Legal foreign workers and illegal immigrants in Malaysia have rights in consumer tribunal

Source: The Star, “Immigrants have rights in consumer tribunal: ex-chairman”

KUALA LUMPUR: Legal foreign workers and illegal immigrants who paid exorbitant charges for registration under the 6P amnesty and legalisation programme could file a case under the consumer tribunal to get back the excess money they had paid.

This advice comes from former consumer tribunal chairman Pretam Singh Darshan Singh.

The government has fixed RM35 as maximum rate for registration of illegal immigrants through 348 appointed managing companies, while the maximum service charge for legalisation is RM300.

However, noted Pretam, thousands of illegal immigrants had paid more than the stipulated amount.

“(Therefore) Those who have been charged more than what is necessary could file a case (to recover the excess) under the consumer tribunal.

“The laws relating to exorbitant registration charges comes under misleading conduct, false representation and unfair practice.

“Those who misrepresent the cost of the service could be charged under the Consumer Protection Act 1999.

“In such a consciousness, foreigners who have been duped into paying the additional cost may file their cases,” he told Bernama in an exclusive interview here Wednesday.

The 6P programme stands for Comprehensive Settlement of Foreign Worker Programme and illegal immigrants. It is a programme package that incorporates several recommendations made by the Management Lab Foreigner (MPWA) as the latest approach by the Government to strengthen management of foreign citizens in Malaysia.

Since 2000, the consumer tribunal has been in place to protect the rights of the consumer.

Pretam said the consumer tribunal provided an alternative for the illegal immigrant to claim for any losses incurred, in a less cumbersome and speedy manner, and at minimal cost.  “It is also to hear and determine claims in an independent manner and they (illegal immigrants) need to produce the receipts and documents as an alternative channel or facility for their claims,” he added.

Wednesday is the deadline to register under the 6P amnesty programme.

Over 2.5 million foreign workers had registered since the operation began on July 13.

Of the number, 1.6 million were legal foreign workers while the rest were illegals. – Bernama

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