Old and recent pictures of Brother Director Felix of St. Peter’s and St. Paul, Burma / Myanmar

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Per kind favour of A Ko Gyi Alfred’s message, photos and remarks included apparently from Mr. Chris

I hope that Mr Chris and A Ko Gyi Alfred have no objection for my posting. I hereby mixed Brother Director Felix’s old photos in 1963 at St. Peter’s High School as the Head Master with the latest pictures from Rome.

Brother Felix(seated)

Donald Aitkins(my class-mate),

Harry Kyaw Tun(Paulian 59-60 class),

chris (wilfred) chindooroy (paulian59-60),

Dr. Robin Chan(Albertian,now living in Italy)

and Victor  (60-61)

[oldpaulians]  photos: “Former DLS Pupils – Burmaoldpaulians@yahoogroups.com Date: Monday, 2 November, 2009, 14:40


Here are some photos taken in Germany last week when we visited Bro Felix.
I’m sure you can identify those in the photo..

There was one Brother who showed us the way in the residence and took a photo or two for us.
Bro. Felix was very happy to see us. He knew we were from St Paul‘s, Burma, but he could not remember our names. I mentioned Richard Boudville and Brian Colquhoun but he could not place anyone. So I did not mention any more names as he was having difficulty hearing us speak. He said he wants to live to 100 and to pray for him.

He looked very frail. The last time we met him he used a walking stick. Three years later today, he’s in a wheel chair. Quite sad really to see him with no relative or family to take care of him.

The last photo is of Donald Aitkins and Victor Begent saying goodbye to Bro Felix in his bedroom. You can see they were feeling quite sad to leave him.

We mentioned next year’s Anniversary but Bro Felix could not understand most of what we were saying. But he could relate to us his younger days, his life in Burma and a bit of history.

We promised to visited him again soon.


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  1. Banya Saw Says:

    l’m old Paulian too.1956-58.

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