Looking at the Myanmar Diaspora in KL

Looking at the Myanmar Diaspora in KL

Myanmars always look at the new migrants: Chinese and Indians with disdain as taking their jobs, money, lands, ladies and polluted their race and religion.

With globalization, nowadays Myanmars are everywhere around the world. In Singapore, Myanmar-Singaporeans even became the big headache for Singapore government in the recent election.

In KL alone there are more than 100 Myanmar Monasteries. Prestigious, KL city centre, main tourist attraction area Bukit Bintang or Star Hill area Jl Alor stalls are taken over by Myanmar Chins. They speak Chin, Chinese and Malay fluently but not fluent in Myanmar. Some of my Chin patients prefer to talk to me in Malay and at the dispensary counter communicates with my nurses in Chinese.

KL’s Heritage area China town shops are taken over by Myanmar Mons. They could speak Chinese and sub rented the shop lots from locals.

KL’s wholesale market Selayang Pasar Borng is transformed into the Rohingya market.

Government owned Medical University in Sabah State is even mocked and changed name to University Myanmar Sabah.

There are at at least 10-20 Myanmar lecturers in almost each of the 25 of the Medical Universities in Malaysia. And few thousands of Myanmar doctors are working here.

You could see Myanmar workers in almost all the food stalls, restaurants, clubs and hotels.

Myanmars are marrying or staying together with Malays, Indonesians, Chinese, Thais, Cambodians, and Filipinos etc here.

You could see Myanmar students in universities, Myanmar sailors, Myanmar Pilots, Helicopter Pilots, Instructors in Pilot training schools, Maritime training

I hope this scenario is repeated in other countries around the world.

So…remember this: If we discriminate others as foreign because they, their race and religion are different to us, all the others could also look down and discriminate on us because we are also foreign to them!

Lots of people believe that they have the right to segregate others and feel superior to them, just because they are different to what they are used to.

For decades, thousands of people have been victims of discrimination, preferences and exclusions in view of their race, skin color, sex, religion, language, national or ethnic origin and form of expression, causing extreme
suffering and even loss of life.

Racial discrimination is the ability or power to make distinctions among people based on race, color, decent, national or ethnic origin rather than individual merit.

Xenophobia is a fear of the foreign, of what is strange.

Religious intolerance occurs when someone’s opinions and beliefs are not
respected by others due to their religion or way of thinking.

Racism can, will and must be defeated. Almost every country in the world suffers prejudice among its own people, racial discrimination, xenophobia or religious intolerance.”

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2 Responses to “Looking at the Myanmar Diaspora in KL”

  1. Zap Says:

    It is the result of failure by the Burmese government to educate its own people. Heck! Most of the time, they are oblivious of their own actions. I’ve been discriminated many times by my Burmese peers when I was in school. But I think they aren’t deserved to be blamed for this because we’ve been living in this media blackout age for decades and thus fail to understand the basic human rights.

    I believe this discrimination we are facing today in Burma will be gone when we get a good education. Discrimination does not serve us any good in this globalization era and so the very big Chauvinisim. We should be united together and compete with with the four Asian Tigers! Cheer!

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