ba TinCommunist leader and founding member from the 1940s to the 1960s killed in an internal purge in 1967. He was an ethnic Bengali.
  30. Dr. Maung Di – Department chair and dean of Rangoon Arts and Science University (now Yangon University), Deputy Education Minister. Son of the Dean of Islamic Religious College in Kanbalu.
  31. Karim Ghani was born in Sodugudi, Ilayangudi, a politician in South-East Asia of Indian origin Karim Ghani. Before the Second World War Karim Ghani was a parliamentary secretary in Burma under Dr. Ba Maw.
  32. Ba Than Haq – Professor of Geology and Minister of Mines. Of mixed Afghan and Danu descent.
  33. Bahadur Shah II or Bahadur Shah Zafar, the last Mughal Emperor was exiled to Rangoon after the Indian Rebellion of 1857. He, along with his wife Zeenat Mahal and granddaughter Raunaq Zamani Begum, is buried at the Mazar (mausoleum) at No. 6 Theatre Road in Yangon.[
  34. T. S. S. Rajan – Indian freedom-fighter and Minister of Health in Madras Presidency from 1937 to 1940.
  35. S. Mukerjee aka Pyu Win – Communist trade union leader killed in the 1950s
  36. Dr. Nath aka Tun Maung – Communist leader and founding member killed in the 1960s
  37. Saya Rajan aka Aung Naing – Communist trade union leader captured in the 1950s
  38. Thakin Tha Khin (Shan Indian) – Government Minister in the 1950s
  39. Saya Gyi U Nu, Mayor of Yammar Watti, Shwe Taung Thargathu also known as Mohamed Kassim was a very famous Burmese Muslim writer during King Bodawpaya.
  40. Maung Thaw Ka or Major Ba Thaw from Navy was a very prominent writer and pioneer NLD leader died in SPDC jail.
  41. Daw Win Mya Mya.NLD Mandalay Division Organizing Committee member, Daw Win Mya Mya is a Panthay Muslim. She was assaulted by the SPDC affiliated thugs and arrested at Depayin together with Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and other NLD members. She is a brave and active NLD leader.
  42. 47.    Notable Burmese Muslims under Burmese Kings
  43. All the list of persons below are taken from the “Twentieth Anniversary Special Edition of Islam Damma Beikman.” Myanmar Pyi and Islamic religion.The reprint of the records of the lectures given by Pathi U Ko Lay in 1973. from page 109,110 and 111
  44. Saya Chair also had a very good relation with the Military Government and was appointed the Chairman of the Election Commission.
  45. Sultan Mahmood (Health Minister) Wealthy and influential Myanmar Muslim,Sultan Mahmood was the political secretary in U Nu’s government and later was appointed as Health Minister.
  46. Colonel (Tat Hmu Gyi) U Pho Kar. He started to enlist in Mindon’s Cannon regiment since young. During King Thibaw’s reign, he was the Captain on the Sekyar Ngwezin Thulu ship which went to Bamaw to attack the Burmese Rebels and the Chinese invaders. During the third Anglo-Burmese war, he was at Min Hla Fort leading 200 Cannoners. U Pho Kar was together there with his uncles Captain Bo Kyae, Captain Bo U Maung, Sergeant (Thwe Thaut) U Kyar Yone. At the battle, one Captain and 50 soldiers killed. Burmese had to retreat and U Pho Kar retreated with the gun-shot wound on the abdomen. After the war he settled in Maymyo. Parliamentarian Haji U Than Nyunt was his son. U Pho Kar died on 10th. May 1956 at the age of 95.
  47. Myanmar Muslim Ambassadors. There were also Myanmar Muslim Ambassadors like U Pe Khin and U Hla Maung.
  48. Ambassador U Pe Khin was the most important negotiator and architect of the historical Panglon treaty. Even General Aung San was disappointed, given up and decided to take the flight back to Rangoon that evening. U Pe Khin persuaded General Aung San to stay for one night and to allow him to negotiate with the Ethnic Minority leaders. U Pe Khin successfully negotiated with those Ethnic leaders to get an agreement for this most important treaty in Burma, which was the foundation for the Union of Burma and its Independence.
  49. Lt. Col. Dr. Khalid Maung Maung. Southern Shan State BRC Supervision Committee Chairman Lt. Col. Khalid Maung Maung.
