Great wisdom of ancient Chinese Wisemen

Source: Mr Alan Kok Chu Yu’s blog : Wise man say

Wise man says: Since ancient times, Chinese known scholars of great wisdom always advocated ways of life with mental strength, and inner power. They widely used the word ‘Xin心-heart’, broadly speaking and explained, it meant everything one intended to do, do it with one’s mind wholeheartedly.

 Caricature of Confucious One of the great scholars with immense wisdom
对人要宽心      Be accommodating towards people
做人要仁心      Be kind hearted to others
做事要专心      Be concentrating when doing things
过路要小心      Be careful when crossing road
投资要信心      Be confident when investing
对友要诚心      Be sincere treating friends
谈情要真心      Be truthful when courting lover
分析要细心      Be meticulous when analyzing
升级要野心      Be ambitious in corporate promotion
庆祝要开心      Be joyous when celebrating
分手要决心      Be decisive when parting with lover
玩股要担心      Be worrisome when trading stocks and shares
办校要爱心      Be benevolent when building new schools
建寺要善心      Be benevolent when building new temples
捐赠要有心      Be of kind intent when donating
儿女要关心      Be concerned with children’s welfare
夫妇要连心      Be closely attached with spouse
行善要好心      Be truly kind hearted as philanthropic
助人要热心      Be passionate in rendering help
受宠要窝心      Be grateful when showered with kindness
契约要防心      Be alert when signing contract
买卖要良心      Be conscientious when doing business
过错要无心      Be unintentional when making mistake
死别要伤心      Be sorrowful when death occurs
歼敌要狠心      Be relentless when annihilate enemies
感情要恒心       Be dedicated while having a relationship
托人要安心      Be cool having things done by others
成长要耐心      Be patient while growing to be an adult
早餐要点心      Be having dim sum for good breakfast
扩业要雄心      Be adventurous when expanding business
教养要用心      Be full hearted when bringing up kids
嫁女不操心      Be unworried when marrying off daughters
顾家不烦心      Be mentally at ease looking after home
考试不分心      Be focused when sitting for examinations
聚财不贪心      Be not greedy when accumulating wealth
对抗不虚心      Be without inhibition when confronting
追求不花心      Be confined to one lover when wooing
均分不私心      Be fair when sharing profit
谋计不坏心     Be harboring no ill-intention when planning an idea
分配不偏心      Be equal to distribute work load
失败不灰心      Be unyielding even in failure
胜数要横心      Be ruthless in winning a bid
Skill to pick up – Learn when to keep one’s mouth shut

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