IQ, EQ, examan results and candidates’ reactions

Passing all the fields of Medical Examinations depends on:
The student’s IQ & EQ. IQ is OK but sub standard EQ of some is the problem.

[More than 99% of students’ IQs are up to the standard but most of the students are distracted by drugs, liquor, gambling, women and others, may be called inadequate EQ or Emotional intelligence. (a self-perceived ability to identify, assess, and control the emotions of oneself)]

  1. Attendance of lectures, practical, tutorials and Clinical teachings,
  2. Learning, reading and revision
  3. Interest in the Medicine, concentration on learning in clinical acumen or competence in clinical practice in preparation,
  4. But there is a luck factor. For me, I have a good luck in all (Yes, ALL) the written examinations, practical exams, long and short cases.

What I prepared or read or think would unbelievably always come out. But not a very good luck in Viva Voce or Interviews. (May be I have no cabal and because of my heritage)

So after my very satisfying Theory, practical and Bed sides (long and short cases) before the result, I had a strange feeling. If the authorities failed to give me the distinctions no problem, but I had a dangerous desire to kill all the examiners if I were unfairly failed in the Final Part 2 Exam.

I even think about doing something to the Three Stooges: i.e. Three Surgical Heads from three Medical Universities: Bo Ni, ML& MS.

But now I even need to thank them as I am in much a better position than they or Myanmar MOH could give me.

So I hereby wish to advise the Medical Students and young drs sitting the post Graduate exams to try your best and accept the results with the open heart.

  1. Try again few times if not do not hit the wall with your head but try to walk around that wall.
  2. Believe in your own religion and God.
  3. There is always a blessing in disguise.
  4. There is a saying, “(Hu)man proposes and God disposed. People can make plans; God determines how things will turn out.












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