  50. U Aung Thin represented the Myanmar Muslims at the Round Table Committee on whether Burma should be separated from India or not. That was held at London, in 1930.
  51. Other Rohingya Myanmar Muslims in U Nu’s Parliament as parliamentary secretaries were Mr Sultan Ahmed and Mr Abdul Gaffar. Mr Abdul Bashar, Mrs. Zohora Begum @ Daw Aye Nyunt,Mr Abdul Khair, Mr Abdus Sobhan, Mr Abdul Bashar, Mr Rashid Ahmed, Mr Nasiruddin (U Pho Khine), were members of Parliament in different terms in U Nu’s Government.
  52. Naymyo Gonnayap Khan Sab Bo @ Abdul Karim Khan. Ambassador to Indochina.
  53. Minister Mingyi Maha Min Htin Yar Zar @ U Chone, Akhbad Myin Wun, cavalry Captain, Mayor of Pin Lae town.
  54. Maha Min Kyaw Thiha Min Htin @ U Pho Yit, Mayor of Tapae town.
  55. Min Hla Min Htin Yarzar @ U Nae Htun,Kala Won.
  56. Maha Bawga Dana Thiri Yarzar Mullah Ismail, Custom Chief. Royal Ship Captain, Mayor of Kyauk Yae town. He donated the Mandalay Soorti Mosque.
  57. Maha Min Hla Min Htin Yarzar @ U Naw Khan, Kalay Tain Nyin Yargazo Mayor.
  58. Maha Min Khaung Kyaw Htin @ U Pyar, Mayor of Sinku.
  59. Malar Mon @ U Pwint, Explosive expert. (Yan Chet won)
  60. Min Hla Min Htin Thu Rain, Western Jail Superintendent.
  61. Min Htin Yarzar, Chief Clerk.
  62. Nay Myo Thiha Kyaw Htin @ U Tar, Advocate.
  63. Nay Myo Yaza Thinkhayar @ Marmet Ebrahim, Advocate.
  64. Nay Myo Yaza Thinkhaya @ Abdul Rahman, Advocate.
  65. Nay Myo Min hla Yazar Thu @ U Kyin Oo, Special squad Captain. (Ywe Let Yar Bo)
  66. Min Htin Thithi Yarzar @ U Khaung, Special squad Captain.
  67. Maha Thu wunna Thaetha @ U Yan Aung. (Rich man)
  68. Maha Thiri Thukha Thaetha @ Maung Sein. (Rich man)
  69. Mantaka Maha Thala @ U San Pyaw (Richman)
  70. Maha Bawga Punnya @ U Yit (Rich-man)
  71. Abit Shah Husaini, Chief Islamic Judge (Bodaw).
  72. Malauvi Kabul, Chief Islamic Judge (Mindon)
  73. Naymyo Gonnayat @ Khalifa U Pho Mya
  74. Khalifa U Hwe Lone.
  75. Royal ship Captain U Pho Mya.
  76. Bo Min Setkyar Amyoke Tat U Hashim.
  77. Bo Min Bone Oh Bengla Amyoke Tat, U Yauk.
  78. Thwe Thauk Gyi (Major of 275 soldiers, Head of 5 Thwe Thauks who had 55 soldiers each under them) Thwe Thauk Gyi of Cannon brigade U Bo. (I could not mention the few dozens of Thwe Thauk Gyis because of limited space)
  79. Setkyar (Amyoke Tat) Cannon brigade Chief Officer, U Pho Kar.
  80. Custom Chief, Ar Gar Sherazi (Shia Muslim)
  81. Price Controller, U Maw.
  82. Merchant U Shwe Thi.
  83. Horse Cavalry Chief Captain, Wali Khan.
  84. Horse Cavalry Captain U Tu Wa , Wali Khan Horse Cavalry.
  85. Thibaw’s personal secretary, U Hashim.
  86. Thwe Thauk Gyi (Major) U Danaing (Kindar Kala Pyo Army) Grandfather of Pathi U Ko Ko Lay.


  1. List of Burmese Muslims from Wikipedia 
  2. Burmese Indians
  3. Chinese people in Burma 
  4. Face book comments by Professor Dr Maung Maung Nyo





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  4. Tint Lwin Aung Says:

    You have searched important facts about Myanmar and it is a good work. I appreciate your work and I like to get some important documents about the Later Konbaung Period. Pleast try your best. I am a teacher of Mandalay University, majoring in Hisotry. I have been trying to complete my thesis with the title of ” The Administration of Later Konbaung Period”. Please help me to get important datas on My work. Thank you very much

  5. nweni Says:

    who is real myanmar?

  6. Swasi Says:

    I am currently in SA and always come accross racism and apartheid which reminded me of staying in Myanmar. Being an Myanmar born Indian, we never get respect and recognition from the govt officials (Friends and foes are generally not included in this comment). We were denied of higher education. My relatives who worked in Govt those days (we will not even get a job now) were never promoted to higher level. If one is chinese (recently come from China, one will get better chance but not those chinese who have been staying there for many generations). Come on, every coutries got mixed nations. Why everyone cannot be colour/race blind.

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