Gaddafi is not a “Terrible Dictator and Blood sucking monster”

My good friend/patient Mr Alan Kok sent me this interesting e-mail: Gaddafi is not a “Terrible Dictator and Blood sucking monster”

Did you know this about Libya ?
Hard to believe……..Not many people know about it ! 
Some other facts (that mainstream media will never tell you) about this “terrible dictator and blood sucking monster” Gaddafi who “terrorizes” his own people:
Credits to Libyan citizens were given with NO interest. Almost all loans eventually get converted to grants

Students would get paid the average salary for the profession they were studying.
– If you’d be unable to get employment, the State would pay them full salary as if they were employed.
– When you got married, the couple would get an apartment or house for free.
You could go to college anywhere in the world. The state paid 2,500 Euros plus for your accommodation and a car.
Cars in Libya were sold at factory price with no government taxes.
– Libya does not owe money, (NOT a cent) to anyone. No credits.
Free Education and Health care.
25% of the population with university degree.
No beggers on the streets and no homeless (until recent bombing).
20 loaves of bread cost $0.15.
– And many more !
No wonder the US and other capitalist countries do not like Libya.

Gaddafi would not consent to taking the IMF or World Bank credits at high interest rates. In other words Libya was INDEPENDENT!
That is the real reason for war in Libya! He may be a dictator, but that is not a US problem. 

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4 Responses to “Gaddafi is not a “Terrible Dictator and Blood sucking monster””

  1. michele joerg-ronceray Says:

    From far Austria: thank you for your clear words. As part of a western “democracy” we are just watching lies every day on tv and media. And we cannot do anything, except not going to vote next time!!!!
    In Spain, Greece, Great Britain, Portugal people have the same problems and revendications than in arab countries, but nobody hears it.

  2. asadss Says:

    Thanks, mate, this is an interesting thread!

    As said once my University professor, apart the official definition of democracy (defined as a form of government in which all the people have an equal right to vote for the government) I DON’T KNOW WHAT DEMOCRACY MEANS. I do far prefer a free education for everyone in Libya than the right to bomb other countries just for bring them the Western lifestyle.

  3. bob s Says:

    hey the capitalistic system rushed in to develop libya’s oil resources with canada and the us at the head of the pack

    i believe little of what i read from western propaganda-obama needs to grandstand in front of theworld as the leader of freedom and human rights while in his owncountry people are little more than vehicles to pass money on to the super rich just intheir struggle to survive- and if they do not hav the money the government prints it and gives it to therm to spend

    a silly silly world

  4. ramadan 2012 Says:

    ramadan 2012…

    […]Gaddafi is not a “Terrible Dictator and Blood sucking monster” « Dr Ko Ko Gyi’s Blog[…]…

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