Fighting the governments around the world with ‘DOG’ attack similar to ‘DOS’

Edited for my safety and to made the article to be able to apply universally all over the world. I just made a gist of the article taken from MKini’s article, “Fighting ‘DOS’ with ‘DOG’” by Dean Johns   

Most of us know or heard about the denial-of-service (DOS) attacks of Internet servers.

  1. Authoritarian governments usually had done the DOS attack on the judiciary.
  2. They use to mount a deadly DOS attack on civil society and opposition by having thousands of opponents arrested and detained under the draconian laws.
  3. Subservient Police force also staged a long-running series of DOS attacks on the populace by the series of home ministers and inspector-generals of police who took charge, all dedicated to serving the interests of the regime, rather than the people in general.
  4. And denial of service (DOS), or denial of the sort of honest, efficient, straightforward service the citizens have the right to expect, is also the name of the game in all the civil services.
  5. Across the entire government and civil service, there’s no telling how much the Government denial-of-service (DOS) system has stolen from the country’s economy over the years, let alone cost the people in lost income, opportunities, amenities and benefits.

So it’s high time for citizens to follow the shining examples of their fellows in Tunisia, Egypt and other former fascist kleptocracies, and get rid of the criminal scum whose DOS attacks rob them of not just basic human rights to speak, write, read and hear the truth, but of proper protection against perversions of justice, predatory police and plunder by government leaders and public servants.

It’s high time that citizens fought back against the government. Starting by, avenging denial-of-service (DOS) attacks on pro-democracy websites and bloggers, by staging:

  1. denial-of-purchase (DOP) attacks on the regime’s lying newspapers,
  2. and denial-of-viewing (DOV) and denial-of-listening (DOL) assaults on government mendacious air media.
  3. Simultaneously, every citizen can wage his or her personal denial-of-bribes (DOB) campaign against corrupt police and other functionaries.
  4. But such DOS, DOP, DOV, DOL and DOB attacks, as satisfying as they would be to an extent, would be only preliminaries to the forthcoming mother of all opportunities to repay the government for decades of denial-of-service (DOS): an overwhelming denial-of-votes (DOV) at the next general election.
  5. In other words, there’s only one way to deal for once and for all with the government’s perennial
    • denial-of-honesty (DOH),
    • denial-of-justice (DOJ),
    • denial-of-accountability (DOA) and
    • denial-of-service (DOS) to the citizens,
  6. and that’s for all citizens to unite in treating this rotten regime to a killer denial-of-government (DOG) attack.

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