Kingswood High School Kalaw

Kingswood Star (1960-61)
Third Standard (Sent to me by my friend Stanley Ah Shwe’s son Ko Soe Htike Thu) TQ.

My Primary school, where I studied from Kg to 5 th. Std. This pic was taken in late 50’s, so it is more than half a century old photograph.

Kingswood High School, Kalaw

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Kingswood High School, in Kalaw, Burma, was a Methodist Christian mission school.[1] It was situated in the hill station of Kalaw, situated in Southern Shan State of Burma. Some of its teachers and principals were from the US, Europe, and Australia.

The school compound was big, each building built on a small hill separated by flat grassland, football, and indoor and outdoor basketball fields. The tennis court was in a small valley surrounded by low hills not far from the main buildings. Hostels for boarding students were further away: Boys’ and girls’ hostels were on separate low hills within the walking distance from each other.

Kingswood High School Kalaw was nationalized by the revolutionary government of General Ne Win in April 1966. The students and teachers were transferred to the Kalaw Government High School and the school building was later used to house the Kalaw GTI (Government Technology Institute). After the 1989, the SLORC military government transferred the Kalaw GTI to Taunggyi, and the school building and its vast compound was used for the Defence Services Command and General Staff College – DSCGSC (Kalaw)


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18 Responses to “Kingswood High School Kalaw”

  1. Bob Lewis Says:

    It was fascinating to find this, my father-in-law and other members of his family (who had been orphaned) were at Kingswod School in the lte 1920s and early 1930s

  2. U Aung Than Says:

    I am Aung Than (1) ,of Kingswood school,Kalaw,SSS. I am also a student of Teacher Daw Katherine Shwe when I was in the fourth standard.Do you have any photo of our school.If you have it,please e mail to me or send to my facebook account …U Aung Than. TI hope you will have it.I hope you also remember me. I got
    first position in the fourth standard and my photo of receiving first prize is also pressed in “The Kingswwod Star” At that time,Mr Ed Shields was our principal.

    Thanks a lot.

    • drkokogyi Says:

      Sorry friend,
      I kept the Kingswood magazine where my essay about my class of First Std. was printed side by side with our class photo. Even after I married, I kept that book but was lost in the 1984 Mandalay fire.
      I was together with Stanly, Tin Aung (Ye Yah), Pe Khin (Aung Ban), Lin Win/Lin Shwe brothers and their sister Ma Win Kyi, Chandra, PK Brewer brothers, Alfred Tagari, Alfred Pu (my neighbour staying near Nat Sin road etc.
      I have written, directed and acted in the school concert as an uneducated “Millenarian Richman’s son”.
      My brother Ko Ko Lay and Ko Ko Htay sent the picture.

  3. drkokogyi Says:

    Dear Friend U Aung Than,
    I am also trying my best to get our school picture but failed. Please contribute to the Wikipedia article I put in. I wrote a lot but was deleted most of the part by Wiki editors…Read here @,_Kalaw

  4. abdul shaku Says:

    Hi. i was a student of Kingswoodschool.All of you wrote about”The kingswoodstar.DRkokogyi if you want to get a book go and contact this.address: No 2. jalan11/8e section2 P J. 46200 K L .you introduce yourself.they from Kingswood.Me just i learning internet I don’t know how to do it.I looking in islam web i see about Kingswood.

    • drkokogyi Says:

      Walaikum Salaam,
      TQ for the news but I have no time to go there. If they could send the book about Kingswood Kalaw to me, I promised to pay RM 100 immediately. Or just borrow the book for few days so that I could SCAN the book, I will pay the same amount.
      Khoda Hafiz

      TQ friend,
      Yesterday, Daw Li Li (w/o late Dr. U Tin Maung Naing) our old friend called me. My wife and my sister-in-law will go and collect the book. We knew each other for 25 yrs but now lost contact. TQ for reintroducing us. She is still quite friendly and we talk about our old school and town. I was surprised about the school reunion she had attended.
      I left the school after 5 th. std., she left after 6th. std.. But she is younger than me.

