Global and Historical Persecution of Muslims

My Comment: But great Muslim leaders of OIC, ASEAN, OPEC and None allied movement just keep on acting like traditional “Three Wise Monkeys” who depicted the See No Evil, Speak No Evil, and Hear No Evil.  Actually they just pretend to be blind, deaf and dumb to the sufferings of downtrodden Minority Muslims around the world because they are selfish, greedy and afraid of losing business with those perpetrator Non-Muslim Governments.  May be they are birds of the (same) feather, staying in Glass Houses and dare not throw stones as they treated their minorities in the same way. So they use the Non Interference Policy to cover up all the crimes committed on the minorities. “I will keep quiet about your crimes against humanity and you also shut up your mouth backbiting me.”

Some of them will shout for Palestine only as if that one race is only suffering in the whole world and condemn Israel and US. Supporting or shouting for Palestine and criticizing those two countries is just a show off to the world Muslims and fishing votes from their majority Muslim citizens.

But secretly they use to go and polish the shoes of American Presidents telling that they need to condemn publicly to get the support from its Muslim citizens and to prevent radical Islamic terrorist extremist group from gaining support and political power in elections.

Now read the main article fro Wiki below:

Persecution of Muslims (From Wikipedia) is the religious persecution of Muslims as a consequence of professing their faith, both historically and in the current era. This refers to the religious persecution inflicted upon Muslims. Persecution may refer to beating, torture, confiscation or destruction of property. Persecution can extend beyond those who perceive themselves as Muslims to include those who are perceived by others as Muslims, or to Muslims which are considered non-Muslim by other Muslims.



Myanmar (formerly Burma)

Main articles: Persecution of Muslims in Myanmar and Rohingya people

Myanmar has a Buddhist majority. The Muslim minority in Myanmar mostly consists of the Rohingya people and the descendants of Muslim immigrants from India (including what is now Bangladesh) and China (the ancestors of Chinese Muslims in Myanmar came from the Yunnan province), as well as descendants of earlier Arab and Persian settlers. Indian Muslims were brought to Burma by the British to aid them in clerical work and business. After independence, many Muslims retained their previous positions and achieved prominence in business and politics.

Buddhist persecution of Muslims arose from religious reasons, and occurred during the reign of King Bayinnaung, 1550-1589 AD. After conquering Bago in 1559, the Buddhist King prohibited the practice of halal, specifically, killing food animals in the name of God. He was religiously intolerant, forcing some of his subjects to listen to Buddhist sermons possibly converting by force. He also disallowed the Eid al-Adha, religious sacrifice of cattle. Halal food was also forbidden by King Alaungpaya in the 18th century.

When General Ne Win swept to power on a wave of nationalism in 1962, the status of Muslims changed for the worse. Muslims were expelled from the army and were rapidly marginalized.[103] Muslims are stereotyped in the society as “cattle killers” (referring to the cattle sacrifice festival of Eid Al Adha in Islam). The generic racist slur of “Kala” (black) used against perceived “foreigners” has especially negative connotations when referring to Burmese Muslims. The more pious Muslim communities which segregate themselves from the Buddhist majority face greater difficulties than those Muslims who integrate more at the cost of not observing Islamic personal laws.[49]

Muslims in Myanmar are affected by the actions of Islamic Fundamentalists in other countries. Violence in Indonesia perpetrated by Islamists is used as a pretext to commit violence against Muslim minorities in Burma. The anti-Buddhist actions of the Taliban in Afghanistan (the destruction of the Buddhas of Bamiyan) was also used as a pretext to commit violence against Muslims in Myanmar by Buddhist mobs. Human Rights Watch reports that there was mounting tension between the Buddhist and Muslim communities in Taungoo for weeks before it erupted into violence in the middle of May 2001. Buddhist monks demanded that the Hantha Mosque in Taungoo be destroyed in “retaliation” for the destruction of the Buddhas of Bamiyan.[104] Mobs of Buddhists, led by monks, vandalized Muslim owned businesses and property and attacked and killed Muslims in Muslim communities. This was followed by retaliation by Muslims against Buddhists. Human Rights Watch also alleges that Burmese military intelligence agents disguised as monks, led the mobs.[105]

The dictatorial government, which operates a pervasive internal security apparatus, generally infiltrates or monitors the meetings and activities of virtually all organizations, including religious organizations. Religious freedom for Muslims is reduced. Monitoring and control of Islam undermines the free exchange of thoughts and ideas associated with religious activities.[106]

It is widely feared that persecution of Muslims in Myanmar could foment Islamic fundamentalism in the country.[107] Many Muslims have joined armed resistance groups that are fighting for greater freedom in Myanmar,[108] but are not Islamic fundamentalists as such.

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