Halal food in Beijing

Source:MInsider article,”Makanan halal di Beijing” by Uthaya Sankar SB translated by Gogle.

Uthaya, Izan, Jasmine and Fadzillah no problems finding halal food restaurant in Beijing.BEIJING, July 21 –

Muslims who travel to Beijing, China should not worry about thinking of getting guaranteed delicious food and halal.

Before this, I often hear people complain and complain Muslims when the need arises to go to Beijing, whether on business or holiday work.

Basically, the average opinion that would be impossible to get a guaranteed food as halal food outlets and restaurants owned by Chinese people who are not Muslims.

So, automatically assumed and prejudices that arise will mix the contents of dishes not clean and the food served did not meet the criteria for ‘halal’ in accordance with Islamic law.

The reality is quite the opposite because throughout Beijing, is not difficult to get the dishes are guaranteed clean and fully prepared in accordance with religious requirements.

This is more evident especially in Niujie, Xuanwu district with about 10,000 residents are Muslim and Niujie Mosque location of the largest and oldest mosque in Beijing since the year 996.

I’m with Jasmine Koh, Nurul Fadzillah and Izan Ali did not face any problem in getting halal food since we arrived in Beijing on July 12 on the sponsorship publishing company One Nusantara Sdn.

Traditional Chinese cakes are halal is also available in Beijing.Tan See Hua, young men from Tangkak, Johor, who guides us until July 20 is always take us to the food and halal food restaurants owned by Muslims.

“Most operators, cooks and workers in halal restaurants in Beijing, China in particular are people who came from Muslim Xinjiang region.

“Since arriving in Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) two years ago to complete a PhD study, I used to be with fellow Muslims from Malaysia and Pakistan to halal restaurants here,” he said.

Some tourists from Malaysia that I could find around Jinsong admit that the food in the hotel where they stay is lawful, but less appetizing.

“We came to Beijing not to eat chicken, fish and a fried egg cooked just like the Malays in Malaysia, but to enjoy the cooking style of China, which remains lawful,” they are clearly disappointed that a six-day tour group does not provide opportunities for them touch the local cuisine.

The matter is also recognized Izan, Jasmine and very tasteful Fadzillah enjoy a variety of local halal food for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

“Tourists who come to Beijing Malaysia need to remember that different styles here in our country. In fact, it is lost if we keep asking the same food as in Malaysia, while many Muslim restaurants serving Chinese cuisine available throughout Beijing, “said Fadzillah not the slightest doubt on the level of Muslim halal food in a restaurant you visit.

For Izan, she often heard the Malaysians who had been to Beijing complained that the food here is not suitable for Muslims and it is also bad.

“For 10 days I was in Beijing, I did not encounter any problems. In fact, I did not even miss would Malay cuisine as excited to enjoy the cooking styles of China halal, “he said participating in the project a handbook of special travel to Beijing for the Muslims of Malaysia.

Fadzillah added that China-style halal food is tasty, appetite, according to the throat, in contrast, non-greasy and healthy.

“We should try the local cuisine is halal because it is part of Islamic culture in China, which should be known and appreciated,” he said with enthusiasm as we enjoy lunch at a halal restaurant in Liulichang known for its traditional stores.

“The restaurant does not belong to the people of Xinjiang, but the Beijing area are Muslims. So, halal food and drink here is guaranteed, “See Hua also explains while showing the writing Arabic calligraphy at the entrance to a restaurant that can guide choose halal food shops.

Jasmine is studying at the University of Adelaide, Australia will have a chance to enjoy Chinese cuisine with Izan and Fadzillah because the atmosphere is often almost impossible to happen in Malaysia as the Chinese food restaurant is either not permissible or halal, could not meet the criteria.

“I am very excited to be able to share information on Chinese food with them in an atmosphere of goodwill and without any doubts on the level of lawful enjoyment of food, either lunch or traditional cakes,” she said, admitted appreciate the experience for nine days with us in Beijing.

For my own that do not normally use the wooden chopsticks to eat, suddenly I choose to use it since arriving in Beijing. It seemed so amazing that I can use them to be proud of.

It is the same tea. In Malaysia, I always drink ‘the tarik sweet’, but over 10 days in Beijing, I used to drink Chinese tea without sugar and milk.

So, sadly, if any person from Malaysia who travel to Beijing China in particular and generally choose to behave like monkeys did not want to contribute and try local cuisine guaranteed to clean.

As a result, the losers are the people themselves as ‘lost’ through his own great experience opportunities that may come only once in his life.

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