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Some people may thought that I am crazy if they know that I had shed tears when he was removed. I felt as if I lost my uncle. I had also just lost my father at that time.

Yes, two of my respect best friends on the FB thought that  they thought I was crazy to be on the other side of history by siting this : “Gorbachev the Traitor” 17 March 2011, By Boris Kagarlitsky written in the Moscow Times.

But I rebutted my friends and wrote, “He is still a Hero for me. Because of him the following countries could leave Communist IRON GRIP.

East Germany
AND. ..Kazakhstan
became MUSLIM DOMINANT countries. .


Eastern Europe



Also became independent. SO I am happy with him, thank him and he is my greatest hero on earth.

Dr Nay Aung Kyaw supported me: AKG@ Gobachev was hero for my late father, but I disagree with him.This world became unipolar because of him, and many consequences that we are witnessing right now is lack of checking mechanism.I do respect your feeling, and Alfatihah for our fathers..
Dr Nay Aung Kyaw continued: USSR disintegrated, that was the beginning of the end of communism (Marxism) . Eastern Europe benefited but the best beneficiaries are the West. I think they should have a statue of him in Washington, London, and Tel Aviv. The power balanc…e in middle east has permanently gone, and I can see the double standard of the West in Europe. Turkey is a member of Nato for so long but not granted as a full member of EU whereas most of the newly liberated eastern European countries became full members of EU.Bigotry is there, double standard is there, my respects goes to the real statesmen in the politics.

Professor Dr Maung Maung Nyo replied: Dear Dr NAK, Hear, hear. What you say is right. Gorbachev ended not only the Soviet Union, but also the balance of power in the world. Now the West is in the supremacy with USA the only Super-Power.

Ko Ko Gyi : According to Wikileaks, even Pope had advised EU not to accept Turkey. (Your ancestor’s country Dr NAK) No more Communists so the West need a boogyman to replace the Cold War. Inorder that the Arm manufactactors and dealers could continue t…o sell arms to both side they need to invent an enemy. Radical Muslims went into that trap and ISLAMOPHOBIA became wide spread. So may be Gobachev could be guilty for disturbing the drinking water of the cunning fox, last year. Gobachev was removed by the stupid Russians. If not they could join EU as a democratic member. Gobachev vacum was filled by the drunkard and now the KGB chief. Gobachev liberated a lot of nations but stupid Russians stopped him from delivering LIBERTY for them.

Dr Nay Aung Kyaw AKG @ fully agree with yr comment.

Ko Ko Gyi : Russians should thank him. Before breakup, Russian Muslims were 5th. largest Muslim population. With their rapid birth rate one day THERE COULD BE A REVERSE take over of Russia by its Muslims. Now even one Chechnya is becoming a hot spot. He is like Malaysia’s Tunku Abd Rahman who kicked LKY and Singapore. If not Chinese could govern Malaysia. Both of them are right.

TQ my respected friends. Please forgive me for using my FB as a raw material for my blog. FB provide the popular topics, ideas, arguments, comments, POV or point of views, news, links and pictures etc. TQ Prof Dr U MMNyo, Ahkogyi Dr Alfred Balwin, my brother Dr NAK for giving your valuable POVs. I believe that Prof Dr U MMNyo, Ahkogyi Dr Alfred Balwin are not wrong but on the opposing side of the political divide. May be, we may be wrong but I believe that if we look from the different sides, we could get a holistic views.  

There are sayings like:

“One man’s meat is another man’s poison.”

One nation’s hero is another nation’s traitor.”

“One man’s terrorist is another man’s hero”

So something or someone that one person likes very much can be something or someone that another person does not like at all. 

Ko Ko Gyi

During the late 1980s, the weakened Soviet Union gradually stopped interfering in the internal affairs of Eastern Bloc nations. Following the Brezhnev stagnation, reform-minded Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev in 1985 signaled the trend towa…rds greater liberalization. Mikhail Gorbachev’s abrogation of the Brezhnev Doctrine,[234] which held that if socialism were threatened in any state then other socialist governments had an obligation to intervene to preserve it, in favor of the so-called “Sinatra Doctrine” had dramatic effects across Central and Eastern Europe during this period.

Nowadays European integration blocks; European Union and Commonwealth of Independent StatesGorbachev launched a policy of glasnost (openness) in the Soviet Union, and emphasized the need for perestroika (economic restructuring). A wave of Revolutions of 1989, sometimes called the “Autumn of Nations”,[235] swept across the Eastern Bloc.[236]

Major reforms occurred in Hungary following the replacement of János Kádár as General Secretary of the Communist Party in 1988.[237] In Poland in April 1989, the Solidarity organization was legalized, allowed to participate in parliamentary elections and captured a stunning 99% of available parliamentary seats.[238]

On November 9, 1989, following mass protests in East Germany and the relaxing of border restrictions in Czechoslovakia, tens of thousands of Eastern Berliners flooded checkpoints along the Berlin Wall, crossing into West Berlin.[239] In Bulgaria, the day after the mass crossings across the Berlin Wall, leader Todor Zhivkov was ousted by his Politburo and replaced with Petar Mladenov.[240]

In Czechoslovakia, following protests of an estimated half-million Czechs and Slovaks demanding freedoms and a general strike, the authorities, which had caved to pressure to allow travel to the west, abolished provisions guaranteeing the ruling Communist party its leading role.[241] President Gustáv Husák appointed the first largely non-Communist government in Czechoslovakia since 1948, and resigned, in what was called the Velvet Revolution.[241]

In Romania, which had never undergone even limited de-Stalinization, following unrest, leader Nicolae Ceauşescu ordered a mass rally in his support outside Communist Party headquarters in Bucharest. But mass protests against Ceauşescu proceeded.[242] The Romanian military sided with protesters, turning on Ceauşescu, who was executed after a brief trial three days later.[243]

Even before the Bloc’s last years, all of the countries in the Warsaw Pact did not always act as a unified bloc. For instance, the 1968 invasion of Czechoslovakia was condemned by Romania, which refused to take part in it.

  1. Stars to honour Gorbachev at London charity bash – The Malaysian Insider



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