  5. stanley Ah Shwe ( son) Says:

    ” Uncle open this Link “

  6. george Says:

    I have already sent you the books of kingswood school .The book will get you soon.No need to pay me any money .just make me Doah from Allah.Come and see me If you get to kalaw.

    • drkokogyi Says:

      TQ very much. Sure I will doa’ for you. Please kindly send the book to my brothers in Mdy. U Maung Maung Shwe Karaweit cafe or U Nyi Nyi/Daw Aye Cho in Zey Cho. Or my mother’s house, Daw Khin Nyunt No 158, 30th. street between 82/83 street Mdy.

  7. Harry Min Says:

    Hi Dr U Ko Ko Gyi,
    I am the nephew of your ex-classmates U Lin Shwe and U Lin Win. I am living in Singapore and I have photocopies of 2 books (KINGSWOOD STAR 1960-61 Vol 2 and other 1). If you would like to get these, please provide your address in Malaysia. I will send to you from Singapore by post.

    Harry Min

  8. drkokogyi Says:

    I have just started a Face Book Page about our school @

  9. drkokogyi Says:

    I wish to send my heartfelt thanks and regards to Ko Harry Min and Daw Win Kyi @ Dr Seinn2 Min

    Thanks a lot, Ko Harry Min and his parent, my childhood friend Daw Win Kyi @ Dr Seinn2 Min.

    You all have given me the best presents of my life, copies of our school magazines which are more than 52 years old. I could not describe how much I am happy and thankful to Ko Harry Min (Singapore) and his parents in Pyinmana, Myanmar.

    In these 2 edition of Kingswood Star and magazines I got the pictures of my friends, teachers, head masters, school buildings, pictures of my two brothers and my oldest essay about my class printed in the magazine when I was at the fourth standard.

    After 5th Standard examination, I left Kingswood High School Kalaw and never met or heard any news about my childhood friends. I wrongly thought that I am the only person who missed my childhood friends and old school. But my friends proved that I am wrong. They have not only kept these memoirs in good shape for more than 50 yrs but still care to send the copies to me, the old friend.

    I wish to send my heartfelt thanks and regards to all of you.

  10. ronald condie Says:

    Now, how about this?
    I used to be a student at Kingswood in about 1938/9 but had to leave Kalaw due to the invasion. I’m going to visit Burma late this year and include a visit to the school (now an army staff college?) just to look from afar to stir my wonderful memories of life as a 7/8 year old!!
    Ronald Condie

    • drkokogyi Says:

      Dear Mr Roland,
      now it is reverted to GTI vocational school again. Now no much security left. Please kindly take pictures of the school and publish them. Kindly give a link to me so that I could SHARE in the school FB and if possible contribute directly into Wiki entry of our school.
      TQ again

  11. salim khan Says:

    last year in kalaw september 1st standar

  12. Dear Daryn and Keydin…these are my grand-parents and are your Great-great-grand-parents | Dr. Abdul Rahman Zafrudin @ Ko Ko Gyi Says:

    […] Kingswood High School Kalaw […]

  13. drkokogyi Says:

    I had the same experience…BUT I passed. Never learnt English in Dahattan National (Burmese/Gov school). After staying Kg and 1st.Std…promoted to Std 2. Then we transferred to Kingswood High School, Kalaw. My parents taught we few questions and answers in English before going to see the Principal Ms Cavett. What is your name? How old are you? What is your father’s name? etc. My answers were so good I was sent to the 2nd. Std. But in the class, as ALL subjects except Burmese was taught in English. I was demoted to Higher Kg (although demoted that was my correct class according to my age as in Kingswood, we need to stay in Lower Kg, Middle Kg and after those 2 yrs only promoted to H Kg.) But since then I tried my best to be at the top of the class) Look at my report card in that HKg (B) @

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